article Mercury retrograde in Capricorn: Redefine Success
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Mercury retrograde in Capricorn: Redefine Success

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Moon Omens

December 13, 2023

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On December 13, 10:59 AM —

On December 13, 02:09 AM ET, Mercury stations retrograde in Capricorn. Mercury is going to be in retrograde motion until January 1, offering us an invitation to redefine success, restructure our mindset, and renovate our communication style.

This shift will be more relevant for those of us born with planets or angles in Cardinal signs. Those more strongly impacted by Mercury’s retrograde period will have opportunities to deconstruct existing mental schemes and refine their awareness of how the programming they were exposed to in the past is still affecting their thinking, perceptions, and communication patterns.

Mercury retrograde: Invitation to Question How We See Reality


Mercury was named after the mythological messenger and psychopomp, responsible for guiding Souls to the afterlife. In Astrology, this is the planet connected to our inner dialogue and to how we communicate with the outside world. Mercury rules over rational thinking, short-distance travel, inductive learning, and commerce. Transits of Mercury signal changes in our orientation to perceiving reality and bring potential shifts in our mindset and communications. 

When Mercury goes retrograde, we are invited to question how we see reality and challenge mental schemes we are used to relying upon automatically. Mercury retrograde invites us to question what we think, question what we think we know, and think before we speak. Retrograde planets accelerate our individuation process by motivating us to think outside the box, try to do things differently, and spend more time in introspection and inner contemplation rather than moving forward on autopilot. Mercury retrograde is always an invitation to slow down and reassess where we are, where we have been, and where we are going.


Mercury retrograde in Capricorn: Deconstructing Mental Paradigms


Capricorn and its ruler Saturn are associated with containment and structure, with our ability to manifest our visions into form, into the 3D space-time reality. This archetype is linked to our capacity to deal with the limitations we encounter and to our ability to set and hold healthy boundaries. Through Capricorn, we learn about the law of cause and effect: we become aware that our choices have consequences and that any action causes a reaction.

Capricorn corresponds to the process of social, familial, religious, and cultural conditioning, to the domestication of humans according to artificial, man-made norms and rules of conduct. This is the sign connected to our relationship with authorities, social expectations, and social order. It is associated with our ability for self-discipline, self-regulation, and the maturation process. 

Mercury stationing retrograde in Capricorn prompts reflection about how we have integrated into the social fabric and invites a reevaluation and redefinition of our ideas about success. The transit is an opportunity to reflect on our past and gain awareness of how the conditioning we internalized and the programming we were exposed to are still affecting our thinking patterns, our inner dialogue, and our communication patterns, as well as our goals, ambitions, and long-term visions, or lack thereof.

Mercury retrograde in Capricorn

Mercury in aspect to Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, and Mars


During its retrograde journey, Mercury is going to align with Saturn in Pisces, Jupiter in Taurus, Neptune in Pisces, and Mars in Sagittarius. Mercury is going to come back to Sagittarius from December 23 to January 13, offering us an opportunity to spend time questioning our existing beliefs, releasing disempowering assumptions, and exploring different worldviews, cultural traditions, and ideologies.

On December 21 and January 18, when respectively retrograde and direct, Mercury forms a sextile to Saturn. This alignment invites us to question how we have been trying to materialize our ideas into form, our visions into reality, as well as our beliefs about manifestation. The Mercury-Saturn sextile reminds us to approach communication with responsibility and to be responsible for the power of our words.

Mercury is going to trine Jupiter in Taurus on December 18 and January 19. These alignments invite an expansion of our intellectual horizons, stimulating us to explore different cultural traditions and belief systems and question existing ones. The Mercury-Jupiter trine supports the integration of intuitive and theoretical learning and offers us chances to bridge the gap between what we theoretically know and what we have direct experience of.

On December 27, retrograde Mercury crosses Mars in Sagittarius and they both square Neptune in Pisces. Around this time, caution in communications is advised, as there is a higher likelihood of confusion and misunderstandings. The Mercury-Mars conjunction fuels impulsivity and assertiveness, especially when it comes to expressing our beliefs and ideals, however, the activation of Neptune warns us of the dangers of miscommunication, lack of clarity, and potential deception, inviting caution if we need to make significant decisions or engage in important conversations.


Mercury stations retrograde in Capricorn: Redefine Success


Mercury’s retrograde journey through Capricorn supports a restructuring of our mindset, speaking habits, and perceptions, revealing areas where our actions don’t align with our words and inviting us to commit to being in integrity and walking our talk.

The upcoming weeks are a powerful time to reframe our mindset, recognize disempowering thinking patterns, question what success means to us, and refine our ability to clearly convey what is going on in our heads to the outside world.

Mercury’s upcoming retrograde in Capricorn reminds us that, at times, silence is more powerful than words. This transit offers us an invitation to spend time redefining our long-term visions and ideas about success and achievement, identifying areas where our thinking may be rigid or limiting, and questioning whether our goals and aspirations are in alignment with our core values.


Crystal Pick for Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn: Blue Sapphire


This Saturnian stone brings order, structure, and stability to your mental realm and communication to help you not get swept away by Mercury’s retrograde spin in Capricorn. Blue sapphire will help you harness this Capricornian energy, bringing rationality and intuitive intelligence together, to help you think and speak clearly and funnel your highest wisdom through your words.

Expansive and uplifting, blue sapphire opens your mind to new insights and possibilities, helping you see beyond the perceived issues and struggles. As complications or confusion may arise as they’re known to during this transit, blue sapphire will help your mind stay clear, ordered, and able to cut through the chaos to find the best solution.

While our minds are focused on revisiting the past during this retrograde, you can also use blue sapphire to help you connect with your past self, your past lives, and your ancestors, to access the wisdom that lives inherently in your bones, and more deeply understand the lessons you’ve learned through your life experiences. It’s a beautiful stone to use with these Capicornian themes to think about the kind of reputation you’ve created for yourself thus far and the kind of legacy you want to leave for future generations.

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