article Mars enters Capricorn: Desire & Responsibility
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Mars enters Capricorn: Desire & Responsibility

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January 4, 2024

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On January 4, 05:40 PM —

On January 4, 09:58 EST, Mars leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn, the sign where he’s traditionally considered to be exalted. Mars is going to remain in Capricorn until February 13, offering us an invitation to take responsibility for our desires, while supporting our endurance, determination, and perseverance, and inspiring us to question our relationship to both failure and success.

This shift is more relevant for those of us born with personal placements in Cardinal signs and especially for the individuals with natal Mars in Capricorn, who will experience their Mars return. Those personally impacted by this transit have opportunities to access more consistency, stamina, and willingness to work on their long-term visions. They are invited to gain more awareness of what they aspire to build and manifest and of the work needed to bring their visions into tangible form.

Mars travels from Sagittarius to Capricorn: Building Foundations for the Years to Come


In Astrology, Mars is the planet correlated with the impulse to go after what we want, to take initiative, and to begin something unfamiliar. A masculine, Yang archetype, Mars is connected with our physicality, our conscious desires, and our style of self-assertion. Transits of Mars reflect changes in our energy levels, in how we express anger, and in our orientation relative to beginning something new and taking unfamiliar paths.

Mars’ journey through Sagittarius magnified our desire for freedom, adventure, and spontaneous exploration of life. This transit inspired us to be more eager to take risks and more willing to try unfamiliar pursuits without fear of failure or self-judgment. This transit offered us a chance to observe how we go about pursuing freedom and encouraged reflection on what freedom means to us. Mars in Sagittarius invited us to deepen our commitment to showing up authentically in life and inspired us to free ourselves from limiting beliefs that stand in the way of us boldly expressing our true, spontaneous nature.

In Capricorn, Mars expresses his qualities in a structured, resilient, and practical way: this combination of energies encourages self-motivation and self-determination. This transit supports our endurance and perseverance: while Mars is here, we want to create something tangible and long-lasting with our time and energy. We are in for the long haul and inspired to build solid foundations that can last for years to come.


Taking Responsibility for Our Desires


While Mars is in Capricorn, it is easier to be disciplined and practical when it comes to expressing our will and going after what we desire. We have access to more stamina, willpower, and capacity for consistent effort. Mars’ journey through Capricorn offers us an invitation to take responsibility for our desires and commit to the work it takes to manifest our dreams and visions into the space-time reality. 

Nevertheless, during this transit, it is key to ask ourselves why we do what we do, and why we want what we want. It is crucial to assess the true motivations behind our aspirations and ambitions, the true intentions behind our desire to achieve something, be someone, or get somewhere. Mars in Capricorn encourages us to get intimate with ourselves and our true desires and deepen our awareness of the conditioning we internalized, to make sure we don’t work hard to achieve something we never truly wanted in the first place. 

This is an interesting time to observe whether, deep down, we want something for the sake of status, because of a desire to be seen by society in a certain way, or to access the power or authority that comes with a certain social role. Mars’ journey through Capricorn is an opportunity to reflect on how our idea of success and our relationship to authority, responsibility, and power have been distorted by societal, cultural, religious, or familial programming. 


Mars in aspect to Saturn, Jupiter, and Chiron


During his journey through Capricorn, Mars is going to align with Saturn and Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, Chiron in Aries, and the Lunar Nodes in Aries and Libra.

The Mars-Saturn sextile is already active and is going exact on January 9. This aspect is a powerful motivator that magnifies our capacity to be self-disciplined, patient, and work consistently on our visions and aspirations. 

The Mars-Jupiter trine is going exact on January 12. This harmonic Earth trine grants us access to more energy and willpower, as well as more confidence to manifest our dreams and visions into reality. The Mars Jupiter trine supports our courage and inspires our faith, as well as our willingness to take risks to follow our passions and create something meaningful, something authentic.

On January 25, Mars in Capricorn forms a square with Chiron in Aries. The Mars-Chiron square will offer us opportunities to heal wounds that prevent us from asserting ourselves and going after what we desire with confidence. This aspect brings up wounds, fears, and inner conflicts connected to our relationship to masculine energy and our ability to embody it, regardless of our gender. The Mars-Chiron square invites us to create space to work on integrating past experiences that hold us back from trusting our instincts and our strength.

Mars in aspect to Uranus, Neptune, and the Lunar Nodes


On January 28, Mars perfects a square to the Lunar Nodes in Aries and Libra. This configuration brings up the need to address skipped developmental steps and offers us opportunities to confront unresolved issues and inner conflicts surrounding our relationship to desire, sexuality, instinct, anger, and masculinity. Around this time, karmic experiences and events could give us chances to unravel and examine our relationship with anger, aggression, and sexuality, as well as any impulse to suppress their natural expression.

On January 29, Mars in Capricorn trines Uranus in Taurus. The Mars-Uranus trine supports our desire to experiment and innovate, stimulating our creativity and our desire for freedom of expression. This alignment increases the general dynamism and intellectual restlessness, inspiring us to play and create with an open mind.

Mars forms a sextile to Neptune in Pisces on February 7. The Mars-Neptune sextile inspires us to align our actions with our true values and invites us to make sure that our mission, that what we are building has a purpose that goes beyond the gratification of the ego. These days are a powerful moment to invest more time and energy into our spiritual practice and spiritual work.


Mars enters Capricorn: Embracing Failures as Learning Experiences


Mars’ ingress into Capricorn brings a boost of practical, grounded, go-getter energy. This transit stimulates us to get things done, to get things moving, and to start building, brick by brick, what we feel called to create, without getting discouraged by how long it might take us to see the results of our efforts. 

As Capricorn is a Cardinal sign and Mars is also a Cardinal planet, from now on we have access to powerful energy of initiation. The upcoming weeks, and especially after the Capricorn New Moon takes place, on January 11, are a very favorable time to begin new endeavors, initiate new projects, take new risks, and walk new paths. 

We mentioned earlier that this is a time to examine our relationship to success, and it is also a time to observe our relationship to failure. Mars in Capricorn invites us to question our beliefs about failure, what meaning we attribute to failure, and what failure represents to us, and asks us in what ways fear of failure may be holding us back from pursuing our true desires. During this time, we are encouraged to practice seeing any perceived failure or setback as a stepping stone, as a learning opportunity, and as a necessary experience in our path toward mastery. 


Crystal Pick for Mars enters Capricorn: Chiastolite


This grounding Capriconian stone helps balance and harmonize the root chakra, bringing stability and strength on all levels. Chiastolite can help you tap into your confidence and perseverance to stay the course and keep moving forward as Mars transits through Capricorn. 

This energy brings out our drive to achieve and build something long lasting, and chiastolite can help you do just that, calmly and assuredly, through dedicated perseverance and faith. This is a great stone for increasing your self-discipline and self-ownership, so you can use this transit to take responsibility for what you want to create in your life, and take action on those long-term goals you have. This is the perfect catalyst to launch us into accomplishment this new year.

If the Martian heat starts to rise and you find yourself feeling frustrated, angry, or impatient, chiastolite also helps with that, grounding the intensity of your inner fire, bringing a calm, steady, patient, and protective energetic resonance to help you feel secure and at peace within yourself.


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