article New Moon in Aries, April 2022: Path to Self
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New Moon in Aries, April 2022: Path to Self

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April 1, 2022

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On April 1, 02:24 AM ET, we experience a New Moon at 11º30’ of Aries, the first one of the Astrological Year, bringing potent energy of beginning and renewal. This New Moon is conjunct asteroid Chiron and represents an initiation in our healing journey, a new chapter on our path to discovering and expressing our true Self. 

The Moon has been slowly disappearing from the night sky for the past two weeks. During the upcoming days, she will soon start to be visible again. New Moons are new beginnings: the Moon aligns with the Sun on the same degree of the same Zodiac sign and initiates the lunar cycle. These cosmic events represent a moment to turn inwards and reflect on what seeds we want to plant, what intentions we desire to set.

The two weeks following the Full Moon are a time to release our efforts, let go of old intentions, and slow down. After the New Moon takes place, the momentum grows: the upcoming fourteen days are a time to take action and see where our instinct takes us.

To celebrate the arrival of this New Moon in Aries, on April 1 at 9:45 PM ET, we are hosting Global Live New Moon in Aries Meditation on our YouTube channel. We invite you to join us, and invite others to meditate together with us. Tap here to find our scheduled live meditation.


Moon in Aries: Need for Freedom, Passion, & Excitement


The Moon in Aries has playful, impulsive, creative, and passionate energy. In the sign of the Warrior, the main emotional need is to be in motion and to spontaneously explore the desires and feelings that arise on a moment-to-moment basis. 

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac: it is a sign that lacks experience and needs lots of freedom to discover what life can offer. When the Moon is here, we feel safe when we are free to express ourselves as we desire and have enough space to take courageous leaps of faith. We deal with our emotions independently and express them as they arise, typically without forethought. 

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If a Moon in Aries is making challenging aspects, the spontaneous emotional expression and the assertion of our needs and desires tends to be held back by self-consciousness, shame, and lack of confidence in the validity of our instinctual urges.

Anger, resentment, and frustration accumulate and can explode inappropriately as there tends to be low tolerance for distress and discomfort. When the Moon is traveling through the sign of the Ram, it is crucial to keep the energy moving and explore constructive and creative ways to give space to our impulses and feelings. 


New Moon conjunct Chiron: New Beginning in our Healing Journey


This New Moon will feel different than a typical Aries New Moon, as it is tightly conjunct Chiron and Mercury. The conjunction between Sun, Moon, and Chiron is likely to be felt particularly intensely.

Chiron is an asteroid representing our capacity to heal and alchemize pain by going through it and confronting what we are afraid to face. It correlates with feelings of rejection, alienation, emotional wounds, but also with our capacity to feel and soothe the pain of others thanks to the connection we have developed with our own pain.

Chiron is placed in the asteroid belt, between Saturn and Uranus, and some Astrologers consider it to be the key to our individuation process. Saturn has to do with our conditioning, while Uranus is about deconditioning: Chiron being in between them represents the bridge that helps us shed layers and become closer to who we are. The astrological glyph of Chiron is a key, and Chironic processes open doors to dimensions of self that had been hidden, buried, repressed, forgotten. The path, however, is not easy: Chiron cracks us open and invites us to remain open even if it hurts. 


New Moon conjunct Chiron & Mercury: Journey into the Subconscious


The Aries New Moon may give us chances to face feelings of being rejected or misunderstood for expressing our individuality and asserting ourselves. The triggers that emerge around this time can give us information relative to something we need to work on to embody our full, uncensored, spontaneous expression. Chiron’s transit through Aries invites us to confront fears and wounds around self-assertion, repressed anger, and feelings of not having the right to exist and take space.

Mercury is also conjunct Sun, Moon, and Chiron. For this reason, writing, journaling, vlogging, having long conversations with trusted friends or with a therapist are likely to be helpful ways to process emotions and elaborate on what we are feeling and experiencing.

In mythology, Mercury is considered to be a psychopomp, who has the task of guiding souls to the underworld and is the only one allowed to travel in between the realms of the living and the world of the dead. On this New Moon, the Messenger will help us make sense of what is taking place in our inner and outer reality, and guide us on our journey into our subconscious and our emotional world.


The Venus, Saturn, Mars conjunction in Aquarius


Mars is the ruler of the Aries New Moon. Its condition is giving us more information about how the current planetary configuration is unfolding and manifesting. Mars is now in Aquarius, which is about free, independent thinking. It is about moving away from the mainstream, making our own choices, and feeling confident walking in a direction that is different from the one the crowd is taking. In this sign, the ruler of Aries expresses its energy in an experimental, rebellious, and innovative way: the potential for creative breakthroughs is high.

Mars is approaching a conjunction with Saturn, which will go exact on April 4. Venus is also in Aquarius, separating from both Mars and Saturn, but still close to both. The Mars-Saturn conjunction is likely to show up very prominently these days. This aspect indicates a tendency to act in a rigid and authoritarian way. Fear of losing control could result in repressing our desires and not allowing our urges to express spontaneously. Positively, Mars conjunct Saturn supports our determination, willpower, and self-motivation. Their alignment inspires us to be the authority of our lives and to take responsibility to take action in the direction of our goals.


Venus, Saturn, & Mars square the Nodes: Reintegrating Forgotten Parts


Venus, Saturn, and Mars are all squaring the Lunar Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio. This configuration signals unresolved issues coming to light, particularly around self-worth, self-value, intimacy, sexuality, partnership, authorities, responsibilities, and commitments. The emphasis on the sign of Aquarius highlights the need for objectivity and invites us to take responsibility for how we are managing our energy and our emotions.

new moon in aries

Planet squaring the Nodes can’t move either backward or forward: they point to the necessity of re-examining our relationship with the energies involved. With three celestial bodies squaring the Nodes, karmic encounters, twists of fate, and events are a strong possibility: we may have the opportunity to find a resolution to something we haven’t fully reconciled with. To move forward, we sometimes need to stop and take a step back to reintegrate fragments of ourselves we lost or forgot along the way. 


Predominance of Conjunctions


As the New Moon takes place, Jupiter is approaching Neptune in Pisces: their conjunction is perfecting on April 12, and it is already active, indicating a desire for spiritual growth, expansion of consciousness, strong idealism, and a tendency to see the highest potential of everything and everyone. Currently, there are three main clusters of planets: Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Chiron are in Aries, Mars, Venus, and Saturn in Aquarius, while Jupiter and Neptune are in Pisces. Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn aren’t aspecting any other planet. 

The conjunction, indicating the merging of the energies of the celestial bodies involved, is the most prominent aspect. Conjunctions always imply a degree of unconsciousness, because when planets are so close together they can’t see each other. As there is no communication between the three clusters of planets, right now it may be difficult to see clearly what we are going through and the purpose of what’s happening.

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new moon in aries


New Moon in Aries: Path to Self


The upcoming lunar cycle will offer us plenty of opportunities for healing, emotional maturation, spiritual and psychological growth. The Aries New Moon is an opportunity to acknowledge where we are on our path, what direction we desire to go towards, and what we need to work on. 

This event marks a new beginning in the way we relate with our instinct, in the way we assert ourselves, and in how we deal with feelings of rejection. It invites us to embody our individuality and reclaim our right to take space. 

The activation of Chiron may show us where we are still playing small, where we are ashamed of expressing ourselves, where we mistrust our instinctual urges, and where we are not fully honoring the energy meant to be expressed through us. It may bring up the need for a deep self-reinvention and redefinition, to get closer to our true essence.

Comment below with what resonated with you the most and tap on the heart if you enjoyed this article!

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