article Pisces Season 2024: Navigating Liminal Space
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Pisces Season 2024: Navigating Liminal Space

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February 18, 2024

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On February 18, 07:45 PM —

On February 18, 11:13 PM EST, the Sun leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces: Pisces season 2024 begins, and we step into a transitional time of the year. We are now navigating a liminal space, a phase of closure, release, and dissolution. Pisces season reminds us that, before planting new seeds, we must create space for them to grow, we must empty our minds, we must let go of attachments and expectations. We must learn to be still in the void.

The beginning of Pisces season is especially relevant for the individuals born with planets or angles in Mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Pisces season 2024 will bring the spotlight on where they need to surrender and what they need to release, challenging them to allow existing identity attachments to dissolve.

Sun from Aquarius to Pisces: We Are The Ocean


The Sun represents our creative energy, our life force, and our essence: wherever the Sun is, our conscious awareness goes. During the Sun’s transit through Aquarius, the spotlight has been on the collective paradigm shift that is taking place, on community dynamics, on our individuation process, and on our deconditioning journey.

Pisces is a Yin, Water, and Mutable sign, the last one of the Zodiac wheel: this the place where everything ends and begins. We are dealing with an archetype of transition, one that reminds us of our interconnectedness with everyone and everything that exists, beyond time and space: Pisces teaches us to surrender our ego and to recognize ourselves as the ocean, rather than the wave. 

The last Water sign, Pisces is the place where we come from and the place we are longing to return to. It is connected with the mystical, the intangible, the subtle, with that which is felt but not seen. This time of the year reminds us of our interconnectedness with everything and everyone, of the impact that the frequency we send off has on the collective consciousness, and of the fact that we are constantly affected by and in relationship with the collective emotional body, whether we are aware of it or not.


Pisces Season 2024: Creativity, Fantasy, and Spirituality


Within Pisces there are no boundaries, no duality, no individuality: this is the sign connected with intrauterine life and with the experience of being completely taken care of, contained, and provided for. 

Pisces has to do with redemption and spiritual liberation, but also with spiritual bypassing, escapism, and victimization. A distorted expression of Piscean energy results in an inability to take care of ourselves on the earthly level and a feeling of being entitled to have someone providing for us or taking care of us. Pisces season is an interesting time to recognize any tendencies toward escapism, or temptations to gravitate towards a victim mindset and be mindful of the difference between being passive and attuning to the flow.

The Sun’s transit through Pisces is an invitation to bring our attention to our relationship with the unseen and the spiritual dimension of life. It is an opportunity to explore what happens when we commit to following our intuition and prioritize what feels true over what is practical.

Pisces season encourages us to connect with the Source of creativity, challenges us not to identify with what we create, and invites us to create with the intention of serving something greater than ourselves, something other than just our ego.

This is also an interesting time to observe our relationship to our fantasy and imagination and notice whether we relate to our fantasy as a means to inspire our creativity or rather as a refuge and an escape from discomfort.


Pisces season 2024: Upcoming Lunations


While we are navigating Pisces season 2024, we are going to experience a Full Moon in Virgo and a New Moon in Pisces, respectively on February 24 and March 10.

The Full Moon in Virgo brings our attention to how we relate with the dance between control and surrender, order and chaos, effort and flow. This lunation invites us to bring our feet down to earth and make sure we are staying grounded. The Virgo Full Moon reminds us of the importance of being in relationship with our bodies and invites us to focus on integrating the physical and the spiritual rather than only gravitating toward the latter. The Moon is going to oppose both Saturn and Mercury in Pisces, pointing at the need to work with the boundaries and limitations of the space-time reality and build bridges between logic and intuition.

The New Moon in Pisces taking place on March 10 is going to be conjunct with Neptune, the modern ruler of the sign: around this time, Piscean energy will be exponentially high. This lunation begins a liminal lunar cycle, filled with magic, emotionality, and opportunities to deepen our spiritual practice. The New Moon in Pisces offers us an invitation to renew our relationship with the unseen and the intangible and reminds us of the necessity of allowing endings to happen in order for new beginnings to unfold.

Sun conjunct Mercury, Saturn, and Neptune


On February 28, the Sun is going to cross both Saturn and Mercury. This triple conjunction, happening at 9º42’ of Pisces, brings into the spotlight our relationship to responsibility and commitment, as well as matters of identity and communication, offering us an invitation to go deeper in our spiritual maturation process. Around this time, a sense of fatigue and heaviness may offer us an opportunity to turn our focus inward and address something we have been avoiding. We will have opportunities to confront fears and insecurities surrounding being seen, being fully expressed, speaking our truth, and articulating our thoughts.

The Sun is going to cross Neptune in the late degrees of Pisces on March 17. Around this time, we will be especially sensitive and perceptive to what surrounds us, our dream life will be rich and vivid, and we are likely to feel a drop of physical energy accompanied by a surge in imagination and creativity. Take advantage of this opportunity to nourish your relationship with your inner world.


Sun sextile Jupiter and Uranus


The Sun in Pisces is going to form sextiles to Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, respectively on March 1 and March 9. The Sun-Jupiter sextile supports our ability to align with lucky opportunities and recognize signs and synchronicities. These days, possibilities for expansion and growth will be available, our energy levels will be supported, and so will our ability to gain new insights into the meaning and purpose of the experiences we are having.

The Sun-Uranus sextile facilitates the process of reclaiming and expressing our true individuality and encourages us to believe in the power of our creativity. This alignment supports our ability to overcome any fear of others’ judgment, fear of standing out from the crowd, and fear of the unknown that might be holding us back from being true to who we are.

Pisces season 2024: Learning to Trust Life


During Pisces season, we have an opportunity to notice how we relate to endings, to transitions, to something coming to a conclusion, dissolving, or shapeshifting into something else. This time of the year invites us to practice letting go and staying present within a space of not knowing, of not trying, of not doing. 

The Sun’s transit through Pisces invites us to release our efforts and allow the flow of life to shape the path for us to follow: this time of the year challenges us to deepen our ability to have faith in the Universe and its timing. 

Pisces season reminds us that chaos always precedes order and invites us to let go of our need to be in control, to have a plan, and to know how everything is going to unfold. This time of the year invites us to practice surrendering to Life and trusting the plan that the Universe has in store for us, even when we can’t yet see it.


Crystal Pick for Sun in Pisces: Chevron Amethyst


This beautiful form of amethyst, a Piscean energy stone, is blended with white quartz to up the ante on its ability to connect with the divine realms. This stone is a perfect companion to work with over this entire Pisces season to soothe stress and anxiety, heighten your awareness, and connect with your intuition.

Pisces energy can get very foggy and confusing at times, and amethyst is like sweeping a broom through the cobwebs of your mind, creating clarity, discernment, and clear access to your intuitive wisdom, so you can follow your inner guidance and connect with all the support you have in the spirit realm.

Chevron amethyst brings the third eye, crown, and higher chakras together as a clear channel to your highest self. It’s extremely purifying and protective for your energy field, clearing the negative, dense, and disharmonic gunk from your mind, body, and emotions. It has a shielding effect for the aura, containing you within its violet flame of healing light, flooding you with a divine sense of trust in the Universe, in yourself, and in your purpose here on Earth.


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Leave a comment below with what resonated with you the most and tap on the heart if you liked this article.. Happy Pisces Season!


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