article Super Full Moon in Sagittarius: Attuning to Truth
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Super Full Moon in Sagittarius: Attuning to Truth

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June 14, 2022

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On June 14, 07:51 AM ET, we experience a Super Full Moon at 23º24’ Sagittarius, an invitation to attune to Truth and follow our inner guidance.

This is the first Super Moon of 2022: the Moon appears bigger and brighter, as she is reaching fullness while transiting closer than usual to Earth. The Full Moon of the month of June is also popularly referred to as the Strawberry Moon. This name derives from the fact that it coincides with the season of strawberries in the Northern hemisphere of the globe and used to mark the time for their harvest.


Super Full Moon in Sagittarius: Following Inner Guidance


Full Moons bring things to a head: they mark the culmination point of the lunar cycle, the moment of maturation and blossoming of the seeds we planted on the New Moon. From now on, the Moon begins to wane and receives less and less light each night. During the second half of the lunar month, we are being encouraged to gradually slow down until the next cycle begins.

Full Moons take place when the Moon opposes the Sun, aligning on the same degree of opposite Zodiac sign. The Sun-Moon opposition brings to light subconscious material, facilitates clarity and revelations, and offers us an opportunity to gain more awareness of our emotional world.

In this case, the Gemini-Sagittarius polarity is activated: this is the axis of learning, communicating, studying, and teaching. These archetypes have to do with our way of interpreting and perceiving the world, making sense of life, interfacing with our environment, and integrating into familiar and unfamiliar surroundings. While Gemini’s learning style is theoretical, inductive, and logical, Sagittarius’ is intuitive, experiential, and deductive. Through Sagittarius, we explore past our comfort zone and get to synthesize our life experiences into a coherent guiding philosophy or belief system.


Embodied Knowledge & Experiential Learning


The Super Full Moon in the sign of the Centaur marks a shift in our experience and perception of reality. When the Moon travels through Sagittarius, we feel inspired to pursue the expansion of our consciousness through a variety of experiences, and we seek direct ways to discover more about ourselves and life. The Full Moon here indicates a need to make sense of what happens to and around us through a philosophical or cosmological framework, as well as an inclination to share our knowledge with others. It can be seen as an invitation to let go of old ways of learning and of making sense of reality.

super full moon in sagittarius

Through Sagittarius, we explore the difference between embodied knowledge and intellectual understanding, and we gain awareness of the value of learning from direct experience. This Super Full Moon in Sagittarius encourages us to attune to Truth and to trust where our intuition leads us. It inspires us to look at the path ahead with optimism and confidence in ourselves, in our capacities, and in what the Universe has in store for us.


Sun & Moon square Neptune, Full Moon sextile Saturn


The Sagittarius Super Full Moon is in aspect to both Neptune and Saturn. The square between the Sun, the Moon, and Neptune in Pisces can reflect a sense of confusion relative to what our truth is, who we are, what we want, and what we feel. It points to the possibility of having hard times distinguishing fact from fiction, truth from wishful thinking.

Sun, Moon, and Neptune form what is technically called a T-square configuration, a pattern involving three signs of the same modality, in this case, Mutable, connected by 90º angles. The only sign that is missing in the picture represents the way to find balance. Virgo is the Mutable archetype that is not being activated and offers us the key to navigating this energy constructively. Virgo reminds us of the value of discernment, of being practical, of finding order in chaos, and of being conscious and selective relative to what we consume, particularly in terms of information.

The simultaneous activation of Neptune and Saturn can generate some ambiguity, as these planets have contrasting functions and energies. When Neptune is active, our increased sensitivity, empathy, and attunement to what is going on in the collective highlights the need to set and hold proper boundaries relative to what we are available to experience at any moment. The activation of Saturn, trine the Sun and sextile the Moon, inspires us to be pragmatic and deal maturely with the feelings that come up: it is helping us remain grounded in the present moment.


Mars conjunct Chiron in Aries: Opportunities for Healing


Mars, currently in his home sign of Aries, has been separating from Jupiter and approaching Chiron. While the Mars-Jupiter conjunction, which has been active for the first half of this lunar cycle, has been a dynamic and energizing influence, the Mars-Chiron conjunction, which is almost exact, brings an entirely different vibe.

Their alignment represents an invitation to heal our relationship with the Masculine and with our inner Warrior. It is an opportunity to strengthen our confidence in our instinct, in our impulses, in our right to take space and assert ourselves. It inspires us to reflect on our relationship with our desires, with leadership, with taking risks, with taking new directions courageously. Mars conjunct Chiron encourages us to accept the fact that following our personal path often involves facing experiences of rejection. It invites us to be willing to embrace the sacrifices and the pain that going after our desires requires.


Venus conjunct Uranus & North Node in Taurus: Changes in Values & Relationships


As the Full Super Moon takes place, Venus is conjunct Uranus and the North Node in Taurus. The Venus-Uranus conjunction may shake up our security and disrupt our current comfort zone. Its purpose is to inspire a change in our values, relationships, ways of making an income, and in our way of connecting with and taking care of Nature.

Uranus is associated with our personal genius and our attunement to the future. Its energy manifests on the mental plane, while Taurus and Venus are both physical archetypes, connected to the body and its earthiness. During these days, we may notice a contrast between our desire for excitement, adventure, stimulation, freedom, and new experiences, versus a need for life to feel secure, comfortable, and predictable.

super full moon in sagittarius

The Venus-Uranus conjunction is happening on the Lunar North Node, the point in space indicating our evolutionary path and way to counterbalance existing tendencies and ways of being. This alignment has the potential to help us break free from enmeshed relationships and unhealthy emotional attachments that are preventing our growth.


Venus, Uranus, & North Node square Saturn: Remembering our Inherent Worth


Venus, Uranus, and the North Node are all in a square aspect to Saturn in Aquarius. Their alignment brings up the need to address those places where our self-worth and self-love depend on others’ approval or validation. It inspires us to become more confident in the inherent value and beauty of our authentic expression, independently of how it is received.

Themes associated with the Saturn-Uranus square, the characterizing aspect for 2021, will get into the spotlight again as Saturn is now retrograde and is getting closer to Uranus. Collectively, this will once again highlight the conflict between those working to promote innovation and freedom and revolutionize obsolete systems, and those trying to preserve the old and the known by imposing more restrictive rules and regulations.

Saturn’s square to the Lunar Nodes has been active for a couple of months and will continue to be active for several weeks. It highlights the need to make sure we aren’t avoiding commitment and responsibility and that our commitments are still in integrity with our values. This aspect invites reflection on what structures we desire to build and what contributions we are willing to make to serve our community and promote the advancement of society as a whole.

To help you harness this energy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio brings we have created Full Moon printable channeled “Closure & Disclosure” journal and guided meditation audio. We invite you to use these Pink Full Moon in Libra Ritual tools: journal and meditate together with Moon Omens Soul Family. Tap here to learn more and gain access to ritual tools.

Super Full Moon in Sagittarius: Trusting our Instinct & our Intuition


The Super Full Moon culminates a six-month cycle that started on December 4, 2021, with a Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. For this reason, it may bring up themes and issues that came up while the South Node was transiting through Sagittarius, during 2021 and the second half of 2020. Something to be mindful of are the dangers of dogmatism and arrogance, of believing our truth is the only truth, of being unwilling to listen to others’ viewpoints and opinions, and contributing to situations of polarization, something we worked on intensely while the South Node was in Sagittarius.

Jupiter is the planetary ruler of Sagittarius and rules this Full Moon. Jupiter has recently entered Aries, inspiring bold action and enthusiastic risk-taking. This is emphasizing the value of starting new chapters, trusting our instinct, and taking new directions as an experiential way to deepen our wisdom and reach a clearer sense of authenticity in our lives. The Super Full Moon that is taking place will inspire us to refine our relationship to Truth, connect with our intuition, and release beliefs and ways of making sense of reality that don’t resonate any longer.

Comment below with what resonated with you the most and tap on the heart if you enjoyed this article!

To find out more how this Super Full Moon is going to affect your sign read our June horoscope here.


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