article Pluto leaves Aquarius & Mercury enters Gemini
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Pluto leaves Aquarius & Mercury enters Gemini

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June 11, 2023

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On June 11, 06:56 PM —

On June 11, within a few minutes of each other, both Pluto and Mercury change signs. At 05:46 AM ET Pluto leaves Aquarius and enters Capricorn and at 06:27 AM ET Mercury leaves Taurus and enters Gemini.

Pluto’s ingress into Capricorn is going to be particularly impactful for those of us who have personal planets or angles in the last degrees of Cardinal signs. The individuals personally impacted by Pluto coming back to Capricorn are entering a phase of transition filled with intense inner excavation, shadow work, and spiritual growth. As their present reality continues to undergo a process of deconstruction, they will be presented with numerous opportunities to explore their connection with power, authority, and desire. This journey will enable a deeper understanding of their emotional and psychological nature, facilitating personal evolution and growth.

Mercury’s ingress into Gemini will be especially relevant for those of us born with Mutable placements. Those personally impacted by this transit could experience changes in their mindset, thinking patterns, and communication habits. They will have opportunities to redefine their perception of reality and open their minds to new dimensions.

Pluto leaves Aquarius: Phase of Integration, Redirection, and Completion

We are entering the last few months of Pluto in Capricorn transit, a long and transformative journey that started in 2008. The final months of Pluto’s transit through Capricorn hold immense significance, and they offer an opportunity for deep catharsis and renewal. This shift will force us to face uncomfortable truths within ourselves, within society, and within the way we have structured our lives.

On a collective level, we can expect further disclosure of the corruption and decay that pervades traditional and centralized authorities and institutions. Institutional secrets are likely to come to light, and we may witness more financial scandals, collapses, and governmental fallouts. The purpose of this transit is to encourage us to stop projecting our authority outwardly, toward government, bosses, doctors, and experts of all kinds, and embrace the responsibility and the challenges that come with being the authority of our life.

On a personal level, the last retrograde period of Pluto through Capricorn offers us a powerful invitation for inner alchemy. It is a chance for us to transmute disempowering behavioral patterns rooted in internalized conditioning, and nurture a stronger sense of trust in our personal authority.

Pluto’s last retrograde period in Capricorn represents an invitation to redefine our boundaries and priorities, restructure the way we balance our personal and professional lives, the value we attribute to career obligation versus rest and downtime, and the time we spend at work versus the time we spend with family. It is a chance to understand how our conditioning is still affecting our values and the way we have structured our lives and make necessary changes while, again, taking responsibility for the consequences that these changes imply.


Pluto back to Capricorn: Destruction, Transformation, and Breaking Points


We can say that Pluto magnifies the shadow aspects of whatever sign he’s transiting. His ingress into Capricorn and his final months in the sign will offer us opportunities to explore our relationship with the shadows of this sign.

Misuse of status and authority, distorted relationship with responsibility, repression of feelings to favor productivity, judgment rooted in artificial standards of conduct, double standards, and workaholism as a form of emotional avoidance – these are some of the shadows connected to Capricorn that could be exacerbated around this time. During the upcoming weeks and months, we will have chances to recognize these tendencies in ourselves and shed light on unconscious fears, beliefs, feelings, and values that drive our actions, thoughts, and decisions.

Since 2008, Pluto in Capricorn has been revealing the corruption of the social systems, but also inviting us to observe what is corrupt in ourselves and how we have been conditioned by the social, cultural, and familial realities that we have been exposed to. In these upcoming weeks and months, we will have chances to do further work on transforming what is unsustainable, degraded, and decaying.

The upcoming final months of Pluto in Capricorn transit are likely to bring up all that needs to go, all that needs to be transmuted. Pluto is going to remain in Capricorn until January 20, 2024. During the final months of this transit, we can expect to see many things and situations coming to an end, to their culmination, to a breaking point.

This is a necessary preparation for Pluto’s upcoming transit through Aquarius, which will heavily bring our attention to our deconditioning process, both personal and collective, and invite us to create new paradigms, systems, and structures on which to build a new reality.

Pluto leaves Aquarius & Mercury enters Gemini

Pluto square the Nodes: Dealing with Unresolved Issues from our Past


Pluto is in a square aspect to the Lunar Nodes and will continue to square the Nodes until the end of the calendar year. The Nodes are in the early degrees of Taurus and Scorpio and are going to enter Aries and Libra in just a few weeks.

Planets squaring the Nodal Axis are also referred to as `skipped steps` and they are considered to have a karmic nature. They indicate that we are at key evolutionary transitions and we have to address developmental blocks that are preventing us from growing further, keeping us trapped in repetitive dynamics. Because we are dealing with Pluto, these blocks are primarily emotional and psychological and indicate some degree of disconnection from our Soul’s true desires, as well as from the gifts and talents we possess that are still hidden in the shadow realms.

The Nodes are currently in Taurus and Scorpio: Pluto squaring them offers us an invitation to reflect on our attachment tendencies, observe our relationship with letting go, and notice when we feel tempted to give our power away in exchange for connection and emotional security. In July, the Nodes enter Libra and Aries, and Pluto continues to square them. In a few weeks, the focus will go on knowing ourselves and discovering who we are independently of our relationships, developing relational intelligence, and letting go of codependent patterns that keep us from creating healthy connections.


Mercury enters Gemini: Embracing New Ways of Thinking


Meanwhile, Mercury changes signs too and enters its Air domicile of Gemini after an extended stay in Taurus due to its retrograde phase. This shift speeds up our thought processes, maximizes our curiosity, and increases our desire to learn everything we can. Mercury is going to remain in Gemini until June 26. Mercury in Gemini’s transit invites us to open up to different ways of thinking and perceiving reality, refine our communication skills, explore new areas of interest, and try new things without worry or self-consciousness.

While Mercury is in Taurus, the tendency is to hold on to what we already know, look for information that has a practical application, and gravitate towards feelings of intellectual security. During Mercury in Gemini’s transit, instead, we are more willing to challenge existing mental constructs and question what we already think we know. Our minds open up and stretch to new dimensions: we feel excited about learning something new and eager to gather all kinds of information and data.

The Messenger entering the sign of the Twins marks an increase in the pace of our mental activity, in our willingness to talk and converse, in our desire to write, communicate, share what we are learning, expand our array of interests, and seek exchanges and debates with others.

Mercury in Aspect to Pluto, Saturn, and Neptune


Mercury and Pluto are currently in an exact trine aspect to each other, a harmonious angle that sharpens our perception, magnifies our intuition and increases our capacity to precisely articulate what we are thinking, feeling, and sensing. The Mercury-Pluto trine supports therapeutic and psychological work aimed at transforming existing perceptions and thinking patterns. This aspect increases our ability to focus on the unspoken and uncover the root causes of our experiences.

On June 15, Mercury perfects a square to Saturn in Pisces. The Mercury-Saturn square invites us to develop mental resilience and notice how our insecurities are still holding us back in our learning pursuits, in speaking up for ourselves, and in sharing our ideas and thoughts with others. This aspect underlines the importance of examining the foundation of limiting beliefs and rigid thinking patterns that prevent us from being fully expressed and confident in our ability to communicate our thoughts and ideas.

Moving on to June 25, Mercury perfects a square to Neptune in Pisces. The Mercury-Neptune square invites us to tap into the source of creative inspiration, indicating a heightened intuition and increased possibilities of transcendental experiences. Simultaneously, this aspect signals that our linear, logical mind may be less reliable than usual these days: we may experience brain fog and confusion and find it hard to tell reality from illusion. Around these days, be mindful of misunderstandings and miscommunications, and make sure to channel the increased creativity and imagination into something dear to your heart.


Crystal pick for Pluto retrograde in Capricorn: Malachite


Malachite is a powerful stone to work with while Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn, as it can keep you balanced during the transformations Pluto is bringing while helping you unearth the Capricornian structures and belief systems you’re holding onto that are ready to be torn down.

This is the crystal for breaking free from conditioning, for pulling up subconscious wounds by their roots, and propelling yourself into the changes you need to make in your life. Whatever has been hindering your growth and evolution is ready to be torn asunder during this transit and malachite will help you work with this cosmic energy to remove the burdens of the invisible cages you’ve been in.

Transformation is coming for us all and malachite will help you stay steady and confident through it, determined toward your personal progress, and able to release the heavy emotional energies you’ve been carrying for so long. Read our full Malachite write-up here.


Crystal pick for Mercury in Gemini: Kyanite


A beautiful crystal to help you harness the highest energies of Mercury in Gemini, kyanite will help you discover and speak your truth and express yourself through aligned actions, rather than empty words.

An excellent stone for both the mind and communication, Mercury in Gemini’s domain, kyanite clarifies and heightens thinking, helping you break through mental blocks and arrive at a more expanded point of view. Use it to help you filter through all the incoming information during this transit so you can focus on what rings most true to you.

It’s also excellent for balancing anxiety or nerves, which can happen with so much Mercurial energy in the air, so try wearing or carrying kyanite during this transit to cleanse your mind and emotions throughout the day. Read our full Kyanite write-up here.


The Age of Aquarius


Pluto is coming back to Capricorn for the rest of the calendar year, but it will transition back into Aquarius where it will stay for the next 20 years. This is a massive shift in the collective and individual consciousness and accelerated transition into The Age of Aquarius. We recommend that you read our most mind blowing release – The Age of Aquarius book to learn everything you need to know about different ages and prepare yourself for whats to come during this new age. Tap on the image below to get your copy today!

Jupiter Uranus conjunction


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