article Mars in Aquarius: Discerning Frequencies
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Mars in Aquarius: Discerning Frequencies

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March 30, 2020

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Mars enters the sign of Aquarius on March 30th where it will remain until May 13th 2020.

Mars in Aquarius: Discerning Frequencies


Mars represents our individuality and freewill. Here on Earth, to a certain extent, we create our identities through our actions. The choices we make impact our experience. Mars is connected to how we take action and what we choose to do. 

Aquarius energy is associated with alternative and innovative experiences of life. Aquarius energy is not here to follow societal norms or traditions. It’s here to reinvent and recreate our experiences. 

When Mars is in Aquarius we are asked to find the sweet spot between our individual choices and how those fit into the larger macro matrix that is life on Earth. There is a new way of being which is now available to each individual. 


Mars in Aquarius: Here’s a visualization to convey what it looks like…


Each individual is an energy center of its own. We have our own systems which operate solely to keep us alive. We can imagine each person as a circle that carries a certain energetic radius as we move through the world.

Since there are billions of people, each of those auras of energy overlap with one another. Kinda like a Venn diagram, or when many come together it can look like the flower of life. These overlapping circles of energy become a powerful force. When we can understand this, or better yet feel it, we can start to move towards collective evolution while knowing our sovereignty is the key. 


We have to make sure our tires are inflated before we can drive anywhere. In a sense this is the same way of explaining the importance of amplifying our energy. This looks like investing in ourselves and discerning our spheres of influence. This includes who influences us along with who we are impacting.


Mars in Aquarius is Not About Self Sacrifice


Aquarius energy is very much here to be the humanitarian. It’s connected to the greater good and wanting to save the world is its goal. However, during these transit it is crucial to realize that falling into self sacrificing in order to rescue others is not the sustainable way.

When we are on an airplane and the air pressure drops, we know we need to secure our masks first before helping others. This is the same with our energy. We need to find a balance between acting on our needs and then moving as a force of support. This also means we need to be aware of who we are and the impact of our actions; for better or for worse.


Saturn in Aquarius


Speaking of awareness, Saturn is now in Aquarius for approximately the next 3 years (besides a quick retrograde back in Capricorn this summer). Saturn teaches us to recognize the consequences of our actions. This can happen in a real, in our faces, type of way. Reality is showing us where to evolve.

Saturn entered Aquarius on March 21st and Mars joining is like a kick off. Again, let’s explore the setting of this party, Aquarius, to better understand what it means.


Aquarius Energy is 5D


Aquarius energy is innovative, unique and often associated with technology. We are embarking on a journey to learn the technology of being alive. We are experiencing a shift into a whole new dimension and even though it may not happen overnight; we are invited to experience 5D. 

age of aquarius

5D is a part of who we are. We are multidimensional beings. We are now given an opportunity to become aware of our own frequencies. 

5D is an evolution of who we are, it’s natural, its organic, and it’s innovative. Maybe we’ve experienced an altered state of consciousness while waking from a dream or meditating. Maybe we’ve had many unexplainable experiences. Maybe we have no idea what this looks like or could mean. All of our experiences are okay. We are not ahead or behind.

Remember this is the kick off party; we are only getting started.  


Mars in Aquarius is a Wake Up Call


We are waking up to the technology within us. Right now, our devices are an extension of us. However, they are also separate or outside of us. They are something we depend on. Not to underplay the importance of technology and its role in getting us to this place, but let’s take our smart phones as an example.

Our phone is something separate from us, it’s obviously not human and we know it is not a part of us. Yet we need it and in turn it perpetuates the belief of separation instead of mirroring the potential of our DNA. When we feed into the belief of separation we are divided to a certain extent and these Aquarian times are about union. 

Here’s where it could get difficult to understand from a logical lens, but let’s talk frequency. Aquarius energy wants us to look at the big picture, Mars wants us to see how we fit into it and Saturn wants us to commit. We are committing to vibrating at a new frequency. 

This is like an update of our operating systems, but in this case we are the devices, not our smartphones. Up until this point we have been surrounded by frequencies and have had a dependence on these frequencies without exactly knowing it.


These are times of great awakening.


We are waking up to our frequencies, we are waking up to ourselves, and we are waking up to what we are not. 

We are not our devices no matter how much we love and use them. We are not our wifi signals. We are sovereign energy centres but because energy overlaps we are impacted by the frequencies constantly surrounding us.


Mars in Aquarius along with Saturn are urging us to get hyper aware of the unseen, because this is the innovation coming to our planet. We are already living among many invisible waves and now discernment is key.

As we cultivate an awareness of energy we will begin to understand that not all frequencies support us. 5D is not an external force, however 5G is. We may have been sold on an idea of faster speeds or futuristic technology, but this comes at a cost to our frequency. External forces carry their own vibrations. This frequency impacts the sphere of our energy. Could it dilute and disconnect us from ourselves? Could it be a counterfeit version of the real futuristic technology that comes from within us all?


Mars in Aquarius is all About Frequency


Let’s remember that our hearts emanate a frequency. That nature and our planet have waves and waves of energy pouring all around us. During these transits as we become aware of our energy and how our energy is affected; let us invest in what leaves us uplifted. We do not have to fall down a rabbit hole of doom and despair.

Mars in Aquarius, along with all the upcoming Aquarius transits are showing us that the discernment of frequency is the key. Amplifying and elevating our energy is the work. Discernment is the gateway to union because it allows us to connect in a cooperative way. 


Mars in Aquarius: Discernment is Key


Have we ever done a big puzzle? We know we need to sort the colours into piles first before starting to put pieces together. This same strategy is occurring during these astrological times. We are taking a step back, assessing the situation and then choosing to move forward. 

Aquarius is the cutting edge and this edge exists within our consciousness. The innovation occurring on our planet is happening in the ethers and frequencies. It’s happening within us. Perhaps it’s invisible to our eyes but it can be felt in our hearts and beings.

During these times we must listen to our feelings. As we listen to our emotions, we can discern and get hyper aware of where we want to invest our energy and what we are choosing to participate in. From here we have the option to choose differently.


The Age of Aquarius is here


The Age of Aquarius is a frequency shift. It is about working together like a beehive. We can see the interconnections of our world. Can we embrace an attitude of collaboration? Before we can do that we have to get crystal clear on who the Queen Bee is. Then we must get honest about whether or not we want to serve her. Remembering we can place ourselves as sovereign individuals on each of our rightful thrones.

Comment below if you already feel this energy and let us know with what resonated with you the most. Sending love & blessings your way! – The Moon Omens Team

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