Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius
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On May 23, 05:19 AM ET, Saturn stations retrograde at 13°31’ of Aquarius. Saturn will be in apparent backward motion from our perspective on Earth until October 10, when it will begin moving direct again at 6°52’ of the sign of the Water Bearer.

Every time planets station retrograde, we are invited to redefine, reflect upon, review, reassess, and revamp our relationship with the archetypal energy involved, and Saturn is no exception. The yearly retrograde of the Lord of Karma represents a cycle of restructuring, during which we are encouraged to look inward, objectively reevaluate the way we have organized our lives, and decide what we want to consolidate, prioritize, invest our time and energy in.


Saturn: Time, Boundaries, Maturation, and Limitations


Saturn has a 28-29 years cycle. It entered Aquarius on December 17, 2020, and will be in the sign until 2023. Shortly after entering Aquarius, Saturn formed a conjunction with Jupiter, an event that marked the beginning of a new information era, a futuristic, innovative time, focused on scientific advancement, community building, and technological progress.

Saturn was once believed to be the last planet of the Solar System and the farthest away from us. It was considered the last planet visible with the naked eye and was the last one known by the ancients before Uranus’ discovery in 1781 disrupted the existing paradigm.

Saturn is about tangible form and crystallization: it is about boundaries and limitations, a concept also reflected by the peculiar rings surrounding the planet. Traditionally known as a malefic, its transits were once feared as they were considered an omen of delays, obstacles, and even death.

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius

Yet, there is nothing to be afraid of: this archetype carries much depth and wisdom. Especially at this point in history, we need to develop a constructive relationship with Saturn to be able to navigate intense transitions with more ease. Saturn transits build our character and mark pivotal points in our maturation process. Saturn wants us to work harder, but its requests are always reasonable. Saturn wants us to grow up and step up to deeper levels of maturity. Saturn rules time and reminds us that only by taking full responsibility for the way we invest our time, focus, and energy we will reach the level of self-mastery we aspire to.


From Capricorn to Aquarius: the Two Faces of Saturn


The ruler of Capricorn is also the ancient ruler of Aquarius, and this may seem like a contradiction considering how different these signs appear at first glance. While Capricorn is about creating solid structures, Aquarius is about breaking down the existing structures. Capricorn is associated with following rules and respecting our duties, while Aquarius is about rebelling from what has been established and breaking free from the rules. Aquarius wants to liberate us from the conditioning we have internalized during the previous phase of evolution.

However, these two signs are both traditionally ruled by Saturn. Embracing a mature and constructive expression of Saturn allows us to know when to follow the rules and when to break them, when it is wiser to conform and when not to conform, how to integrate into society without compromising our individuality, how to create sustainable and long-term alternatives to the current systems. Saturn reminds us that being aware of our limitations and working with them rather than against them is necessary to establish a solid foundation for long-lasting progress.

Saturn in Aquarius represents a chance to explore different paradigms, alternative lifestyles, and unconventional ways of being in the world that allow us to put our uniqueness at the service of the collective while simultaneously enriching us as individuals.


Saturn Retrograde square Uranus in Taurus: Moving Towards the Unknown


During its retrograde journey, Saturn will square Uranus in Taurus, modern ruler of Aquarius, for the second time out of three. Their exact alignment is on June 14 but we are already feeling it, as this is an ongoing aspect lasting for the entire year. The Saturn-Uranus square highlights the conflict between the old system and the new paradigms, the past and the future. 

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius

This aspect reflects a fair amount of friction and tension and possible disruptions to our sense of security that have the purpose of facilitating change and helping us get out of our comfort zone. It emphasizes the polarization between those who are still holding on to the known and those who are ready to move towards the unknown and embrace uncertainty. This configuration may bring up the need to review and rethink decisions and choices we made back in February, when the first square happened, and find alternative solutions to unresolved issues.


Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius: a Cycle of Restructuring


The journey of Saturn in Aquarius encourages us to become our own authority, separate from the masses, affirm and express our individuality in the context of a changing social paradigm. This transit is about finding our unique way to be part of the collective and make a valuable contribution to society, a contribution aligned with our essence.

Saturn retrograde in Aquarius is a moment to reassess and redefine our mundane duties, responsibilities, and commitments, and to evaluate whether we have been conforming to the status quo or other peoples’ expectations and why. It is a time to question our priorities, to find our way to move through the mundane and tangible aspects of material reality. Saturn retrograde has the potential to inspire us to make the inner changes that are needed to achieve the tangible results we are seeking.

The retrograde cycle of the Lord of Karma will ask us to restructure and review our friendships, our involvements with groups, organizations, communities, our relationship with technology. It will invite us to develop a deeper understanding of our impact on society and of the role we aspire to have in our community. Until October, we are encouraged to reflect upon whether the structures we have built and the commitments we have made so far are still aligned with our personal path or not.

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