article Venus in Aquarius: Reimagine Relationships
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Venus in Aquarius: Reimagine Relationships

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February 14, 2024

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On February 14, 02:11 PM —

On February 16, 2024, 11:05 AM EST, Venus leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius, where she is going to remain until March 11, offering us an invitation to reimagine our approach to love, relationships, and finances.

Just a couple of days after Mars, Venus moves into Aquarius too, where the Sun, Mercury, and Pluto are also transiting. Venus’s journey through the sign of the Water Bearer offers us an opportunity to question our assumptions about wealth, our expectations about relationships, as well as the values by which we live our lives.

This transit will be more impactful for those of us born with personal placements in Fixed signs and especially for the individuals with natal Venus in Aquarius, who will experience their Venus return. The people personally impacted by Venus’ shift of sign will have chances to reevaluate their priorities, reconsider their relationships and financial choices, and transform how they connect with themselves and others.

Venus from Capricorn to Aquarius: Questioning Existing Relating Models


Named after the Goddess of Love and Beauty, in Astrology Venus is the planet connected to all things love, money, and pleasure, to our relationship with our body and sensuality, to our artistic taste, and to our capacity to be open to receive and magnetize what we are attracted to.

While Venus was in Capricorn, we had chances to direct our focus on our relational maturation journey, explore our relationship to commitment and responsibility, review our boundaries, and observe the link between our past and upbringing and our relational experiences. This transit offered us chances to deepen our connection with our physical body and find a better balance between delayed gratification and gratification of the senses.

Venus’ ingress in Aquarius brings a breath of fresh air into our social and romantic lives, inspires us to expand our networks, and motivates us to reimagine existing relationship models and paradigms. This transit inspires us to celebrate individual differences and to relate to a variety of people, gravitating toward like minds but also toward individuals who have little in common with us, without any prejudice or assumption. Venus here is able to connect with everyone with impartiality and objectivity and reminds us of the value of being open to the unusual, the unknown, and the unexpected.


Venus enters Aquarius: Embrace Your Quirks


Venus in Aquarius challenges our existing values as well as our assumptions, expectations, and ideas about relationships, sensuality, money, friendship, pleasure, technology, and group dynamics. Venus’s ingress in Aquarius inspires us to embrace our eccentricity and our quirks, motivates us to express our uniqueness, and encourages us to reimagine new ways of making an income, monetizing from our talents, and building financial security.

When Venus is in Aquarius, the tendency is to connect with others through the intellect and the rational mind: we connect by exchanging ideas and sharing our visions, and we gravitate toward people who inspire us to think and live outside the box, who are true to themselves, who aren’t afraid of being labeled as misfits. During this transit, detachment is a way through which we integrate our experiences: at times, we may need to pull back and take some space in order to rebalance and gain a neutral perspective of events.

This is a particularly interesting time to observe our relationship to groups, group approval, groupthink, and conformity, and notice what patterns tend to come up when we relate with a group of people or within our communities. Venus in Aquarius transit is an opportunity to notice in what ways we may feel drawn to conform, appease, or give up our truth in exchange for group acceptance, validation, or an illusory sense of belonging.

Jupiter Uranus conjunction

Venus conjunct Mars & Pluto: Relationships Reset


Mars and Pluto are still conjunct in the early degrees of Aquarius and Venus has been approaching both. The Venus-Pluto conjunction goes exact in just a few hours, while the Venus-Mars conjunction goes exact on February 22.

We are now experiencing a rare triple conjunction between Pluto and the two relationship planets, a powerful invitation to radically transform our relationships with both ourselves and others, but also our relationship to desire and sexuality, as well as our value system and relationship to wealth. It is the first time in our lifetime that the three planets align in the sign of Aquarius, where Pluto has recently ingressed: this configuration brings renewal and change into our romantic, sexual, and social life.

This configuration dramatically intensifies relational matters, marking an increase in our desire for depth, passion, and intimacy. However, as the planets cross paths in the cerebral, rational, and detached sign of Aquarius, we may feel inwardly conflicted about our need for intimacy and simultaneously fear it, resulting in ambivalent behaviors and feelings of inner conflict which may generate push-pull dynamics. The purpose of the Mars-Venus-Pluto conjunction in Aquarius is to drastically transform our way of being in relationships but also to allow our relationships to transform us.

This configuration is offering us an opportunity to begin a new chapter in our relational life, inspiring us to revolutionize our relationships with others but first and foremost the one we have with ourselves.


Venus square Jupiter and Uranus


During her journey through Aquarius, Venus is going to square both Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus. The Venus-Jupiter square goes exact on February 24 and offers us an opportunity to observe our relationship to generosity, comfort, and indulgence. This aspect could highlight any dynamics of transactional giving and inspire us to make changes in how we relate to our generosity and perceive the generosity of others. At the same time, it can offer us chances to notice whether we tend to be overly self-indulgent and feel tempted to choose comfort and pleasure over growth.

On March 3, Venus perfects her square to Uranus. This aspect adds more dynamism to our romantic and social lives and catalyzes an urge to rebel and break free from relationships, jobs, and commitments that are no longer authentic or feel restrictive or stifling. The Venus-Uranus square corresponds to a period of restlessness and desire for change that will lead many of us to make abrupt and impulsive shifts in our lives, finally acting on urges that might have been present for a long time. A need for stimulation and excitement will be present around this time, and new, electric encounters could represent the catalyst that inspires some of us to revolutionize our lives.

Venus in Aquarius

Venus in Aquarius: Welcome Change


Venus’ ingress into Aquarius inaugurates a period of change and transformation in our relationships and financial lives. This transit offers us opportunities to break free from those ways of relating to both other people and money that we took on as a response to how we were programmed in the past. It is an opportunity to gain an objective outlook on the strategies and protective mechanisms we automatically rely on and explore what happens when we make different choices.

Venus in Aquarius invites us to keep in mind that love and freedom can coexist, that connection and individuality can coexist, and that we don’t have to give up our needs in order to meet those of others. This transit offers us chances to acknowledge and alchemize any subconscious fear of emotional intimacy, of engulfment, and of losing our individuality in a relationship that may sabotage our connections and prevent us from forming healthy, nourishing bonds with others. 

This transit brings the spotlight on the need to work on healing the body and the nervous system to build more capacity to fully experience intimacy, love, and connection and choose relationships that are good for us. The way we are wired is no accident, however, we are not doomed to repeating the past. Venus in Aquarius reminds us that change is possible and is constantly happening: when we choose to be proactive in creating the future we desire and take responsibility for our part, change may happen faster than we expect.


Our Crystal Pick for Venus in Aquarius: Que Sera Stone


Another rare and modern crystal for unique and forward-thinking Aquarius, Que Sera Stone is a blend of many different minerals, bringing high-frequency ones together with earthy, grounding ones, making this a perfect pick for this Venus meets Aquarius energy.

Connected with the heart, which is Venus’ area of life, and holding very transformative air energy, which is Aquarius’ domain, this stone full of interesting colors and patterns brings harmony to all the different pieces of you, boosts self-esteem and self-worth, and connects you with your true desires in life so you can conspire with the Universe to bring them into the world.

Named after the famous song, “Que sera, sera”, which means “what will be will be,” this free-minded, positive attitude is materialized in this stone, to help you flow with all the different frequencies of life and allow them to guide you into new directions and perceptions. It’s a beautiful crystal to help you better understand yourself and your true value during this transit, so you can embody and express your special gifts in this world.


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