article Solar Eclipse in Aries: Destruction and Creation
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Solar Eclipse in Aries: Destruction and Creation

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April 15, 2023

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On April 15, 01:37 PM —

On April 20, 12:12 AM ET, we experience a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 29º50’ Aries, the first Eclipse of the calendar year and the first one in Aries after almost a decade. This rare, potent cosmic event is an invitation to keep in mind that without destruction there is no creation, they are two sides of the same coin. 

Also on April 20, 04:14 AM ET, the Sun enters Taurus, and Taurus season 2023 begins, just a few hours after the Eclipse. A lot is happening in the skies: the Eclipse portal is opening and we are entering the most transformative and intense time of the year.

Hybrid Solar Eclipse in Aries: Harbinger of Change


Eclipses have fascinated and captivated humans since the beginning of time. Ancient peoples soon connected their timing with significant events, unpredictable shifts, and life-altering changes. 

Solar Eclipses are special types of New Moons, they inspire us to let go of the past and start writing a different story. These events symbolize drastic new beginnings and turning points and often mark times of unpredictable and unexpected shifts in our lives. For ages, people have interpreted a Solar Eclipse as a harbinger of change, a clear omen that something extremely significant is about to happen.

Solar Eclipses occur when the Moon transits in between the Earth and the Sun, temporarily obscuring the Sun’s light and preventing it from reaching the Earth. This phenomenon happens only when the Moon and the Sun form a conjunction in a tight alignment with the Lunar Nodes, the two opposing points in space where the Moon’s path intersects with the Ecliptic, the path of the Sun as seen from our perspective on Earth. 

The current Eclipse is a Hybrid Solar Eclipse, a rare astronomical occurrence. Hybrid Eclipses are unique types of Eclipse that have elements of both Total and Annular Eclipses and look different according to the location of the observer. This cosmic event will be visible from Australia and part of South-East Asia.


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Solar Eclipse conjunct the North Node: Moving Towards the Unknown


The Sun and the Moon at 29º Aries are conjunct with the Lunar North Node at 4º of Taurus. From an Astrological standpoint, the Lunar Nodes are points of destiny, karma, and evolution. The North Node of the Moon, which in Vedic Astrology is also known as Rahu, represents our collective evolutionary direction, the path that feels unfamiliar and leads to growth. The sign where the North Node is transiting is an energy that we are called to embrace and embody in order to evolve and move away from stagnation.

An Eclipse on the North Node of the Moon encourages us to move toward the unknown, explore new paths, embrace unfamiliar ways of living, and align with values that resonate with our purpose. Because the North Node is in Taurus, this new beginning comes with a reminder to slow down, focus on embodiment and grounding, connect with our senses, simplify our lives, build a solid foundation of self-worth, and allow ourselves to appreciate the pleasures that life can offer.


New Moon Solar Eclipse at 29º Aries: Time of Critical Adjustments


Solar Eclipses bring a potent vibe of renovation and change and Aries New Moons always come with a powerful energy of renewal and regeneration. A Solar Eclipse in Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, is a powerful inspiration for us to start anew and redesign our reality. This is also the second Aries New Moon in a row, as it follows a New Moon at 0º of the sign, which has already brought some fresh energy into our lives. For this reason, it is also referred to as a Blue New Moon.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse is happening on the last degree of Aries, technically referred to as the anaretic degree. When the 29º of a sign is activated, it is an indicator of completion and closure, which often corresponds to situations getting to an extreme, to a breaking point, to their most exaggerated expression. At this time, there’s a feeling of urgency relative to closing an existing cycle and integrating the lessons learned before we move on and start a new one.

Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse conjunct Jupiter & Eris: Destruction and Creation


The Sun and the Moon are conjunct Jupiter and Eris in Aries and Vesta in Taurus. The presence of Jupiter in this configuration adds a buoyant, growth-oriented, and expansive quality to this lunation. This alignment supports our self-confidence and our capacity to have faith in the purpose of our experiences. It reminds us to be true to who we are and inspires a daring and visionary attitude that will support us in navigating the upcoming Eclipse season.

Eris is a dwarf planet that moves very slowly, has an orbit of approximately 500 years, and was discovered recently, in 2005. She was initially named Xena and later her name was changed to Eris, the mythological Goddess of Chaos and Discord, sister of Ares, God of War. Eris has been in Aries since 1925: in this sign, her energy is particularly intense, sharp, and disruptive. 

She brings truth to the surface in a way that is not considerate or kind, she is often reactionary and provocative, and she has no filter. Eris correlates with conflict, upheavals, and destructive expressions of feminine energy, in particular, with feminine rage: she has been demonized, she has been ostracized, she has been labeled crazy and hysterical.

Her power and creative potential have been forgotten and overlooked, we have lost touch with her gifts long ago, and most of us have no idea of how to harness this energy for good. The activation of Eris on this Solar Eclipse is an invitation to keep in mind that chaos and conflict have the potential to generate opportunities for growth, empowerment, and transformation. 


Solar Eclipse conjunct Vesta & sextile Saturn: Devotion, Commitment, and Service


The Sun and the Moon are also conjunct with Vesta in the early degrees of Taurus. Vesta is an asteroid Goddess correlated with home and hearth, devotion, commitment, and service. This asteroid has to do with purity and spiritual integrity and is often associated with the energy of a high priestess, who is self-contained, devoted, aligned with her true values, and aware of the sacredness of her path. The presence of Vesta, strongly placed in this New Moon Solar Eclipse, softens the fiery energy of the current configuration.

The prominence of Vesta during this Solar Eclipse, and her conjunction with the North Node in Taurus, point to the relevance of being aware of what we value, what we are devoted to, and what we are in service to, and invite us to align our choices with it. 

The involvement of Saturn in the configuration, in the spiritual sign of Pisces and in a harmonic sextile to the Sun and the Moon, is another opportunity to reflect on what we are committed to and why. The activation of Saturn in Pisces represents an invitation to come into contact with the spiritual element of commitment, dedication, and service, letting it drive our choices and actions.

Sun and Moon square Pluto: Desire for Change and Fear of Letting Go


The Sun and the Moon at 29º Aries are tightly squaring Pluto at 0º Aquarius.

This configuration indicates that, during the upcoming days and weeks, plenty of opportunities to deepen our self-awareness will be available, and we will have chances to work on releasing coping strategies, behaviors, and patterns that keep us stuck in stagnation, repetition, and disempowerment. The activation of Pluto suggests that we will have opportunities to see our psychological and emotional nature from a different vantage point, gain more objectivity about it, and deepen our personal transformation journey.

The squares of the Sun, the Moon, and Pluto indicate a higher potential for power struggles, the need to feel in control, a general feeling of tension, a desire for evolution and transformation, and a simultaneous fear of the loss that all change implies. 


New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries: Initiation, Renewal, and Creation


Developing a new relationship with the energy of Eris, both collectively and individually, is likely to be one of the main themes of the upcoming Eclipse season. Without chaos, without the destruction she instigates, there would be no space to create something new, nothing would grow. The ashes of what Eris destroys offer us fertile ground for creation.

Overall, the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries brings a potent energy of initiation and propels us into a transitionary period of our lives. This event is an opportunity to connect with what we truly desire to create, ask ourselves what world we desire to live in, and begin taking action in that direction. Eclipse season is starting now: we are entering a period of unpredictable changes, fast shifts, and unexpected turning points. The invitation for us is to let what has run its course fall away, release what it’s meant to end, what has no longer meaning, in order to create space for what is meant to arise and blossom.

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