article Venus in Cancer 2024: Relational Maturation
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Venus in Cancer 2024: Relational Maturation

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June 16, 2024

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On June 16, 09:25 AM —

On June 17, 02:20 AM EST, Venus leaves Gemini and enters Cancer, just a few hour before Mercury, where she is going to remain until July 11. This transit will offer us opportunities to go through a process of relational and emotional maturation. 

Venus and Mercury are entering Cancer almost simultaneously, marking a significant energetic shift from Mutable Air to Cardinal Water and inviting us to shift our focus from our external environment to our internal landscape.

Venus’s ingress into Cancer is especially relevant for those of us who were born with personal placements in Cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Those of us more personally impacted by Venus’ shift of signs are likely to experience a shift in awareness that will have a ripple effect on their relationships. They will be invited to embrace their vulnerability, open their hearts, and expand their capacity to both give and receive love.

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Venus from Gemini to Cancer: Creating Safe Relationships


Venus is popularly known as the planet of love and relationships. Named after the mythological Goddess of Love and Beauty, she is connected to our ability to magnetize what we desire, to receive what we need, to give love and let love in. Venus is connected with what we value and with how we value ourselves, hence with our self-worth, self-love, and self-esteem. The Goddess of Love reminds us of how our relationship with ourselves is what ultimately determines the quality of our relationships with others. Transits of Venus mark shifts in our approach to connection, collective trends that impact our values, as well as changes in our orientation toward all things love, money, and relationships.

While Venus was in Gemini, a Mutable Air sign, we had chances to appreciate the learning opportunities that our relationships bring. During this time, we were encouraged to expand our social circles and relate to our environment in new ways. This transit motivated us to harness more opportunities to connect, exchange ideas, listen to other people’s perspectives, and share our own. Venus in Gemini invited us to refine our communication skills and gain more awareness of our communication patterns within relationships. 

Venus’ ingress into Cancer, a Cardinal Water sign, together with Mercury’s ingress in the sign and the upcoming Cancer season, is a powerful time to review and renew our relationship with our past, our childhood, our family, and the feeling ofhome”, themes connected with the Cancer archetype. During the upcoming weeks, we have an opportunity to reflect on what family means to us, what home means to us, and maybe create our unique definitions, create safe spaces and relationships, create what we didn’t have the opportunity to experience as children.

Venus in Cancer 2024

Venus in Cancer: Being in Relationship with Our Emotions


Venus in Cancer inspires us to gravitate toward the places and the relationships where we feel safe enough to show our vulnerability openly, knowing that all of ourselves will be respected and honored. This transit reminds us of the importance of safe spaces, of people who feel like home, of the value of being able to find refuge in ourselves and in other people. While Venus is in the sign of the Crab, we have an opportunity to refine our ability to both give and receive love, nurturance, and care. Our ability to be compassionate and attuned to others’ needs and emotions will be supportedduring this time.

Venus’ ingress into Cancer is an invitation to observe how much value we attribute to our emotions and how we relate to our and others’ vulnerabilities. This transit is an opportunity to deepen our emotional intimacy with ourselves and with the people closest to us. Venus in Cancer reminds us of the importance of being in relationship with the ebbs and flows of our emotions and giving them space and time to be.


Venus square the Lunar Nodes: Tending to Developmental Wounds


During Venus’ transit through Cancer, she is going to square the Lunar Nodes in Aries and Libra. Venus is the ruler of the South Node in Libra, and, for this reason, her alignment to the Nodal Axis is particularly relevant. The square between Venus and the Moon’s Nodes will offer us opportunities to gain awareness of skipped steps, or developmental wounds and blocks, that have hindered our relational and emotional maturation process. 

Planets that square the Nodes represent chances to see where we got stuck or frozen in time, recognize how our past experiences are still determining our present choices, and go through a sort of Soul retrieval process, completing cycles that were interrupted and reintegrating parts of ourselves that split off, or that we disowned.

The square between Venus and the Lunar Nodes goes exact on June 26. Around this time, we will have opportunities to address and get to the root of repetitive relationship issues, blockages, and fears, and understand in what ways we still need to mature and grow in self-awareness. 

Because Venus is in the sign of Cancer, we will have opportunities to understand how our family history, our childhood, and the dynamics we experienced growing up are still impacting our relationship choices and how we show up in relationships now. We will have chances to break cycles of unconsciousness, compulsion, and repetition and embody a new awareness of who we are today, what we need, and what we desire. This process is also likely to impact our core values, our self-esteem, and our relationship to money and abundance.

Venus in aspect to Chiron, Mars, Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune


Venus in Cancer forms a sextile to Mars in Taurus on June 29. This alignment supports us in finding a balance between taking action to move toward what we want and allowing what we want to come to us. The Venus-Mars sextile also facilitates the journey of finding harmony between our needs and desires and those of others.

On July 2, Venus in Cancer trines Saturn in Pisces. This aspect inspires us to consolidate and define the relationships we have been building and that we value. The Venus-Saturn trine reminds us to think for the long term and be intentional with how we invest our time, money, and attention.

On July 6, Venus forms a square to Chiron in Aries. The Venus-Chiron square brings our attention to unhealed wounds that are still impacting our relationship choices and how we show up in relationships. Around this time, we will have opportunities to tend to unresolved pain from our past and gain awareness of what is preventing us from creating the life we desire.

Venus forms a sextile with Uranus in Taurus on July 8. The Venus-Uranus sextile invites us to welcome change in our existing connections and inspires us to get to know new people, no matter how different from us they may be. This alignment encourages us to be experimental and open-minded in both our relationships and in financial endeavors.

On July 11, Venus trines Neptune in Pisces. The Venus-Neptune sextile reminds us of the power of kindness, supports all creative pursuits, and inspires us to channel our feelings and emotions into art. Around this time, explore new channels for your sensitivity and dare to show your emotions to others.


Venus in Cancer: Relational and Emotional Self-Knowledge


Venus enters Cancer while being conjunct with Mercury: their alignment continues to bring the spotlight on our communication habits, which has been an ongoing theme of both planets’ transit through Gemini. This Mercury-Venus conjunction represents an invitation for us to keep refining our ability to clearly articulate our emotions, needs, and desires, share them with others in a way that allows them to understand, and also make sure we listen to other people’s experiences and feelings from a curious, open-minded, and compassionate place. 

Venus’ upcoming journey through Cancer will offer us many chances to deepen our relational self-awareness and emotional self-knowledge. The Goddess of Love’s transit through the sign of the Crab will bring the spotlight on the link between our past experiences and our present relationship challenges, inviting us to gain new insights into our inner, emotional world, and develop a stronger relationship with it. Venus’s journey through Cancer will give us chances to become more aware of what we need to feel loved and cared for while reminding us to balance giving love and nurturance to ourselves and receiving it from others.


Crystal Pick for Venus in Cancer: Pearl


One of the most yin, feminine stones on Earth, found only in water and in the shape and color of a bright full moon, pearl has a deep association with Cancerian energy. It’s a divine tool to help you connect with your own feminine nature and intuitive wisdom, bringing calm, peace, patience, and emotional openness. 

Pearl is an ancient symbol of beauty, balance and elegance, harnessing the highest essence of Venusian energy which you can channel into purifying yourself, honoring your vulnerability and embracing your true nature during Venus’ transit through Cancer. It’s a beautiful choice to help you step into full integrity with yourself, to find value in your unique creative gifts and your intuitive intelligence. 

As a pearl is created deep within the center of its shell, it holds the energetic quality to help you come into the deep center of yourself. It’s the perfect stone for this transit’s energy which asks you to cultivate and appreciate the home you have within yourself, and to honor the relationship you have with your innate wisdom.


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