article Mars enters Pisces: Action without Force
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Mars enters Pisces: Action without Force

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April 14, 2022

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On April 14, 11:06 PM ET Mars leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces. Mars is going to remain in Pisces until May 24, offering us opportunities to learn how to flow with life and take action without using force.

In Aquarius, Mars expresses itself in an experimental, futuristic, and inventive way. Its power is mostly channeled through the intellect and our capacity to envision the future is energized. The goal of this transit is to speed up collective progress and catalyze innovation that can benefit humanity as a whole.

Planets in Pisces still have a tight connection to the collective and the masses, yet the connection is emotional, rather than intellectual, and happens through an increased sensitivity. Mars’ transit through Pisces will bring us back to the realm of feelings and sensations and remind us of our connection with the collective emotional body.


The transit of Mars in Pisces Energizes our Fantasy Life


Mars is the planet of action, assertivity, initiative, and strength. The ruler of Aries and, traditionally, Scorpio is associated with the mythological God of War and has to do with the way we affirm our individuality, preferences, and desires. It is an impulsive, bold, and direct energy meant to inspire us to attack and defend ourselves and others, discover new directions, and walk unexplored paths.

Pisces instead is associated with the collective emotional body, with the dissolution of the individual ego, absence of boundaries, absolute receptivity, and surrender. These two energies have very different qualities and purposes. 

Mars and Pisces are not an easy combination, as Mars brings action wherever it transits, and within Pisces there is inherently no action, no effort, no separation, no force. Taking initiative and instigating change could be more challenging than usual during these days. Mars in Pisces energizes our fantasy life, but we may have trouble translating our imagination into tangible, direct action in the 3D reality.


Releasing Old Desires & Aspirations


Mars’ glyph or symbol is an arrow coming out of a circle pointing to the upper right diagonal. The arrow symbolizes the separation from unity and wholeness, represented by the circle: Mars is the cut of the umbilical cord, the birth of individual consciousness out of unity consciousness, which correlates to Pisces.

Mars is Yang and active, while Pisces is Yin and receptive. The transit of Mars through Pisces can indicate some amount of frustration, as an energy that seeks outward and direct expression may get dispersed and watered down. During the upcoming weeks, our style of self-assertion may be subtle and indirect, and we may find it challenging to hold boundaries that protect our energy: within Pisces, there are no boundaries, all is one.

All planets in Pisces are culminating their journey through the Zodiac, and they ask us to let go of something before we begin a new cycle. During this transit, we may feel directionless and lost, we may have difficulties defining exactly what it is that we want. It may be a time to release old desires and aspirations, without yet knowing how to fill the void that they leave.


Mars sextile Uranus, Mars conjunct Neptune, & Mars sextile Pluto


During its journey through Pisces, Mars forms a sextile to Uranus in Taurus, exact on May 4. This aspect of opportunity and potential will stimulate our inventiveness and our need for excitement, supporting our capacity to make changes in our lives, and facilitating networking and communications.

Later, on May 18, Mars meets Neptune in Pisces. The Mars-Neptune conjunction inspires us to invest more energy into our spiritual or creative practices. It marks a very favorable time for self-expression and for the arts, particularly for dance, as Pisces rules the feet. This aspect invites us to take action in a way that is aligned with our ideals and values and to pursue a path that is coherent with our deepest Truth.

mars enters pisces

During these days, we may feel confused, lethargic, and tired, especially if we are too invested in activities and commitments that don’t fulfill us on a Soul level, or if we dissipate our energy in too many different directions. The Mars-Neptune alignment may give us an opportunity to notice what drains us and what energizes us. It is an invitation to rest and take it easy, to create more space for our creativity to unfold, and, from there, readjust and rebalance how we direct our focus.

The Mars-Pluto sextile, exact on May 22, will support the process of aligning our conscious desires and our actions with our Soul’s desires and purpose, boosting our motivation, determination, willpower, and capacity to focus our energy constructively.


Mars enters Pisces: Acting without Forcing


We currently have four planets traveling through Pisces: the two relationship planets, Mars and Venus, and the two rulers of the sign, Jupiter and Neptune, still tightly conjunct there. The emphasis on this archetype is an invitation to be receptive, have faith, and trust in how Life is unfolding for us. The planets in Pisces are expanding our capacity to dream, create, and imagine. They invite us to embrace a spiritual perspective of our experiences and search for the higher purpose and meaning of what is taking place.

The journey of Mars through Pisces will bring a surge in our fantasy, which will be less affected than usual by the limitations and boundaries of mundane reality. This transit may teach us how to take initiative without forcing an outcome, how to be available to act while remaining open to receive, and how to gracefully release our attachment to a desire or a goal when the time has come to do so.

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