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On March 28, 2:48 PM ET, we witness the first Supermoon of the year, an enchanting Full Moon happening at 8°18’ of Libra and opposing the Sun, Venus, and Chiron in Aries.

This Full Supermoon is the first one of a series of four, that will include a Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius and culminate with a Full Supermoon in Capricorn, on June 24. Supermoons are Full or New Moons happening closer to us, hence they appear brighter and bigger. Even if the actual dimension of the Moon doesn’t change, they tend to be felt more intensely, due to the stronger effect of the Moon on tides. While the Libra Full Moon won’t be the closest one to Earth, it is coming simultaneously with other powerful planetary alignments.

The Full Moon happening in March is also commonly referred to as the Worm Moon. At this time, in the Northern and Eastern parts of the United States, the first Worms begin to emerge from the ground, preparing the soil for Spring: their movements help increase the availability of nutrients for plants. The Full Worm Moon reminds us of our innate capacity for regeneration and invites us to focus on small but consistent progress to stay motivated, focused, and positive.

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Super Full Moon in Libra: the Never Ending Search for Balance


Full Moons represent the culmination, blossoming, and maturation of the lunar cycle. The Sun-Moon opposition brings things to a head, illuminating what we need to know, revealing to us what we are meant to become aware of at this particular time. When the Moon in Libra opposes the Sun in Aries, the spotlight is inevitably on our interactions with other people and all dynamics that involve comparison and contrast.

Libra is a Yang, Air, and Cardinal archetype. This sign is about creating peace, justice, and beauty by reconciling opposites. Libra is not inherently balanced: its task is to search for balance, as it tends to extremes. Libra reminds us that a perfect, static balance does not exist, yet we shouldn’t stop striving for it, we shouldn’t stop adjusting and negotiating.

The Full Moon in Libra shines a light on our never ending search for harmony, both in our individual lives and in the social context. Collectively, this could manifest by issues of social equality and justice coming again in the spotlight. Individually, we are likely to reflect upon how to find a better flow between the energy we direct towards ourselves and the energy we invest in our love and social life. This cosmic event is highlighting what is preventing us from establishing and maintaining relationships based on equality and fairness.


Full Super Moon opposite Venus and Chiron: Confronting our Wounds


Venus is the planetary ruler of the Libra Full Moon, and it is currently in Aries, conjunct both the Sun and Chiron, opposing the Moon. Analyzing this configuration is extremely relevant to understand the significance of this Supermoon. 

Chiron is an asteroid, commonly associated with the figure of the wounded healer, symbolizing both the wound, often linked to feelings of rejection, and the medicine, which allows us to come into contact with our innate capacity to heal, know ourselves, and self-actualize. Chiron teaches us that by going through our suffering and meeting our pain, we get closer to who we truly are. 

Chiron is currently transiting Aries: in this case, the wound that is activated is directly linked to doubting our right to exist, our inherent self-worth, our capacity to take action, assert ourselves and have our needs met. The presence of the Sun and Venus in tight conjunction with Chiron gives us an opportunity to clearly see how these patterns have been playing out in our relationships.

super full moon in libra

Relationships are where our wounds get activated the most, but also where we have the chance to understand ourselves more deeply, through the mirror of the other. On this Full Moon, we have an opportunity to clearly see the coping mechanisms we have developed, the real reason behind our triggers, behind those fears and compulsions that may be sabotaging our life or holding us back in a variety of ways.

To help you harness this energy Super Full Moon in Libra brings we have created Full Moon printable channeled “Embracing Who We Are” journal and guided meditation audio. We invite you to use these Full Moon Ritual tools: journal and meditate together with Moon Omens Soul Family. Tap here to learn more and gain access to ritual tools.

super full moon in libra


Super Full Moon in a Grand Air Trine: Creating New Patterns and Pathways


The Full Supermoon in Libra forms a Grand Air Trine configuration involving Saturn in Aquarius, Mars, and the North Node in Gemini. The Grand Air trine supports our capacity for innovation and our ability to come up with creative solutions and ideas that allow us to create new patterns, pathways, and possibilities.

This alignment has the potential to strengthen our ability to understand the purpose of our emotional experiences with detachment and objectivity. It promotes an open-minded yet structured and proactive approach to challenging situations and experiences that may come up during these days.

Grand trines are usually considered beneficial aspects, as they symbolize flow and ease between celestial bodies transiting signs of the same element. However, too much ease may degenerate into laziness, lack of motivation, and a tendency to take things for granted, due to the excessive prominence of the element involved.

This configuration may reflect a tendency to remain stuck in our heads and a temptation to over-intellectualize feelings. In this particular case, it may indicate an excessive emphasis on rationality and logic. We may experience a lack of willingness to be emotionally open and to explore the deeper psychological issues beneath our habitual patterns of behavior and reaction.


Mars conjunct the North Node in Gemini: the Importance of Thinking Independently 


As the Full Moon takes place, Mars forms a conjunction with the North Node of the Moon in Gemini, a point in space related to our collective karmic path and direction. When a planet joins the North Node, it represents an archetype we are encouraged to embody, as it is a supportive influence for our personal and collective growth.

Moreover, Mars is the planet currently ruling the Sun, Venus, and Chiron in Aries hence it represents a supportive influence that can allow us to constructively channel the energy of their triple conjunction. The Martian archetype expressed through the lens of Gemini is about self-assertion, independent thinking, confident and direct communication, and instinctual exploration of our ideas and urges, which ultimately allows us to discover more of ourselves. 

Mars conjunct the North Node highlights the importance of reclaiming our voice, our needs, and our desires. This aspect is about speaking up honestly and directly, verbalizing our feelings and emotions, asserting our point of view and our boundaries. This is a good time to reframe old ideas, fears, and beliefs around conflict and discover new and more empowering ways to perceive and experience confrontations.


Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces: Exploring Alternative Ways to Express Ourselves


Mercury-Neptune aspects allow us to express ourselves in a way that allows others to identify with and feel mirrored by us, as Neptune relates to the collective emotional body. However, this needs to happen through an intuitive rather than logical process, as the two planets are in the sign of Pisces. 

Our perception of reality is likely to deepen and expand, yet we may have a hard time rationally explaining or verbalizing what is going on. Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces may increase the sense of disorientation and confusion relative to how we are supposed to express our needs and desires. We are likely to notice a feeling of not being able to do so clearly, especially if misunderstandings are common in our lives. 

super full moon in libra

Simultaneously, Neptune infuses creativity, artistry, and magic into our capacity to communicate our thoughts and ideas. To make the most out of this energy, explore new ways of expressing yourself and explaining what is going on in your inner world. Avoiding excessive self-analysis and rationality may be beneficial, as this is not a time to remain stuck in our habitual ways of thinking, learning, communicating, and perceiving reality.


Super Full Moon in Libra: Embracing Who We Are


Vulnerability and total self-acceptance are key to working with this Full Moon constructively. Only after facing the truth of who we are and embracing whatever of ourselves we might be ashamed of, we can expect someone else to do the same.

Chiron in Aries is about making peace with who we are and accepting ourselves no matter what, whether the world likes it or not. Our main fear in this regard is that if we show our true selves and ask for what we really want and need, people will leave us and stop loving us.

The Full Moon opposing Chiron, Venus, and the Sun reminds us that having our wounds exposed and being ok with being seen in our totality by others can be an extremely liberating and healing experience, yet it is undoubtedly hard. The celestial alignments of the moment shine a light on the places where we struggle to accept and assert ourselves, our needs, our boundaries, and our desires. This Full Moon is offering us an opportunity to make different, more conscious choices and change our habitual relating patterns.

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