venus enters sagittarius
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On October 7, 07:21 AM ET, Venus left Scorpio and enters Sagittarius. Venus will be in Sagittarius until November 5, catalyzing an expansion of our romantic and social life and inspiring us to focus on our personal development journey.

While traveling through the sign of the Centaur, Venus wants a love that is authentic and honest: her goal is to establish connections that support our personal growth without restricting our freedom.


Venus: Romance, Abundance, and Receptivity


In Astrology, Venus is associated with love, finances, beauty, art, self-esteem, self-value, and self-worth. This planet correlates to our taste, to what we find enjoyable, and to our capacity to be open to pleasurable experiences. Venus informs us of our relationship with money, abundance, and receptivity, which in turn is an indicator of how we treat ourselves and respond to our desires and needs.

Venus’ rulership of both Libra and Taurus reflects the connection between the relationship we have with ourselves and the relationships we form with others. It reminds us of how building a solid foundation of self-love and self-respect is what we need to do in order to create healthy, loving, and supportive bonds with other people.


Venus enters Sagittarius: Authentic Love


Transits of Venus mark shifts in our values and inform us of our changing orientation to relationships and financial matters. Venus’ journey through Scorpio reflects an all-or-nothing, passionate, emotional relating style, and a tendency to hold on tightly to what we value. Here, the Goddess of Love is not afraid to go into the darkest corners of our psyche and navigate the depth of our feelings. Venus in Scorpio craves intimacy and desires to establish connections based on a foundation of deep loyalty and trust.

Venus in Sagittarius reflects a lighter and more expansive approach to relationships. As Sagittarius is a Yang Mutable Fire archetype, the focus is on making a variety of experiences that excite us and stimulate us, supporting our journey of self-knowledge.

venus enters sagittarius

While Venus is in Sagittarius, we value authenticity, freedom, spontaneity, lightheartedness, and humor, and we seek to broaden our understanding of reality. There is usually a stronger desire to have fun and enjoy life, which may lead to overspending and overextending ourselves socially. During this transit, we tend to buy experiences rather than things, and we may feel more restless than usual: our cravings for adventures and excitement is likely to increase.


Venus conjunct the Lunar South Node & trine Chiron


On October 10, Venus is exactly conjunct the South Node of the Moon. We have already been feeling this aspect, and it will remain active for a few more days. The pull of the South Node is very strong: it is a pull of remembrance, a pull that feels familiar. The South Node corresponds to our karmic past and to the pull of those tendencies more strongly ingrained in us.

When planets join the Lunar South Node, they bring up unresolved past issues and karma to set in motion a purging process and facilitate healing. Venus conjunct the South Node exposes repetitive relationship patterns and invites us to release our attachment to them: we will have chances to break karmic cycles and begin new ones.

A few days later, on October 16, Venus in Sagittarius trines retrograde Chiron in Aries. Chiron is an asteroid associated with the figure of the wounded healer, a central factor in the path of individuation, and it often corresponds to experiences of rejection. During its journey through Aries, Chiron has been bringing up wounds relative to self-assertion, decision-making, and challenges with trusting our instinct and owning our desires.

The trine is an aspect of flow and ease: Venus trine Chiron facilitates healing processes happening through relationships. Connecting with others can help us elaborate feelings of rejection and rebuild a sense of self-esteem and self-worth. In turn, this can strengthen our capacity to trust our desires and go after what we want with confidence.


Venus sextile Saturn and Jupiter & Venus square Neptune


During her transit through Sagittarius, Venus will sextile Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, and square Neptune in Pisces. Venus sextile Saturn, exact on October 13, tends to increase our need and desire for security, reliability, and stability. This alignment represents a supportive influence for the consolidation of relationships, friendships, and business partnerships, for creative and artistic collaborations, and for saving, investing, and gaining money.

venus enters sagittarius

Venus then squares retrograde Neptune in Pisces. Venus corresponds to romantic love, while Neptune corresponds to unconditional and divine love. The exact alignment happens on October 26 and will point out the dangers of excessive and mismanaged idealism: falling in love with people’s potential and being blind to reality are typical tendencies linked to hard contacts between these planets. We may expand excessively, we may chase a fantasy and experience disillusionment.

The square is an aspect of friction and conflict that reflects difficulties integrating the energies involved. This tension channeled into artistic and spiritual pursuits can generate motivation to produce touching works of art and deepen our connection with the Divine. Venus square Neptune reminds us of how mastering relationships is an integral part of our spiritual path. 

Venus sextile Jupiter, exact on October 28, represents a favorable influence for the areas of romance, friendships, and money. Artistic and creative pursuits will be supported, while lucky encounters and financial opportunities are also likely.


Venus enters Sagittarius: Commitment to Freedom


The journey of Venus through the sign of the Centaur will bring a lighthearted and expansive attitude in both relationship and financial matters: many of us will feel inspired to go on adventures, be more often out and about, make new experiences, and meet new people.

Venus entering Sagittarius encourages us to open up to life, embrace its diversity, and discover what it can offer us. During this transit, we may experience a conflict between our drive to explore and experience life and our desire for love and connection. It is advised to make sure that our increased need for freedom doesn’t become an excuse to avoid commitments and responsibilities.

Through a conscious expression of this energy, we learn that freedom is not incompatible with commitment, but rather it is enhanced by the personal growth and maturation that come as a consequence of commitment. Venus traveling through Sagittarius represents an invitation to see relationships as a tool to expand our consciousness, increase our self-knowledge, and broaden our philosophical understanding of reality.

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