article Mercury in Cancer 2024: Speak from the Heart
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Mercury in Cancer 2024: Speak from the Heart

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June 16, 2024

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On June 16, 10:37 AM —

On June 17, 05:07 AM EST, Mercury leaves Gemini and enters Cancer, just a few hours after Venus, reminding us of the power of speaking from the heart. Mercury is going to remain in Cancer until July 2. This transit will offer us chances to develop more awareness of the relationship between our emotions, our perceptions, and our thoughts. Together with Venus’ shift from Gemini to Cancer, Mercury’s ingress in the sign of the Crab represents an invitation to direct our focus inward, rather than outward.

Mercury’s ingress into Cancer is especially relevant for those of us who were born with personal placements in Cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Those of us more personally impacted by Mercury’s shift of signs will have chances to access new insights about their inner world and emotional reality and will have opportunities to refine their ability to articulate and express their emotions clearly.

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Mercury travels from Gemini to Cancer: Speak from the Heart


Named after the mythological messenger, trickster, and guide of Souls, Mercury is a multifaceted planet, which rules both Gemini and Virgo. In Astrology, Mercury is associated with communication, language, and the rational mind, as well as with problem-solving, discernment, and learning. Mercury teaches us that words are spells and reminds us to be mindful of the power of thoughts we entertain and the impact of how we speak and name our experiences. Transits of Mercury mark collective shifts in perceptions and in our way of thinking: they offer us chances to make changes in our communication habits, access a new level of understanding, and see our reality from a different vantage point.

While Mercury was in Gemini, its Air domicile, we had an opportunity to allow our curiosity to lead us, develop an inquisitive mindset, and practice the art of conversation and debate. Mercury in Gemini fueled our desire to learn about any topic, ask more questions, and invest in our education. This transit inspired us to open our minds, strive to better understand our reality, and discover something new about ourselves, life, and the world.

Mercury’s ingress in the Cardinal Water sign of the Crab indicates a trend to interpret our experiences from a subjective, personal lens, highlighting the impact of past experiences on present perceptions. The planet of logic is now traveling through the realm of feelings and emotions: this transit offers us an opportunity to gain a new understanding of our inner world and refine our ability to share with others what is going on for us emotionally. Mercury in Cancer invites us to speak from our hearts and voice our true feelings with care and consideration.

Mercury in Cancer: New Insights into our Inner World


Mercury’s transit through Cancer represents a wonderful time to refine our ability to talk about our emotions and understand other people’s emotional experiences, especially during these days, while Mercury and Venus are conjunct in the sign of the Crab. The Mercury-Venus conjunction in Cancer facilitates mutual understanding and empathy for others’ experiences, as it reminds us to put ourselves in other people’s shoes and see reality from their vantage point, taking into account where they come from and not only where they are now.

While Mercury is in Cancer, we have chances to gain a new understanding of our past, our childhood experiences, our family dynamics, and our relationship with the world of emotions. This combination of energies offers us access to new insights relative to the link between our emotions and our perceptions and helps us understand how our inner state impacts the way we make sense of an experience. Mercury in Cancer is an opportunity to reflect on what is triggered when we take something personal, and in what ways we still project our past into the present.


Mercury square the Lunar Nodes and Chiron


On June 23, Mercury perfects a square with the Nodes of the Moon in Aries and Libra. This alignment will bring the spotlight on developmental blocks that are keeping us stuck in the past, frozen in time. With Mercury squaring the Lunar Nodes, we will have opportunities to gain awareness of what is triggered when we feel tempted to silence ourselves, when we find it hard to express what we feel and think, when we avoid challenging conversations, when we think that our ideas aren’t worth sharing and we keep them for ourselves. This aspect could also highlight blockages that repetitively emerge in our learning processes, when we attempt to learn something new, or we try to understand something unfamiliar.

On June 28, Mercury squares Chiron in Aries. This aspect will bring our attention to past wounds that impact our ability to speak our truth and communicate our emotions and feelings. The Mercury-Chiron square will offer us chances to develop more emotional intelligence and tend to our vulnerabilities and insecurities, particularly surrounding learning, communication, and self-assertion, inviting us to gain awareness of how we may unconsciously harm ourselves through our inner dialogue and our thoughts.

Mercury in aspect to Mars, Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune


On June 21, Mercury in Cancer forms a sextile with Mars in Taurus. This aspect supports balanced and confident self-assertion and inspires us to explore how to share our feelings, ideas, and opinions without coming off too strong.

Mercury trines Saturn in Pisces on June 26. The Mercury-Saturn trine facilitates mature and self-aware emotional expression, as well as all pursuits that require organizing our thoughts, memorizing information, and structuring our ideas.

Mercury forms a sextile with Uranus in Taurus on June 29. The Mercury-Uranus sextile invites us to think independently and explore unconventional ways of solving problems. By inspiring out-of-the-box thinking, this aspect facilitates innovation and new discoveries. 

On July 2, Mercury in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces. The Mercury-Neptune trine reminds us to speak with kindness and consideration, enhances our intuition, and inspires poetic expression. This alignment invites us to tap into the realm of feelings and sensations and helps us give words to the unexplainable.


Mercury in Cancer: Emotions, Perceptions, and Thoughts


Mercury’s shift from Gemini to Cancer invites us to integrate more of our intuition in our learning processes and in our efforts to understand ourselves and the world around us. This transit offers us opportunities to deepen our awareness of our emotional makeup and our ability to name and communicate to others what we are feeling.

In the upcoming weeks, we will have chances to pay attention to how the thoughts we entertain or the choices we make in our daily lives are connected to certain emotions or magnify them. Vice versa, we will also have opportunities to observe how our emotions, particularly when we don’t fully allow their expression, can lead us into overthinking loops and spirals.

During this transit, we will be invited to refine our capacity to discern between facts and feelings, between what is objectively happening in reality and our subjective experience of what’s happening. While Mercury is in Cancer, we will be able to access a deeper understanding of how our childhood and past experiences shaped and are still shaping our perception of ourselves, other people, and the world at large.


Crystal Pick for Mercury in Cancer: Blue Lace Agate


As Mercury in Cancer brings more emotional sensitivity into our minds and communication, blue lace agate brings a calm, gentle balance and patience to your words, helping you speak from the heart. It’s especially helpful when you feel difficulty expressing yourself to tap into your emotions and sensitivity in a way that feels nurturing and stabilizing, so you can speak your truth with tenderness and care.

Blue lace agate allows your words and ideas to flow smoothly and easily, like Cancerian waters, connecting you to your intuitive senses and the higher guidance of your Spirit. When you feel inner blockages and heaviness, this stone can help you process, release and flow through them with more ease, releasing the mental and emotional baggage and struggle so you can find more peace, patience and balance.

It’s also a great stone to help you reflect on your feelings and triggers, to see beneath the surface into their root cause, to help you gain the awareness you need to create more emotional stability and maturity. It’s a perfect stone to hold while you say your affirmations or intentions, to imbue the magic of your words with truth and gentleness and speak them clearly and confidently into the vibrations of the Universe, where they can become form.


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