article Spiritual Meaning Of Number 1212 – 12/12 Ascension Portal Energy Update
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Numerology & Omens

Spiritual Meaning Of Number 1212 – 12/12 Ascension Portal Energy Update

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Moon Omens

December 12, 2019

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Repeating numbers are spiritual sequences that are the calling card of the Universe and are used to communicate with us and send subtle messages of guidance. They signal to our higher consciousness that something divine is happening. 

With this month’s Full Moon falling on 12/12 at 12:12am EST, we are getting a strong message from the Universe to embrace this repeating number sequence as it awakens our ancient cellular memory and helps us connect to our higher selves. This numerical energy is here to help us connect to and awaken our body, heart, and mind and to help lead us down the divine path we have always been meant to walk. 


You are ready for an upgrade to your being


The Universe wants to expand your consciousness and help you find new ways of experiencing life on Earth. As you go about your journey, you are being asked to be of service to yourself, humanity, and the planet. Do not allow fear of failure to keep you from walking along your path. Making mistakes is just a part of life and ultimately helps you learn and grow. It allows you to attain your highest potential.


Spiritual meaning of angel number 12:12


1212 symbolizes your spiritual growth, manifestation of your intentions, and awareness of your infinite being. This is one of the most powerful number sequences in the Universe and if you experience it, you are about to go through a major shift and period of incredible growth and abundance. 1212 showers us in optimism as it grants us the positive frame of mind that we need to steer our thoughts towards the realization of our ambitions. If we continue to exude unwavering faith in who we are and what we stand for, we will be blessed with divine energy and power. We are connecting to the golden light of the Universe as we heighten our vibration, activate new energy frequencies, and connect to the Universal Consciousness.


The three main takeaways from the 1212 number sequence are an assurance that:


  • We are on the right path.
  • A push to remain in a positive state of being.
  • A reminder that our thoughts have the power to manifest our dreams into reality. 

You are on the right track. Maybe you’ve made mistakes, maybe you’ve taken a longer path than you think you should have, and maybe you feel unsure of yourself and your journey. This powerful 1212 energy portal opening on 12/12 is here to assure you that you are exactly where you are meant to be and that you are doing exactly what you need to do to move forward and revolutionize your life.

We are receiving one final push from the Universe to trust our intuition, take a leap of faith, and align ourselves with our desired outcomes as we strive towards our highest good. By trusting in the omens and energy around us, we will start to see the answers and solutions that we have been seeking and will be blessed abundantly. 


The power of positive thoughts & feelings


This 1212 energy portal also serves as a reminder to keep a positive state of mind and to remain aware of the power of our thoughts. By channeling a positive state of being and moving with lightness and optimism, we will be amazed at what unfolds before us. The number 1 signals the realization or manifestation of our goals and dreams while the number 2 signals intuition and harmony. You have the power to create your reality.


The Universe is here to remind us of this power and asks us to embody complete gratitude. It is so easy to get caught up in what we do not yet have and to focus on the negatives. We are being pushed by the Universe to look at all of the growth we’ve experienced and progress we’ve made this year alone.

Remember those things you used to pray for that are now commonplace in your life. Take note of all that has already manifested in your life and feel your heart grow. Feel your mind clear, feel the weight from your shoulders lifted, and feel the incredible lightness of being where and who you are. When you are thankful, you attract abundance and success in your life.

You create the positive thought patterns that you need to continue to create positive outcomes. 1212 is a message from the Universe to continue to go forth with positivity and gratitude and is a reminder of just how connected to the Universe we truly are. We are both the created and the creators and once we realize our own power, we are limitless. 


“Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habit. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.” – Lao Tzu 


The Universe is constantly trying to give us signs of guidance to help us on our individual paths of self-discovery. By being aware of the meanings behind these numbers, we can begin to decode the Universe and awaken our higher consciousness. 


12/12 Ascension Portal Energy


We are entering this 12/12 Full Moon energy portal to help strengthen our confidence in being who we truly are. The Universe is giving you all of the tools and insights that you need to move into an abundant new year. You are being asked to step outside of your comfort zone, focus on the power of positivity, trust that you are being led in the right direction, and realize the divine in you.


You are so incredibly close to ascending to your next level. Feel that deep-rooted connection to yourself, those around you, and ultimately to the very pulse of the Universe itself. The 1212 energy portal helps us have the courage and faith to take our next step into the unknown and we are about to be rewarded incredibly.

Grant yourself permission to dream big as this energy portal engulfs you and see all that presents itself. Go outside to feel & integrate this new light; it’s the easiest way to receive.

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Love & Blessings,

The Moon Omens Team


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