article Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Libra: Transform Relationships
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Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Libra: Transform Relationships

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March 20, 2024

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On March 20, 02:14 PM —

On March 25, 03:00 AM EST, we experience the first Eclipse of 2024, a Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse happening at 5º07’ of Libra, an invitation to transform our relationships and how we show up in them. This event brings to maturation a six-month evolutionary cycle that started on October 14, 2023, with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra. 

We are completing what we began around that time, we are witnessing the unfolding of the intentions we set and the seeds we planted, we are reaping the rewards of what we sow, and we are seeing with clarity what it was all about. This is a powerful time to reflect on what was going on in our lives back then and observe how it’s been unraveling. A new awareness is accessible to us these days, and opportunities for a deeper and more thorough understanding of our true needs and desires, especially in the realm of relationships, will be available.

The Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in the sign of the Scales will be powerfully felt by everybody, but particularly so by the individuals who were born with personal placements around the 5º of Cardinal signs. This Lunar Eclipse has the potential to facilitate revelations about what is beneath the patterns and dynamics that keep emerging in their relationships and offer them opportunities to liberate themselves from cycles of repetition and suffering.

Eclipses: Gateways to a New Awareness


Eclipses are evolutionary accelerators that quicken the pace of our growth and offer us chances to quantum leap toward the future. These events are a gateway to a new level of awareness: they mark an increase in the degree of unpredictability and catalyze sudden shifts in our lives and our level of consciousness. The purpose of Eclipses is to assist us in breaking free from patterns and loops that keep repeating in our lives. 

Lunar Eclipses are supercharged Full Moons that happen when the Sun and the Moon oppose each other while in proximity to the Lunar Nodes. Like Full Moon, they facilitate revelations, uncover secrets, and bring to light something previously unconscious or unclear. However, Lunar Eclipses are more powerfully felt and have a stronger karmic relevance than regular Full Moons due to the activation of the Lunar Nodes, points of fate, karma, and destiny. 

The alignment between the luminaries and the Lunar Nodes is not tight yet. Hence, this Eclipse is a Penumbral one, which means that only the outer part of the Earth’s shadow temporarily covers the Moon. For this reason, it is less potent than a Total Eclipse, such as the one we are going to experience in two weeks, when the luminaries will be much closer to the Nodes.


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra: Imbalances Revealed


Shortly after the beginning of Aries season, the Moon goes full in the opposite sign of Libra: the activation of the Aries-Libra axis, already in the spotlight because of the Lunar Nodes’ transit there, brings our attention to the harmony we have created between nurturing our independence and nurturing our connections, between investing in the development of a healthy sense of Self and investing in deepening our bonds with others, between focusing on me and focusing on we.

During a time of spontaneous exploration of life and increased attention to our personal desires and needs, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra reveals imbalances in our lives and our relationships, bringing the spotlight to where we might have settled for false peace instead of doing the work of building true harmony. 

Creating true harmony in our lives and relationships requires us to know ourselves enough, to be vulnerable enough, to be honest with both ourselves and others, and to dare to share the truth of our feelings and experiences. 

This has to do with the integration of the Lunar North Node in Aries, which teaches us that we can’t relate to others authentically if we are out of touch with our desires, if we don’t know what we need, if we are unable to assert ourselves and our truth and stand up for it, if can’t accept the inevitability of conflict, stay present during conflict, and allow conflict to foster connection rather than disconnection.


Lunar Eclipse conjunct the South Node: Cathartic Release


The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra happens on the Lunar South Node, the point on the Moon’s orbit associated with our past, with our attachments, with what is familiar, with habitual ways of being, behaving, and relating.

The South Node’s journey through the sign of the Scales highlights the shadow side of Libra and invites us to notice how our relationship with this archetype is out of balance. This transit offers us an opportunity to become aware of and release any tendencies toward codependent behaviors, habits such as abandoning ourselves to please others, sacrificing our truth to keep the peace, being inauthentically nice to be liked, going out of our way to get approval and validation from others.

When Eclipses take place on the South Node, they bring up something that needs to be healed, resolved, and released into the fire. These days, we will have chances to address and resolve unhealed wounds from our past and become aware of their lingering effects, such as defense mechanisms, coping strategies, and ways we hold ourselves back from fully living and feeling. 

A Lunar Eclipse conjunct with the South Node marks a potent time of cathartic release, cleansing, and purification and offers us chances to clear past karma and let go of our attachment to stories, identities, and wounds that prevent us from creating a different life.

Lunar Eclipse in Libra

Lunar Eclipse opposite Neptune and trine Pluto


The Moon in the early degrees of Libra is in wide opposition to Neptune in the late degrees of Pisces and is forming a trine to Pluto in Aquarius.

The Moon-Neptune opposition highlights the risks of idealization and projection within relationships. This alignment invites us to observe any tendency to idealize others, fall for potential, or expect them to fulfill a certain fantasy or take a role in our lives that they may not even be aware of. This is an opportunity to practice seeing others for who they are and not for who we wish them to be, to see them where they are at and respect their journey as well as ours.

The Moon-Pluto trine in the Air signs of Libra and Aquarius supports our ability to access an objective perspective of our emotional reality and see the patterns that may emerge in our relationships from a higher vantage point. This alignment inspires us to trust our intuition and our gut feelings about a person, a situation, or an opportunity.


Venus conjunct Saturn, sextile Jupiter and Uranus


Venus is the planetary ruler of Libra, hence she rules this Eclipse as well as the South Node: studying her condition gives us more information about the energy of this event, the context in which it is unfolding, and unconscious tendencies that are likely to come out around this time.

Venus is currently in Pisces, the sign of her exaltation, which emphasizes the role of relationships as catalysts of spiritual evolution. Venus recently crossed Saturn and the two planets recently began a new cycle, inaugurating a new chapter of our maturation process, specifically relative to our relationships with others, with ourselves, with spirituality, and with money. This aspect underlines the value of commitment as an expression of devotion and challenges us to nurture the connections we aim to consolidate in our lives.

The alignments between Venus and Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus remind us that growth, expansion, and new opportunities are readily available when we choose what is true over what is comfortable. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is going exact in approximately a month but it is already active, motivating us to believe in our ability to manifest our visions, no matter how big or strange they feel.


Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Libra: Deconstruction of Relationships


As we grow in self-awareness, our relationships need to be reorganized accordingly: these days, some will naturally shift, some will end abruptly, and some will evolve and deepen. This is a time of potent deconstruction: these days, we are coming to terms with the fact that our relationships and the way we show up in relationships have to change, have to upgrade, have to be revolutionized in some way. We can’t keep repeating the past, we have to let go of the old ways, and to let them go we have to take time to grieve the loss of what was, of what could have been, of what can no longer be. 

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra sheds light on what needs to be transformed, healed, and resolved within ourselves in order to attract and be attracted by different relational experiences. It is a powerful time to work on understanding how we formed unconscious protection mechanisms and defenses, to confront our compulsions and fears with compassion, to unravel past trauma and conditioning, and to release relationships that no longer support our growth. 


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Crystal Pick for Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Libra: Smoky Quartz


Smoky quartz is a powerful stone for potent times in your life, like during eclipse season, to help you stay grounded, focused, and secure within yourself no matter what changes and transformations this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra may bring.

This beautiful quartz is also a very helpful tool for releasing and transmuting any dense, heavy, or unwanted energy as it may surface into your awareness during this eclipse, so you can let go of any past patterns, habits, karmic chains, and misbeliefs you carry around your relationships or sense of self-worth, so your inner strength can grow authentically from within.Where your imbalances and fears are revealed during this eclipse, you can work with smoky quartz to help you move past those internal blocks to surge into more confidence, clarity, and commitment toward that which you want to create in your life- for yourself, and with others.


Leave a comment below with what resonated with you the most and tap on the heart if you liked this article.. Happy Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Libra!


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