Venus in Capricorn & Mercury in Scorpio
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On November 5, 06:44 AM ET, Venus entered Capricorn, while shortly after, at 6:35 PM ET, Mercury entered Scorpio.

We have just experienced an intense New Moon in Scorpio, and we immediately undergo another energetic shift. Both Venus and Mercury are leaving a Yang archetype to begin traveling a Yin sign: their transits will increase the emphasis on the elements of Earth and Water, promoting the internalization of our focus and attention.


Venus in Capricorn: Need for Consistency


In Astrology, Venus rules our values, our love and social life, our finances, our self-worth, our receptivity, our relationship with abundance, and our capacity to be open to pleasure. While Venus is in Sagittarius, we value freedom, authenticity, spontaneity: we seek new experiences through which we desire to increase our knowledge of ourselves and the world.

Venus entering Capricorn brings a significant transition in our values. During this transit, we get more serious and begin to think about the long term. We value consistency, commitment, hard work, and reliability: we are not interested in anything that doesn’t provide worth in the long term. We will be more prone to thinking about consolidating our financial situation, achieving deeper financial security, saving money, or investing our savings.

In the arena of relationships and romance, we may feel the urge to detach from those friendships and partnerships we can’t fully rely upon. We will naturally gravitate towards building connections that have the potential to stand the test of time and that offer tangible and lasting value to our lives.

Venus in Capricorn & Mercury in Scorpio

During this transit, we may notice insecurities around our physical appearance, our social skills, and doubts around our right to be loved and cherished as we desire to be. Venus in Capricorn may reveal to us where we still fear other people’s judgment or opinion, where we aren’t fully grounded in a strong sense of self-worth and self-respect, and where we may compromise our boundaries and our non-negotiables in exchange for love or validation.


Venus retrograde in Capricorn: Restructuring of Relationships


While in Capricorn, Venus will go through her retrograde cycle, remaining in the sign for longer than usual, until March 6. Venus is retrograde for the least amount of time than any other planet in the solar system, and her cycle is always deeply felt. This year, Venus will be retrograde from December 19 to January 29.

Her backward journey will inspire us to question and break free from conditioned ways of relating that we have adopted as our own. Relevant changes and new regulations affecting the global economy, politics, and financial markets are also very likely during this time. Venus retrograde will bring a reevaluation and restructuring of our love and social life, inviting us to reconsider what we want from our relationships, what our values are, what the purpose of our interactions is.

During her transit through Capricorn, Venus will join Pluto in Capricorn three times. These alignments will intensify our love nature, our attachments, as well as our mistrust, by increasing our desire for pleasure and passion, but also our need for power and control. Venus retrograde in Capricorn will promote a radical redefinition, restructuring, and deepening of both our relationship with ourselves and our relationships with others.


Mercury in Scorpio: Depth of Perception


Mercury joins the Sun and Mars in Scorpio, deepening our perception of reality, inspiring us to look beneath the surface. Mercury will be in Scorpio until November 24. While Mercury in Libra is concerned with mannerism and politeness, Mercury in Scorpio wants to uncover the truth and will tell it as it is in your face, even if it hurts. Our research and observation skills will be sharper, we will listen more carefully and pay more attention to energetic and emotional undercurrents while spending a greater deal of our time analyzing our own or other people’s psychology.

Mercury in Scorpio gives us an opportunity to unearth unsolved issues from our past and dive deep into our unconscious mind. During this transit, we choose deep conversations over gossip and small talk: we enjoy silence and don’t feel particularly drawn to speak more than necessary. This is a fantastic time to undergo therapeutic and psychological work. Mercury in Scorpio supports our capacity for self-understanding, self-analysis, and increases our willingness to confront uncomfortable truths.


Mercury activates the Saturn-Uranus square


During the upcoming days, Mercury in Scorpio will join Mars, activating the Saturn-Uranus square by squaring Saturn and opposing Uranus. On November 10, Mercury will conjoin Mars and square Saturn, pointing to the possibility of feeling silenced, oppressed, blocked, and censored. Around this time, there is the possibility of new restrictive regulations and constraints around freedom of speech and expression.

Shortly after, on November 13, the Mercury-Uranus opposition will magnify our desire to break free from mental limitations, supporting critical and independent thinking and inspiring a desire to rebel against the status quo. Nervous tension, restlessness, and increased mental activity are likely to be present around this time. Mercury opposite Uranus may facilitate downloads that catalyze sudden and fast transformations of how we think and perceive reality, and change how we express what we feel, sense, and think.

Venus in Capricorn & Mercury in Scorpio

These alignments could bring the revelation of something previously hidden or secret: unexpected news may stir up some chaos and unpredictability. What results from the disclosure may inspire us to question our choices and behaviors. The simultaneous activation of the pattern by the presence of Mars may contribute to our decision to take radically different actions and move forward in new ways.


Venus in Capricorn & Mercury in Scorpio: Harmonious Communication


While Venus and Mercury are changing signs, they are forming a harmonious sextile aspect. Their alignment is very favorable for artistic endeavors involving words or the use of our hands, such as creative writing, poetry, and physical theatre. The two planets will support the harmonization of our self-expression and communication style in relationships while promoting a grounded and thoughtful approach to financial matters.

Two personal planets are shifting from Fire and Air to Earth and Water: we are bringing our focus inwards, paying more attention to our physical needs, our values, our changing emotional states and needs. Both Scorpio and Capricorn are concerned with investing time, resources, and energy wisely. These are likely to be relevant themes of the upcoming weeks, and they will continue to be in the spotlight during the whole journey of Venus through Capricorn.

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