article What is a Starseed? Are You a Starseed?
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What is a Starseed? Are You a Starseed?

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Moon Omens

February 11, 2020

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If you’ve ever looked up at the night sky and felt an unexplainable and deep connection to the radiant beauty, you are likely to be a Starseed awakening to your soul’s connection to the stars and the Universe around you.


Starseeds are the children of the stars, rising from stardust and divine light


They are beings that have lived previous lifetimes on Earth and have also experienced life in other parts of the Universe, possibly even on other planets or in different galaxies. Their souls carry divine inner wisdom within the very core of their being and special abilities that may remain dormant until needed. They are deeply encoded with activation encryptions that will allow them to unlock and retrieve this wisdom and talent at a specific point in time so it may be utilized for a higher divine purpose.


How do you know if you’re a starseed?


Deep down you know you aren’t like those around you. You may have grown up with a sense of misplacement or like you don’t belong. You’ve felt out of place and almost as though you were dropped to this Earth without a compass. Starseeds have a deep yearning to find and go back to their true home. They long to fill the emptiness that they feel with that which ignites the fire within their soul, giving them a sense of purpose.

Starseeds are not off put by conversations surrounding the supernatural or extraterrestrial. They feel at ease discussing spiritual connections and Universal forces. In fact, they thrive when they can freely discuss the intricacies of human existence and seek to understand their own place in this world.


Starseeds feel compelled to allow their intuition to guide them as they tune into the Higher voice and calling within themselves. They are incredibly in tune with the energy around them and can spot concealed agendas easily. They sense the energy of those around them quickly and can tell right away whether their intentions are pure. If you often find your gut feeling about someone later confirmed to be true, you may just be a Starseed.


What this all means


Many Starseeds are unaware of their unique gifts and of their higher purpose. They are said to live in a sleep-walking state for the majority of their lives. However, when their moment comes, their internal alarm clock will sound, awakening them from their long slumber. Their memories will come flooding back as they realize who they are why they are there at that exact moment.

The primary goal and purpose of any Starseed is to serve humanity. They are sent to bring their unique abilities and divine wisdom at key moments in time to help uplift humanity to a higher ascended status.

Starseeds are old souls. They have lived many lives and experienced many incarnations throughout our Universe and even beyond. Their souls vibrate at the frequency of pure light and love, allowing them to pave new pathways, create progress, and heal those around them. They are put on this planet to help foster the growth and expansion of all the souls that reside here.

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They are here to carry the seeds of light, allowing for rapid shifts in consciousness and profound awakening. Starseeds are here to break through their own limitations, patterns, and fears in order to help those around them embrace complete freedom as well. Over many lifetimes, their souls have gained the wisdom to help create stellar advancements in the world around them on all planes of existence be they physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.

Starseeds are here to serve as a beacon of divine light, fulfilling their Higher purpose by propelling us into our Golden Age, one filled with profound awakening, heightened vibrations, and limitless possibilities.

Are you a starseed? Comment below with what resonated with you the most!

P.S. We are going to publish more articles on starseeds in the upcoming days, so stay tuned 🙂

Sending infinite love & blessings your way!

The Moon Omens Team

P.P.S. If you haven’t already, we invite you to read the second article of the Starseed series “Starseeds – The Three Main Categories” tap here or on the image below to read.



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  • Hi,
    My heart felt goal, dream, desire, purpose and destiny! ✨️ is…
    ‘ To help and protect as many Living things as possible on Earth 🌎 in the Universe 🌌 and Everywhere 🌌🌠🌌
    I can see & feel my purpose… I just need help… to enable me to serve and carry out my core tasks ( Jobs! ) On Earth 🌎 to start with! Baby steps to start and as a child would say ” I am only Learning! ” I am asking for any help available from all available sources anywhere! …. Team effort! ❤️

  • Felt connected deeply with everything you mentioned. I just came to know the true meaning of starseeds I’ve recently come across yesterday but your blog is much detailed that it feels like I’ve discovered myself along with compensating with all your words. 🌌✨Now, I’ve discovered why I’ve been attracted to this Spiritual platform! I feel blessed enough for this lineage. Can’t thank enough to the mighty Universe and God!💎💙✨🌞Thanks a tons to the entire team for this wonderful blog!🦋💎🌸✨

  • I have just been led here, Love what i just read, Everything is resonating, my Awakening has started and it’s all coming back to me, it’s asif I’ve been receiving Flashbacks from the future that i couldn’t explain but i have been following My Intuition, so you now have a New follower.

  • I suffered for decades from depression and used to self harm. I also tried to end my life a couple of times. I had a traumatic upbringing but, the main thing that always bothered me was the fact that, all my life, felt like I didn’t belong here and that my soul was lost. I always questioned why I was chosen to come to this earth. Despite feeling like this, I always felt the need to help others. People or animals. I always suffered immensely with other people’s or animals pain, to a point I isolated myself from the world. The only thing I carried on doing was rescuing animals and giving them a loving home. A few months ago someone shifted. I don’t know how it happened but, suddenly, I forgave my mother for the pain she put me through as a child. I truly forgave her. My heart felt lighter. Last night, a complete stranger responded to a message I put on a post regarding starseed people. His comment brought me down to tears as he said a few things that really touched my heart and he also said I am a starseed. I had no idea what that meant so I start searching and ended up on this page. This idea is very new to me so I can’t help but take it with a pinch of salt but everything you wrote here made so much sense I was, again, in tears.

  • If one truly believes this, than one would know nothing matters as their experience and seek further enlightenment

  • I suffer a long trama in my life last 6 gf leave carrer is not wealth is not good.but i am hopeful about universe..i sudden get this page.and feel .wow its my elobration..i am surprised.but not know how to live ahead..i found directionless

  • all of this article resonates. I have been up and I have been down. I have had many traumatic events in my life here on earth. I know I am a old soul with a purpose a lifes destiny. I just not sure what that path is or of I am even on the right path. There are days that I am so weary and it has been more often then naught…..I welcome the new beginning and I welcome the light into my life. I thank the source for all that I have!

  • Hi. According to the clairvoyant Marie I’m a Star Seed and I’m the Atlantis Type. I had never heard of this stuff before so I thought I’d look it up and see what you had to say on the matter. Is everyone a Star Seed it just depends on the type??? What percentage of the population are Star Seeds??

  • When I was very young, between the age of 2-3 years old, I used to talk about a boy drowning and that we had to save him. To this day I can see that image. I am 48. Around 5 I was told I have a very vivid imagination as I would talk to “pixies” and had an entire story of their world. I would look in the mirror, face up against the glass, and in my eyes I would see a different world. Around 9 years old I started having reoccurring dreams of evil (devil) chasing me. This turned me on to prayer (although I was always spiritual -having dreams of heaven) Once puberty hit I started having terrible anxiety. The only thing I could do was pray since my family thought tough love was the best way to deal with the situation. I prayed to know the future so I could face it. I started having visions of what would happen the next day and then the visions would come true. I began to learn to astro project and eventually I learned to control my dreams. I have always felt I don’t belong here and want to go home. I have also felt I have been sent here to help certain people. If I focus I an see people’s auras. I have so many stories….everything cannot be coincidence. Something brought me to this site. Can anyone relate?

  • I recently connected to my akashic records and asked what my purpose is here on earth and the response I received is that I am a beacon of light and that I am here to teach and they really emphasize teaching by repeating it over and over. I am very new to spirituality and very logical scientific minded I don’t even know where to go with this. Could I be a starseed? Are there any books or resources on this?

  • I definitely believe I am a starseed as I resonated with the article in ways that are enrishing to me <3


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