article Mars in Aquarius: Changing the Paradigm
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Mars in Aquarius: Changing the Paradigm

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February 12, 2024

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On February 12, 11:11 AM —

On February 13, 01:05 AM EST, Mars leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius, catalyzing a surge of revolutionary energy and a growing desire for substantial paradigm changes. A few days after Mercury and shortly before Venus, Mars too enters the sign of the Water Bearer, where he is going to remain until March 22, supporting our desire to take action on our visions for the future.

Mars’ ingress into Aquarius is especially relevant for those born with planets or angles in Fixed signs Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius, particularly so for the individuals with natal Mars in Aquarius, who are experiencing their Mars return. The individuals personally impacted by Mars’ shift of signs are being challenged to take action on their visions, encouraged to gain more awareness of how and why they pursue freedom, and invited to question their role in the changing societal paradigm. 

Mars from Capricorn to Aquarius: Restlessness, Discontent, and Desire for Progress


Mars’ journey through Capricorn, a Cardinal Earth sign, motivated us to take responsibility for our desires and encouraged us to start building, brick by brick, what we aspire to create, without getting discouraged by how long it might take us to do so. This transit supported our stamina, willpower, and ability for consistent effort, inspiring us to be determined and believe in ourselves and our capacities.

Because Aquarius is an Air sign, Mars’ transit here corresponds to a surge of unconventional ideas and an increase in our intellectual activity and dynamism. This transit fuels our desire to implement progress and innovation and inspires us to invest our energy into social causes that are meaningful to us.

During Mars’ journey through Aquarius, we can expect an increasing prominence of social and political themes as this combination of energies ignites the urge to rebel from injustice, abuses of power, and limitations to our freedom. This transit motivates us to proactively search for alternative solutions to the issues we are facing, both as a collective, on a large scale, and within our communities, on a smaller scale. Technological advancement and scientific discoveries are likely to be big areas of attention at this time, as Mars traveling through Aquarius will fuel an acceleration of all kinds of research and experimentation.

Jupiter Uranus conjunction

Mars enters Aquarius: Social Restlessness and Discontent


Political issues, socio-economic shifts, and community matters will be in the spotlight during this time, as Mars in Aquarius fuels social restlessness and discontent and accelerates the paradigm changes that are already taking place. This transit inspires us to invest energy into making substantial changes and forming horizontal, non-hierarchical structures that foster a sense of community and belonging, that value diversity, and that tackle systemic issues from diverse vantage points. 

While Mars is in Aquarius, the invitation for us is to choose our battles with awareness and be mindful of the temptation to indulge in ideological conflicts without taking any productive, tangible action. Issues connected to the Aquarius archetype are elitism and superiority complexes. During this time, as several planets are going to travel through the sign, it is wise to bring our awareness to any temptation to gravitate toward an elitist mentality and to make sure we listen to other people’s viewpoints and opinions from a neutral stance.


The Mars-Pluto conjunction in Aquarius: Courage to Transform our Lives and Relationships


Mars in Aquarius transit begins with a Mars-Pluto conjunction, a potent alignment that reflects a surge in our determination, stamina, and willpower. This alignment inspires us to connect with the courage we need to take bold risks and take action to transform our lives and our future. On February 14, their conjunction goes exact. Mars meets Pluto every two years, and the two planets are beginning a new two-year cycle. Their encounter can be considered similar to a New Moon: renewal, renovation, and spontaneous action are the keywords.

The theme of renewal is particularly strong as we are also experiencing the very first Mars-Pluto conjunction in Aquarius in our lifetime, the first one since Pluto is in Aquarius. We will feel this energy very strongly in the relational sphere of our life, as Venus is also approaching both Mars and Pluto, only a few degrees away from both. This configuration invites a complete transformation of our relationships, of how we show up in relationships, of our relationship to our sexuality, as well as of our values, desires, and how we invest our energy.

The Mars-Pluto conjunction in particular offers us chances to have a conversation with our shadow, unearth repressed desires, alchemize old rage, and recover a conscious connection to our primal nature and instincts.

Mars conjunct Venus, square Jupiter, square Uranus


Mars and Venus are going to travel together for some time and cross paths in the sign of the Water Bearer on February 22. This conjunction calls for a relationship revolution, inspires us to question mainstream relationship paradigms and values, and motivates us to explore alternatives. The Venus-Mars conjunction supports a radical reevaluation of our ideals and expectations surrounding relationships and invites us to discover different ways of expressing our sensuality and connecting with both others and ourselves.

On February 27, Mars in Aquarius squares Jupiter in Taurus, reflecting a surge in our desire and willingness to take risks, challenge ourselves, and explore new possibilities and paths. This alignment reminds us to be mindful of the difference between courage and bravado and invites us to make sure that the growth and expansion we are pursuing are of the kind we are looking for.

Mars in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus on March 9. This square indicates a time of major instability and potential for disruptions and upheavals, on a socio-political level and a global scale. As the urge for global change skyrockets, the likelihood of experiencing turning points will be especially high at this time. The Mars-Uranus square offers us opportunities to observe how we deal with unpredictability, sudden changes of plans, and how we respond to life when it doesn’t conform to our expectations. Around this time, it is wise to avoid unnecessary risk-taking.


Changing the Paradigm


Everything is happening faster and in more unpredictable ways as the prominence of Aquarian energy continues to rise. We are more and more drawn to rebel from inauthentic, unjust, restrictive conditions, and we are more and more motivated to create a reality that honors our uniqueness and fosters our personal and collective evolution.

Mars in Aquarius and, in particular, his alignments to Pluto and Uranus will motivate us to revolutionize our lives according to what is true for us: during this time, the invitation for us is to make sure we are being rebels with a cause. This transit supports our courage to break free from the status quo and motivates us to be experimental, to experiment with our life force energy, to challenge our existing limitations, challenge the boundaries of what we used to believe is possible, what we believe we can and cannot do.

The evolutionary intention of Aquarius is to objectively see the nature of reality. This transit will remind us of the value of pausing before reacting, inviting us to make sure we can see the whole picture, we can see things as they are, before blindly following an impulse or acting on a desire.


Crystal Pick for Mars Enters Aquarius: Phosphosiderite


This Aquarian-associated stone is unique and rare, just like the energy of Aquarius itself, and will help you tap into that enthusiastic, confident, protective energy of Mars during this transit, while also bringing a calming, soothing balance for any stress that may arise.

Phosphosiderite is a soothing lavender stone that can help you keep calm and carry on, releasing  any tension or pressure felt from this transit, helping you move through resistance & stay optimistic along the way. It resonates with the energy of Mars helping to keep you grounded, embodied, and strong internally, while also lifting you into a higher Aquarian perspective of cosmic connection and enhanced intuition.

This unique balance of energies helps balance the energies within you, connecting you both to the earth and cosmos, so you can move forward with a calm power and gentleness, informed by your higher knowing and divine connection. Use this tranquil crystal to tap into a higher perspective of peace when you need it, and to deepen your spiritual insight so you can act on its wisdom during this transit.


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  • Thank you for continuing to motivate, inspire, teach and fill me with the fuel to stay on my path of spirituality and enlightenment. Every day I look forward to receiving the Daily Affirmations and articles describing resourcefully how to use these significant moments to grow. I feel the love and beautiful intention in each part of the knowledge being shared. Thank you. May all of our love be reciprocated endlessly.


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