article New Moon in Aquarius: Seeds of the Future
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New Moon in Aquarius: Seeds of the Future

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February 11, 2021

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On February 11, 2:05 PM ET, the Moon joins the Sun at 23°16’ Aquarius, and a new lunar cycle begins. As the New Moon in Aquarius takes place, we have a stellium of six celestial bodies in the sign of the Water Bearer. The last time it happened was in February 1962, and Mars was also involved in the configuration.

The pressure on the Aquarius archetype is extremely strong. The Cosmos is inviting a new generational change, encouraging all of us to reclaim our individuality and our uniqueness.

New Moons represent a fresh start, a rebirth: at this time of the month, we are encouraged to turn within, connect with ourselves, and set an intention for the cycle ahead. Soon, the Moon will start revealing herself to us again, a bit more every night: we are about to enter two weeks of experimental, instinctual, and spontaneous activity.

To celebrate the arrival of New Moon in Aquarius we are hosting global live guided meditation, and we invite you to join us and Moon Omens Soul Family on our YouTube channel and meditate together. The energy and experience is going to be amazing!


Aquarius: Liberation, Deconditioning, and Disruption


The New Moon in Aquarius begins a future-oriented lunar month during which we are likely to gravitate towards unconventional and alternative solutions. Aquarius inspires us to experiment and do things our way, rather than conforming to how something has always been done.

The eleventh sign of the Zodiac corresponds with the Fixed modality, the element of Air, and a Yang, masculine, or positive polarity. Aquarius has a lot to do with the world of ideas and ideologies, with the mind, and with long-term personal and collective memory.

Aquarius correlates to humanitarianism, human rights, social justice, and social equality. These themes might be in the spotlight during these days and will keep being at the forefront for months, due to the transits of Jupiter and Saturn, the two social planets, through the sign.

The archetype of the Water Bearer correlates to liberation from outdated structures, to the process of deconditioning, but also to sudden shocks and disruptions, to all those unexpected events that force us to find alternative solutions to what we are used to and to connect with our capacity for innovation.


New Moon in Aquarius: Breaking Free from Crystallized Structures


The New Moon in Aquarius inspires us to be courageous, unorthodox, and bold, to break past self-imposed limitations and societal expectations, to celebrate our individuality and our right to be different from everyone else.

At the same time, this cosmic event may reflect feelings of alienation, isolation, and the painful sensation of not fitting in anywhere. Nonetheless, Aquarius inspires us to respect and honor who we are individually, independently of what others think or are doing, and keep searching for people we resonate with on a Soul level.

new moon in aquarius

With six planets in Aquarius, the emphasis on the mind, the intellect, and the realms of ideas is huge. To balance the heightened activity in the sign, it is crucial to embrace the opposite archetype, Leo. While Aquarius is about objectivity and detachment, Leo is about joyful participation and involvement. Leo invites us to come back to our hearts, to our childlike playfulness, to our spontaneity, our enthusiasm, and our love for life.


New Moon trine North Node: Intellectual Curiosity and Social Exploration


The Sun, the Moon, retrograde Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus in Aquarius are currently forming a harmonic trine with the North Node of the Moon in Gemini.

The North Node of the Moon is a point in space related to our collective evolutionary direction, and the sign it is transiting through informs us of traits we are encouraged to cultivate. Trines are angles of 120° that reflect an easy flow of energy and information between celestial bodies traveling in signs of the same element, in this case, Air.

The connection between the North Node in Gemini and the planets in Aquarius encourages us to connect with a variety of people, focus on networking, seek intellectual exchanges and debate, get information from different sources, and question whatever is presented to us as the absolute truth.

The supportive Air trine taking place on the Aquarius New Moon reminds us of the power of curiosity and invites us to stay open to listening to a variety of opinions and viewpoints, as we can learn something new from everyone. This aspect facilitates intellectual breakthroughs, new understandings, and innovative ideas, that can open unexpected doors throughout the upcoming lunar cycle.


New Moon square Mars in Taurus: Exploring Resistance and Getting out of Stagnation


The Sun, the Moon, retrograde Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus are also in a square aspect to Mars, currently transiting Taurus. The square is an angle of 90°, reflecting friction between celestial bodies occupying signs of the same modality, in this case, the Fixed modality.

Mars in Taurus is slow, steady, and earthy. Its main goal is to preserve what already exists in a way that ensures survival and promotes stability and security. On the contrary, the planets in airy Aquarius are extremely fast and projected forward: they urge us to experiment and explore new ideas and ways of doing things, which implies confronting insecurity and the feeling of not knowing how everything will turn out.

These alignments can reflect a sense of stubbornness and some resistance to considering alternative viewpoints and options, but also a simultaneous urge to get out of stagnation. The tension generated by these aspects can give us the motivation to put concrete adjustments in place and initiate substantial changes in our lives.


Saturn square Uranus: Moving Forward without Forgetting the Past


Saturn and Uranus are the traditional and modern ruler of the New Moon in Aquarius. Their condition gives us additional insights into the quality of the upcoming lunar cycle. The two planets are in a square aspect, which will be exact on February 17. The friction reflected by this configuration can represent another motivating factor that can inspire us to make change happen.

While, on the one hand, all the planets in Aquarius are propelling us towards new paradigms and an unknown future, Saturn’s traditional rulership of the sign reminds us of the necessity to honor the past and not forget what it taught us. Saturn, now transiting Aquarius, is asking us to take responsibility for the lessons we have learned and to decide what we want to keep and what we want to let go of.

Meanwhile, the long term transit of Uranus in Taurus reflects a radical redefinition of the global economy and sudden shifts in our value systems. The modern ruler of Aquarius is inviting us to find new ways to meet our survival needs, new ways to make an income, new ways to connect with Nature and to honor our physical bodies.

On this New Moon, the square between Saturn and Uranus increases the tension between the desire to hold back to the past and the known, and the willingness to move towards the future and the unknown. This configuration emphasizes the need for substantial and lasting systemic change, and these will be ongoing themes for the entire 2021.


Venus conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius: Embracing New Values and Beliefs


As the New Moon in Aquarius takes place, Venus forms an exact conjunction with Jupiter, also in Aquarius. The supportive alignment of the two traditional benefics invites harmony and optimism and relieves some of the tension reflected by the current planetary configuration.

Venus conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius will inspire us to experiment in our love and social life, but also with our finances. Their alignment represents an invitation to question our assumptions around love, friendships, money, abundance, and to explore new values, new structures, and new belief systems.

The conjunction between Venus and Jupiter happens once a year: it represents a wonderful influence on our creativity. Their aspect promotes innovative and original ideas, inspires us to expand our knowledge, and motivates us to be true to our unique needs and urges.


New Moon in Aquarius: Planting Seeds of the Future


This New Moon in Aquarius represents an invitation to get together with others and plant the seeds of a new future. We can’t create a new reality alone. We are wired to connect, to be part of a community, and for so long we have overlooked the power of togetherness and social support.

To help you harness this powerful energy we have created a Channeled Guided New Moon in Aquarius Meditation Audio & Printable Be a VisionaryJournal. We invite you to perform these New Moon in Aquarius Ritual Tools together with Moon Omens Soul Family. To find more information and gain access tap here or on the image below.

Together, we are asked to envision a new reality and to give birth to new paradigms. This New Moon invites us to reflect upon the role we want to have in the new system, how would that serve others, what needs to be changed most urgently, what we want to preserve and what we want to leave behind, and how we can support each other in the transition.

Consistently cultivating social interactions and having the feeling of being supported by a community of like minds is so crucial right now. So many of us are struggling with the current world situation and can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

While doing our personal inner work is essential, having the support of a group makes everything easier. Luckily, nowadays we can easily find online communities we resonate with. Don’t hesitate to seek heart-based connections: even if you don’t have the possibility to interact face to face with others, you might be surprised by the depth that can be accessed through virtual and long-distance exchanges.

We are living in an extremely paradoxical time: what we are urged to do is to accept and embrace the uncertainty, to find our flow amid change, and to explore ways to cultivate inner peace in the eye of the storm, while creating space for others to do the same.

Comment below with what resonated with you the most and tap on the heart if you enjoyed this article!


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