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On September 29, 1:11 AM EST Saturn stations direct in Capricorn after being in apparent retrograde motion since May 11. On the same day, another major transit is taking place: at 5:49 PM EST, Mars retrograde in Aries squares Saturn for the second time this year.

From our perspective on Earth, Saturn has been moving backward since May 10: the planet of karma and time was already in Aquarius and went back to Capricorn on July 1. Saturn will transit between 25° degrees of Capricorn and 0° Aquarius for the last time before entering Aquarius again on December 17 and staying in the sign until 2023.

Saturn won’t come back to Capricorn until 2047. We have the ultimate chance to integrate the lessons that emerged during the last two and a half years, while Saturn has been there, and to bring more awareness to the themes we experienced during the retrograde.

Since May 10, we had the chance to go within, make sense of previous events, and gain a new understanding of ourselves. It is now time to implement what we learned and make concrete progress in our lives through conscious and sustained effort.


Saturn: Karma and Hard Work


Saturn is often considered the lord of karma. This planet somehow got a bad and scary reputation in traditional Astrology, as he has been associated with limitations, restrictions, obstacles, bad consequences, and delays. Saturn demands commitment and hard work, this is undoubtedly true: he often tests our resilience. Yet, he is always happy to reward sincere effort, responsibility, discipline, honest desire to make progress and improve.

What is sometimes considered “bad karma” can arise when we don’t take accountability for our actions, when we are not true to ourselves, when we conform to others’ expectations, when we succumb to fears and insecurities, when we follow a path that is not ours.

saturn stations direct

Saturn in Capricorn is about knowing ourselves, setting goals aligned with our essence, our heart, and our Soul’s purpose, from a place of utmost integrity. If we generate an inner vibration of alignment, fulfillment, and personal satisfaction, we are likely to attract circumstances that match it.


Saturn Stations Direct: Time and Order 


Time always reveals what does not work: when we make choices or build something that is not serving our Soul’s evolution, cataclysmic or sudden changes can take place to allow us to come back to the basics and reconnect to our true nature.

Saturn is often humbling: his transits teach us to have compassion for ourselves and others. This planet is associated with the process of aging, with the right use of power and authority, with order, rules, and structure. Through Saturn, we become conscious of the fact that there is a higher, larger order that we will never be completely aware of yet we need to accept.

How do we use the time we have been given? What do we want to build in our life? What role do we aspire to have in the world? What norms and regulations we need to adapt to in order to get there? These are some of the questions that we will need to reflect upon in the upcoming weeks.

The last few months of Saturn in Capricorn represent an invitation to cut the nonsense, avoid distractions, and release everything that does not offer us practical value and meaning. Once we let go of what is not relevant for our growth, we will be able to create more order in our lives and move forward with more ease.


Mars Retrograde square Saturn: Building our Character


On September 29, Mars retrograde in Aries is squaring Saturn for the second time this year. When the two planets aligned on August 24, Saturn was retrograde and Mars was direct. Now, the opposite dynamic is taking place. Themes that came up for the first time at the end of August could emerge again under a different light: we may be able to see these issues from a different perspective.

This aspect can reflect a fair amount of frustration and anger, linked to the limitations to our freedom and the obstacles on our path. The invitation of the Mars Saturn square is to discover healthy ways to process and release the nervous tension and the stress that we have been accumulating. These are highly emotionally charged days: we need to be particularly mindful to avoid conflicts and impulsive reactions.

Mars retrograde in Aries square Saturn in Capricorn encourages us to cultivate discipline and build our character. Both Mars and Saturn want us to be the masters of our destiny, to step into our personal authority, and take charge of our life. They want us to take responsibility for our shortcomings and to celebrate our successes. With Saturn and Mars, giving up is not an option: they know that we always have the option to try harder or smarter.


Saturn Stations Direct in Capricorn: Making it Real 


A healthy expression of Saturn helps us stay in touch with ourselves and our needs: when Saturn was retrograde, we had the chance to become aware of the external conditioning we received and work on it. As Saturn stations direct, we have the opportunity to let go of the beliefs, the limitations, and the thought patterns that are blocking and slowing us down.

saturn stations direct

During Saturn retrograde, the more sensitive people amongst us may have felt a sense of general fatigue and heaviness. We may have noticed the sensation of not being able to build anything steady, make tangible progress, or consolidate what we started. This is now likely to change: after a phase of inner exploration, we are ready to commit to our choices, stick to them, and manifest concrete changes.

Both Saturn and Capricorn are tightly related to our concept, definition, and perception of what is real, measurable, and tangible. Saturn stationing direct inaugurates an eight months cycle during which we can consolidate in the 3D reality what we envisioned during the last few months.

Saturn in Capricorn has a very pragmatic vibe: he encourages us to accept the physical limitations and restrictions that we are facing, yet he wants us to keep working and expanding in the directions that are currently available to us.

Saturn direct is bringing our attention to our duties, responsibilities, and the expectations that other people place on us. We are encouraged to find ways to work with the external conditions and turn them to our advantage by restructuring not only the reality around us but also the one within.

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