article Mars in Aries 2024: Igniting the Fire
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Mars in Aries 2024: Igniting the Fire

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April 29, 2024

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On April 29, 05:55 PM —

On April 30, 11:33 AM EST, Mars begins a new cycle through the Zodiac Wheel: the Red Planet leaves Pisces and enters his home sign of Aries, where he remains until June 9. Mars’s ingress into his Fire domicile ignites our inner fire, marking a surge in our vitality, willingness to take action, and desire to embark on new adventures, endeavors, and projects. It may take a few days for us to clearly experience this energetic shift, since Mars is currently still conjunct with Neptune in the late degrees of Pisces.

Mars’ ingress into Aries is especially relevant for those born with planets or angles in Cardinal signs and especially for the individuals with natal Mars in Aries, who will experience their Mars return, a time of increased courage, determination, and willingness to take risks. The people personally impacted by Mars’ shift of signs are being encouraged to trust their desires, cultivate their strength, and connect with their instincts and physicality.

Mars from Pisces to Aries: Igniting the Fire


Mars is the planet associated with how we initiate, how we pursue, and how we go after what we desire. Correlated with Divine Masculine energy, Mars is sharp, direct, and penetrating. Transits of Mars inform us of our changing orientation relative to taking initiative, beginning something, taking risks, and expressing our sexuality.

Mars in Pisces challenged us to take action without using force, recognize when effort is required, and when instead we can allow the flow of Life to lead us. This transit encouraged us to surrender our attachment to desires that are no longer true, that are not serving our highest good, and to trust that new impulses will emerge when the time is right.

In Aries, Mars is at home and feels very comfortable. As Cardinal, Yang, and Fire archetypes, both Aries and Mars have to do with initiating, beginning unfamiliar endeavors, taking risks that require courage, and embarking on new adventures. Both archetypes have a connection to instinct, to our primal nature, and to the moment-to-moment experience of our body. Mars in Aries is igniting our inner fire, facilitating access to the motivation, courage, and energy we need to make changes, take action, and renovate our lives.


Mars in Aries: Moving On & Cutting Cords


Mars’ transit through Aries inspires us to take the first step in the direction of our desires and motivates us to put ourselves out there in new ways, maybe beginning something we have been wanting to start for a long time. This transit reminds us that, often, doing something imperfectly teaches us more than not taking action at all. Mars’ journey through Aries motivates us to just do it, not without expecting to get it right or perfectly on the first try, as a great deal of learning comes through trial and error, from practice and direct experience, from our mistakes. 

The Red Planet’s transit through Aries is a powerful time to separate ourselves from situations, relationships, and commitments that are no longer aligned with our Soul’s journey. Mars in Aries grants us the courage to cut or release cords and ties that are meant to go and helps us make space for the new.


Mars sextile Pluto and conjunct with the Lunar North Node


During his journey through Aries, Mars is going to form a sextile with Pluto in Aquarius and cross both Chiron and the Lunar North Node in Aries.

The Mars-Pluto sextile, exact on May 3, offers us an opportunity to tap into a deep well of self-determination, willpower, and erotic energy. This aspect supports our capacity to access our strength and resilience and empower ourselves by confronting challenges, fears, and adversities head-on. The Mars-Pluto alignment infuses our actions with passion and accelerates the pace of our personal transformation by helping us come into contact with our true desires.

On May 18, Mars crosses the Lunar North Node in Aries. Their alignment increases the dynamism, the momentum, and the urge to take action to move toward the unfamiliar direction that calls us. This configuration challenges us to be decisive in choosing our path and leave behind habitual patterns, comfort zones, and known modes of operation.

mars in aries 24

Mars conjunct Chiron in Aries: Strength in Vulnerability


Mars crosses Chiron in Aries on May 29. This configuration brings to the forefront the need to heal wounds connected with our relationship to masculinity, expressing anger, asserting ourselves, and trusting our desires, which are themes of Chiron’s transit through Aries. 

Mars’ activation of Chiron in Mars’ home sign increases the sense of urgency relative to taking responsibility for our personal and collective healing journey and relating with our pain differentlyTheir alignment could highlight the shadow traits of Mars and Aries and the dangers of distorted and wounded expressions of masculine energy, such as out-of-control anger, destructiveness, and aggression, something we have already been witnessing. 

On a personal level, this is a powerful time to discover new ways of channeling the energy of our anger and work on healing traumas and wounds that impact our capacity to confidently initiate, assert ourselves, and go after what we desire. Mars conjunct Chiron in Aries reminds us that there is strength in vulnerability and invites us to tend to our wounds with bravery and compassion.


Mars in Aries: Becoming the Leader of Our Lives


Together with Venus’ transit through Taurus, which started just a few hours ago, Mars’ transit through Aries is a powerful time to renew our relationship with our sexuality and physicality, explore new ways to relate to our bodies, and discover practices that help us cultivate our connection to instinct, to our primal nature. Both relationship planets are in their home sign for a few weeks, which is a very beneficial influence for our love and romantic life: this invites us to harmonize masculine and feminine energies within ourselves and find more balance in our relational life as well.

Mars’ journey through Aries, in particular, offers us chances to hone our leadership skills and inspires us to become the leaders of our lives. This transit invites us to deepen our self-trust by making bold choices that push us out of our comfort zone. Mars in Aries encourages us to embrace healthy competitiveness, without comparing ourselves with others but rather striving to become the best version of ourselves and surpass previous limitations.


Crystal Pick for Mars in Aries: Red Jasper


With Mars at home in Aries, red jasper will ignite your physical vitality, endurance, and motivation to take action on your desires and stay determined until you reach your goals. This red stone aligns with the power, strength, and courage that Mars and Aries both carry, to help you tap into the life-giving essence of this transit to ignite your inner fire. 

A grounding and nurturing stone, red jasper is also a great choice to bring balance to the fiery and aggressive qualities of this transit, to help temper and release any anger, frustration, or volatility it can bring. You can use it to help you ground and channel those overly fired-up energies into physical activity or creative endeavors, so you can use your natural passion to carry you forward.

Reach for red jasper whenever you need to muster up self-determination and willpower to take chances, make changes, or start a new endeavor. It’s supportive and nurturing, restoring your sense of strength and power from within to help you tap into your warrior spirit to break out of your comfort zone, leave old patterns behind, and live a life that makes you feel truly alive!


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