article Saturn in Aquarius March 21 – July 1
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Saturn in Aquarius March 21 – July 1

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March 26, 2020

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Saturn will be in Aquarius March 21 to July 1 2020. It will retrograde back into Capricorn July 1 until December 17th where it will re-enter Aquarius and remain there until March 2023.


Saturn Rules Physical Reality


Symbolically speaking, Saturn is the University professor of the Universe. His energy asks us to show up to class, do our homework and study for the exams. If we do that, he will happily grant us a good grade, but if we haven’t put in the work he will definitely fail us. Saturn is the energy of physical reality. A lot of the time people give Saturn a bad wrap. For example we might read things about limitations, blocks and restrictions when dealing with Saturn.

Let’s break down where this viewpoint comes from, and see Saturn as more than just a buzzkill. Saturn rules our physical realities. The reason we face the limits of Saturn is because our physical realities are limited. We can only lift so many weights on our first day working out. We can only eat so much food because of the size of our stomachs. That weight lifting workout might leave us a little sore. And that eating binge might leave us feeling sick.


Saturn in Aquarius is Asking Us to Invest


This is a part of life. We face consequences to our actions. There’s cause and effect. It’s a thing. We could even use the word karma to describe Saturn. Basically, Saturn asks us to invest and we get a return on what we put in.

This is embraced by some and not so easy for others. Some people have the initiative and drive to be a mover and a shaker; others like to sit back as spectators. It’s not to say there is a right or wrong way to be, however Saturn energy does not mix well when people stand back and expect handouts.

Those who want everything but aren’t willing to take action will dread cycles influenced by Saturn. However, those of us who are craving change and are willing to put in the work to achieve it thrive under this energy.


Saturn in Aquarius Shift Will Be Felt in Our Waking Realities


This is a significant shift because Saturn changes signs approximately every two and a half years. Due to the fact that Saturn is intimately connected to physical reality, this shift is something that will be felt in our waking lives.

This epic tale is playing out in the energy of Aquarius. Collectively, we will all experience this energy is one way or another. Some will choose to integrate this information into their conscious lives, others may only experience it subconsciously. Either way this current of energy is flowing all around us.


Saturn in Aquarius is Living like the Beehive


To understand the energy of Aquarius we can use the analogy of a beehive. Aquarius energy is about working together towards a purpose. It’s associated with doing something as a team and working together.

Through the lens of Aquarius energy we are all connected. This isn’t only in an abstract type way but also in a literal sense. This interconnection among humanity is not an excuse to wait for someone else to take action; instead it’s a reason to get real because what we chose to do as individuals affects us all.

Aquarius energy wants to serve humanity. We can ask ourselves, the question, “how can I serve? What can I give?” but in order to answer these questions we first have to take a nice look in the mirror.


Saturn in Aquarius Wants us to Give Our Gifts


What’s the best thing to give? It’s what comes naturally to us. Would we try to give advice to someone on a topic we know nothing about? Would we try to tutor someone in math if we’ve failed that course? Definitely not. We teach the things we know and the same goes for how we can be of service to humanity.

This means we have to get up close and personal with our gifts. We must embrace our innate natural abilities and commit to taking them seriously. This doesn’t mean we have to stress about how we are going to market ourselves or sell our art. It just means we commit to seeing our creations as gifts that have ripple effects into the world. As we focus on creating that ripple we will be surprised how everything else falls into place.

ripple effect

Things falling into place does not mean we sit back and wait, remember Saturn likes us to take action. However, it does mean there are certain times for us to let go of control. If we don’t know what to do next, then focus on what we do know.

Let’s say we have an idea for a new online course we want to give to the world but we don’t know how to do the email marketing everyone is telling us we need to do. We can focus on what we do know; sharing our skills. We can focus on writing and having fun creating. Then let’s say we meet someone who can help us with the business side of things; that’s when it’s time to take action.


Inaction is a form of action


Waiting until the right moment is a strategy Saturn values because of its efficiency. Grasping for control or trying to do everything ourselves is not the point of this energy. However, waiting because we are uncomfortable or afraid is not the point either. The name of this game is to understand that as individuals we face certain limits trying to do it alone. We cannot be in total control or do-it-all.


Saturn in Aquarius is Showing We’re in This Together


This is what Saturn is Aquarius is teaching us. That we are all leaders while simultaneously followers. That we are all teachers but also students. We will be good at some things and not so great at others. We are all players on the same field.

The lesson now is to live from that space. To see how interconnected we all are and how important it is to take action from that place of awareness. To be a force of change in the world we must bring our creations to life.

Kindness and compassion towards everyone including ourselves will go far. Taking action towards something we care about, even if it’s uncomfortable is key. Learning about the experiences of those who are different from us is mandatory. Standing up to injustice and centering as a force of peace is what will usher in these revolutionary times.

flamingo peace

The change is here. We are all a part of it. What we do individually matters on a collective scale. Our energy creates a ripple. What vibration are you choosing to be?  What waves are you making?


The Saturn in Aquarius Return


Those born between the years 1991 and 1994 will be experiencing what is known as the Saturn return during this transit. Those born between 1989 and 1991 are completing their Saturn returns. Although there can be some fear based information out there regarding this transit, it’s an extremely empowering time. It’s a cycle that occurs between the ages of 28 and 30. It’s a coming of age. It’s an opportunity to take responsibility for our lives and commit to the direction we are heading. If we feel like we are on the wrong track we can always change lanes.

Comment below with what resonated with you the most, and please share this with others. Sending infinite love & blessings your way! -The Moon Omens Team

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