article Mars enters Capricorn: Mastering our Will
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Mars enters Capricorn: Mastering our Will

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January 24, 2022

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On January 24, 7:53 AM ET, Mars leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn. Mars will remain in the sign of the Sea Goat until March 6, when it will enter Aquarius simultaneously with Venus.

In Capricorn, Mars expresses its qualities in a structured and practical way. This combination of energies supports self-motivation and self-determination. As a Cardinal Earth archetype, Capricorn is the master builder: with Mars here, we want to manifest something tangible with our life force, and we don’t like wasting time. The upcoming transit will inspire us to strive for efficiency and excellence and aim to create something solid, valuable, and long-lasting.


Mars enters Capricorn: Commitment to Self-Mastery


The transit of Mars in Sagittarius corresponds to a tendency to channel our energy and drive in a multitude of directions. During this transit, we want to gain more experience, expand our philosophical understanding of life, and explore all of our desires, no matter how contradictory they are. 

Mars entering Capricorn marks a clear shift: we now desire to structure the wisdom and the experience we have gained and channel our life force in a specific direction. We aim to build something that will stand the test of time and we are ready to remove all obstacles on our path. With Mars in Capricorn, we strive to achieve self-mastery and learn to direct our will consciously. 

Mars enters Capricorn

Both Mars and Capricorn are Cardinal archetypes of initiation: this transit is a good moment to start committing to something, set goals, and begin new paths. We have an opportunity to structure our intentions and plans, define a clear strategy, and gain mastery over how we spend time and channel our energy. 


Exploring our Idea of Success


During the upcoming weeks, we may ask ourselves what we want to work hard for, what is worth our time and efforts. Capricorn reminds us not to be in a hurry, that good things take time, that there’s no need to rush the process. Mars in Capricorn reflects a stoic, disciplined, and hardworking attitude. During this transit, it is important to make sure that we are not being too hard on ourselves, that we are taking care of our emotional needs and not only of practical ones.

We have a chance to consider the true motivations behind our desires, and to contemplate whether our idea of success is truly ours, or it has been affected and distorted by the conditioning and programming we have been exposed to. We may realize if we are defining our success and achievements with external metrics and decide to align with different ones. 


Mars conjunct Venus: New Ways of Being in Relationship


During its journey through Capricorn, Mars will conjunct Venus. Exceptionally, there will be two Mars-Venus conjunctions in less than a month due to Venus’ reduced speed after its retrograde period. The first one will happen in Capricorn on February 16, the same day of the Full Moon in Leo, and the second one will be on 0° of Aquarius, on March 6. 

The Venus-Mars conjunction in Capricorn indicates the importance of aligning our relationship choices and the way we invest our energy with our values and long-term intentions. The days before the exact aspect, we may feel an urge to detach from people, lifestyles, and ways of spending time that don’t add value to our lives. The conjunction marks a need for experimentation and discovery of new ways of being in relationships. These will, however, be soon reassessed as the two planets meet again in Aquarius a few weeks later.


Mars square Chiron, trine Uranus, & sextile Neptune


On February 4, Mars squares Chiron, now transiting in Mars’ domicile of Aries. Their alignment brings up conflicts centered around self-assertion and self-repression and highlights any tendency to hold back what is instinctual or spontaneous due to fear or insecurity. Mars-Chiron aspects invite us to heal wounds linked to our relationship with masculine energy, particularly correlated to expectations of rejection when we take initiative.

On February 6, Mars trines Uranus in Taurus: this is a supportive alignment that could inspire us to act in original and unusual ways. As both planets are traveling through Earth signs, we may have unexpected work opportunities, possibilities to make an income, or chances to create something eccentric and futuristic by blending tradition and innovation.

Mars enters Capricorn

Mars forms a sextile to Neptune in Pisces on February 23, an aspect of opportunities that will give us possibilities to act in alignment with our ideals and dreams. It could inspire us to reassess our boundaries and redefine what we are available to invest our time and energy in.


Mars conjunct Pluto: Power and Rage


Mars joins Pluto on March 3, fueling a process of purification of our will and intentions that encourages us to align the desires of our ego with our Soul’s desires. The Mars-Pluto conjunction promotes a profound inquiry on what is truly moving us and invites us to come into contact with the root of our anger, of our ambition, of our wanting. 

This aspect gives us opportunities to understand what’s beneath our cravings, what our unconscious intentions and motivations are. By exploring our rage, we have a chance to liberate a huge amount of power that can be used as fuel to move forward and improve our lives or can be extremely destructive. 

Mars enters Capricorn

The upcoming Mars-Pluto conjunction is the last one in Capricorn for about 250 years. This alignment closes a long cycle of deep, radical transformation. Mars joining Pluto will give us the strength to break free from old structures, let go of past intentions and desires, and create space to discover new ones.


Mars enters Capricorn: Striving for Self-Mastery


While Mars is in the sign of the Sea Goat, we tend to proceed cautiously. Our insecurities may generate some amount of self-repression, a tendency to conceal our emotions, and a general distrust of our instinct and impulses. Fear of failure, of wasting time, and of losing control may arise. During this time, we may take care not to cut ourselves off from our feelings and needs in order to work more or get faster results. 

While this transit fuels a desire for tangible, concrete achievements, it is important to strive to balance between work and rest and not push ourselves excessively hard. We have an opportunity to achieve a new level of self-mastery rooted in self-knowledge and self-respect, that doesn’t involve denying our humanness or detaching from our emotions in order to achieve more.

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