article Mercury enters Aquarius: Visionary Thinking
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Mercury enters Aquarius: Visionary Thinking

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February 5, 2024

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On February 5, 01:37 PM —

On February 5, 00:10 EST, Mercury leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius, offering us an invitation to be visionaries in our thinking and explore unconventional solutions to bring innovation and renewal into our lives. 

Mercury’s ingress in Aquarius is especially relevant for those of us born with planets and angles in Fixed signs. The individuals personally impacted by Mercury’s transit through Aquarius are being invited to question their existing perception of reality, revolutionize their mindset and communication style, and be experimental in their approach to learning.

Mercury from Capricorn to Aquarius: Revolutionizing our Mindset


Named after the mythological messenger, Mercury moves at a fast speed through the Zodiac, spending approximately three weeks in every sign. The ruler of both Gemini and Virgo, Mercury is associated with communication, inductive learning, the rational mind, discernment, and problem-solving. Transits of Mercury reflect collective shifts in perception, mindset, and communication style, they encourage intellectual paradigm shifts and motivate us to see our reality from a new perspective.

After an extended stay in Capricorn due to the recent retrograde, Mercury finally moves forward and begins transiting through Aquarius, where it is going to remain until February 23.

Mercury’s journey through Capricorn offered us an invitation to be responsible for the thoughts we entertain, the words we choose, and how we deliver our message. This transit reminded us of the weight of words and their impact on our and others’ reality. While Mercury was here, we were challenged to restructure our mindset, work on our mental discipline, and consider choosing silence when we don’t have anything meaningful to add to a conversation. 

Mercury entering Aquarius offers us an invitation to revolutionize the way we see reality and to practice looking at life from an entirely new, unfamiliar perspective. This shift reflects a surge of innovative ideas and inspires us to think outside the box. This combination of energies is associated with visionary thinking and fosters innovation, progress, and new discoveries.

Mercury enters Aquarius

Mercury enters Aquarius: Visionary Thinking


Aquarius is the sign connected to our individuation process and to the journey of deconditioning, of breaking free from the programming we were exposed to as a result of our education, family environment, societal and cultural norms and expectations. This sign is concerned with the big picture, with an objective assessment of reality, and integrates events and experiences by detaching from their immediacy.

When planets travel through Aquarius, they undergo a journey of reinvention and renovation. Mercury’s ingress in Aquarius increases our ability to be objective and see reality from a higher vantage point, from a bird’s eye view. While Mercury is here, we have an opportunity to explore new ways of thinking, learning, and communicating, and we are encouraged to revolutionize our mindset, our way of speaking, and our way of sharing our ideas. 


Accessing the Higher Mind, Receiving Insights from the Past and from the Future


It is relevant to mention that Mercury is connected to the lower mind or egoic mind and short-term memory, while Aquarius and Uranus, considered to be the “higher octave” of Mercury, are connected with the Higher Mind, the group mind, and long-term memory. 

During Mercury’s transit through Aquarius, accessing the Higher Mind will be easier, and there is a stronger likelihood of experiencing sudden downloads and flashes of genius and of receiving insights and information from different realms and dimensions. It will also be easier to retrieve information from the past or access visions and premonitions about the future: these weeks are a particularly powerful time to do work such as past life regression and consult the Akashic Records.

Uranus direct in Taurus

Mercury conjunct Pluto, square Jupiter, and square Uranus


As soon as it enters Aquarius, Mercury immediately joins Pluto at 0º of the sign. The Mercury-Pluto conjunction in Aquarius catalyzes a transformation of our mindset and thinking patterns, offering us the opportunity to access new insights and realizations about our thought processes and communications. Pluto asks us to radically change our way of looking at reality and question the nature of our perceptions, facilitating access to an objective awareness of what is actually true and what is instead a result of the conditioning, programming, and education we were exposed to. 

On February 10, Mercury in Aquarius squares Jupiter in Taurus. The Mercury-Jupiter square invites us to address any friction we may be experiencing between logic and intuition, between our left and right hemispheres of the brain, between the rational mind and the intuitive mind. This configuration brings our attention to how we are approaching learning, teaching, writing, and studying. It may highlight the need to confront our resistance and question our attachment to existing beliefs, perceptions, and ideas. 

Mercury squares Uranus in Taurus on February 17: their alignment reflects a surge in our mental activity, supports intellectual dynamism, and inspires us to find unconventional solutions to any issue we may be facing. This aspect motivates us to be mentally flexible, experimental, and original. The Mercury-Uranus square offers a very creative and innovative energy aspect, however, it can also correspond to a general increase in anxiety and agitation and a pervasive sense of urgency. Around this time, we may feel drawn to rush, we may get distracted more easily, we may experience sleep disturbances, and find ourselves constantly jumping from one task to another. These days, be aware of slowing down when your body needs to. 


Mercury in Aquarius: Putting our Ideas in Service to our Community


Mercury’s ingress in Aquarius encourages us to trust our ability to navigate the unknown, the unexpected, and the unfamiliar. This transit challenges us to open our minds to new dimensions, venture outside of our intellectual comfort zone, and experiment with different mindsets and communication styles. Mercury’s journey through Aquarius fosters eccentricity and originality and motivates us to revolutionize existing ways of working, learning, and organizing our days. 

Mercury in Aquarius is a very favorable combination of energies for technological advancements, research, and scientific discoveries: this transit motivates us to explore how our ideas can benefit the collective, how they can be of service to our community, and how they can impact others, not only ourselves. 

Mercury in Aquarius is a call to embrace change and look at our reality with new eyes: this transit could help us gain new insights into old challenges and break the repetitive cycles we feel trapped in. 


Crystal Pick for Mercury Enters Aquarius: Sunset Sodalite


This beautiful combo of activating sunstone & pacifying sodalite brings Mercury in Aquarius style big-thinking and ingenious ideas, along with the fuel to help you take action on doing things your own way. It can help you make confident, clear decisions, not second-guess yourself, and not get lost in the very heady energy of this transit, allowing you to stay embodied and keep moving forward. 

It’s a relatively new stone to the market (and Aquarian energy loves what’s cool and novel) revealed to humanity at the perfect time to enhance our intuitions and help us act on the information we receive from it. It stimulates and clarifies the mind, helping ideas and insights flow from the Universe to give you direction. It’s a great crystal for learning, teaching, and helping you communicate the knowledge that lives within you with clarity and confidence.

In true Aquarian fashion, this stone helps you own your truth and originality, to speak with honesty and integrity, and move past your fears to express your creative ideas. It can calm down nervous, neurotic, or anxious energy, which this transit can bring as it focuses our minds so much on the future, so working with sunset sodalite over these next few weeks can help you stay more balanced, present, and optimistic about all the possibilities that lie ahead. 


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