article Cancer Season 2024: Emotional Self-Intimacy
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Cancer Season 2024: Emotional Self-Intimacy

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June 18, 2024

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On June 18, 02:17 PM —

On June 20, 4:51 PM EST, the Sun leaves Gemini and Cancer season 2024 begins. The Solstice kicks off a season focused on developing more emotional self-intimacy, welcoming our vulnerabilities, and gaining awareness of our true needs.

The beginning of Cancer season is particularly relevant for individuals born with personal placements in Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn). Those of us personally impacted by the Sun’s transit through Cancer will have chances to gain a new awareness of how they relate with their emotions and needs, where they are at in their emotional maturation journey, as well as of how they connect with both their inner child and inner mother.

From Gemini to Cancer season: From the Head to the Heart


The Sun’s journey through the Zodiac wheel shines a light on our relationship with every sign he’s transiting, offering us opportunities to gain more awareness of ourselves and of the way we relate with others and the world around us. 

During Gemini season, the focus was on our relationship with curiosity, learning, and our immediate environment. We had chances to gain clearer awareness of our communication and thinking habits, of how we speak to ourselves and others, and of the impact of the thoughts we are used to entertaining. Gemini season brought the spotlight on how we relate to our minds and how this relationship impacts and ripples into all other areas of our lives.

As the Sun moves from Gemini to Cancer, shortly after both Mercury and Venus, our attention shifts from our head center and the world of ideas, thoughts, and information to our heart center and the world of emotions, feelings, and sensations. The Sun’s upcoming journey through Cancer shines a light on our emotional needs, inner world, and relationship with the ebbs and flows of our emotions, feminine energy, and both our inner child and our inner mother archetype.


Cancer season: Exploring the World of Emotions


Cancer, symbolized by the Crab, is motivated by security and safety. Despite being a Cardinal sign, the approach to initiation is indirect, and feeling safe is required before taking any action. Through our relationship with the sign of Cancer, we learn to generate feelings of safety from within and feel at home within ourselves, rather than relying on external conditions or expecting other people to “make us feel safe”.

Ruled by the Moon, which travels quickly through the Zodiac, changing signs every two and a half days, Cancer is the sign associated with our emotional world, our emotional memory, our childhood, our past, our family, and the feeling of home. The Sun’s transit through the sign of the Crab offers us an opportunity to observe how we relate to the constant fluctuations of our inner state, to the realm of emotions, to the past, and to our most tender, fragile parts.

This is the first Water sign of the Zodiac, the first one through which we develop an awareness of our emotional reality, of our vulnerability, and of our emotional needs. When the Sun travels here, we are invited to deepen our emotional self-knowledge and gain clearer awareness of how our childhood, our past, and our early experiences are still shaping the way we go through life, the way we instinctively react, the way we get our needs met, the way we nurture and care for both ourselves and others, and the way we allow ourselves to be taken care of.


Cancer Season 2024: Upcoming Lunations


During Cancer season 2024, we are going to experience a New Moon in Cancer and, exceptionally, two Full Moons in Capricorn. The first Full Moon in Capricorn is happening on June 21, at 1º06’ of the sign, and the second one is going to happen on July 21, at 29º08’ of the sign.

The New Moon in Cancer and the two Full Moon in Capricorn mark a pivotal time of our personal and emotional maturation journeys, a time that will be filled with opportunities to gain a clearer understanding of ourselves, our emotional needs, our emotional patterns. These events will highlight in what ways we still need to mature, take responsibility, and develop more emotional resilience, self-knowledge, and connection with an inner sense of security.

The first Full Moon at 1º Capricorn, a very early degree, represents just the beginning of a journey of gaining awareness of how we need to mature and shines a light on how past conditioning is still impacting us. The second Capricorn Full Moon happens at 29º, the last degree of Capricorn. The 29º of any sign is referred to as the “anaretic degree” and represents a breaking point associated with both crises and opportunity. This lunation, tightly conjunct retrograde Pluto in early degrees of Aquarius, will bring up unconscious psychological and emotional material, revealing something about ourselves likely uncomfortable to look at but necessary at this point of our personal, emotional, and spiritual evolution.

Cancer Season 2024: Emotional Self-Intimacy


Cancer season 2024 will be filled with opportunities to gain awareness of where we are at in our personal, spiritual, and emotional maturation journey. This time of the year offers us an invitation to focus on nurturing ourselves, becoming familiar with our true needs, staying centered in our hearts, and giving space to our emotions.

During the upcoming season, we will have opportunities to explore the connection between our past experiences and our present reality and better understand the impact of our childhood and early family dynamics. We will have chances to take responsibility for how we respond to challenges, triggers, and discomfort and develop a new relationship with both our inner child and our inner mother, finding a better balance between learning to nurture ourselves and allowing ourselves to receive nurturance and care from others. 

Cancer season 2024 has the potential to be a transformative time, an opportunity to renovate our relationship with our needs and our vulnerability and become more intimate with ourselves and our emotions.


Tap here to Get Your Cancer Season 2024 Workbook


To celebrate the arrival of Cancer Season we present you our new creation – the Cancer Season Workbook 2024. This is a printable PDF workbook that you can print out and work on right away!

You deserve and must experience this powerful workbook – for all zodiac signs, no matter your sun sign or configuration of your natal chart. It is life changing and we are going to be using it along side you. Below you can watch our short Cancer Season 2024 workbook preview!

Crystal Pick for Sun in Cancer: Moonstone


One of the best crystals to carry with you all Cancer season long, moonstone is closely associated with the energies of the Moon, Cancer’s ruler, to help you move inward, harness and consult your intuition, and embrace your innate creativity. The natural flashes within moonstone point to the flashes of insight it can create within you, helping you slow down, reflect, and illuminate your inner darkness to find the gems of wisdom hiding within.

This Cancerian crystal is also the perfect choice to help you align with the natural flow and rhythms of nature to bring your emotional and physical cycles back into harmony. Moonstone is very helpful for bringing hormonal balance and helping you align back into circadian rhythm, so you can relax and sleep peacefully and restore and rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul from the inside out.

Take moonstone with you to the beach, lake, or river, out for a walk in the rain, or even into the bath with you to connect with its watery energy and heighten your emotional awareness, so you can see your feelings from a higher perspective, and process through them in creative ways to heal them for good. Try our guided moonstone meditation while the Sun is moving through Cancer to help you find inner stillness and peace, balance your emotions, and access the deep well of wisdom you hold within you.


Happy Cancer Season!


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