article Full Moon in Virgo: Body as Portal
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Full Moon in Virgo: Body as Portal

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March 5, 2023

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On March 5, 01:37 PM —

On March 7, 07:40 AM ET, we experience a Full Moon at 16º40’ Virgo. This lunation invites us to remember the role of our physical body as a portal to higher states of consciousness and brings our focus on what we need to address in our healing journey.

The Full Worm Moon in Virgo encourages us to find harmony and flow between our mundane duties and our spiritual practices, reminds us of the unity between the terrestrial and the transcendental, and invites us to integrate more mindfulness into our daily lives.

Less than an hour after the Full Moon, at 08:35 AM ET, Saturn leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces. Saturn’s shift of sign begins a two and a half year cycle centered around spiritual maturation, integrity, and renewal of our relationship to service. The ingress of Saturn in Pisces will offer us opportunities to gain awareness of any tendency to be spiritually naive and consolidate our commitment to our spiritual path.

Let’s see in more detail what the Virgo Full Moon is about.

Full Moon in Virgo: Aligning with Natural Rhythms


Full Moons are moments of increased emotionality, marking a time of maturation, culmination, and completion. The Moon and the Sun are forming a 180º angle from our perspective on Earth, technically known as an opposition. Oppositions are polarizing aspects that indicate a back and forth dynamics between two opposing and complementary energies, in this case, Virgo and Pisces. 

At this time of the month, we have a chance to find more balance and harmony between the signs at play. The light of the Sun completely illuminates the Moon, facilitating clarity and awareness about where transformation is required. 

The Full Moon of the month of March has been traditionally referred to as the Worm Moon, and considered a time of renewal and rebirth. In the Northern hemisphere of the globe, this is the time when earthworms start to emerge from their winter hibernation, as Spring is finally approaching. For this reason, the Full Moon coming up in March is correlated with the cyclical nature of life, and represents an invitation to align with the rhythms of Nature.

We invite you to join us on our YouTube channel, our wonderful Nina is going to walk us all through the current energies!

The Virgo-Pisces polarity: Unity of the Spiritual and the Mundane


The Virgo Full Moon brings our attention to our relationship with the Virgo-Pisces axis, which is associated with healing, service, and spirituality. The interplay between Virgo and Pisces energies is centered on integrating the physical and spiritual dimensions of our lives. Pisces encourages us to connect with the spiritual realms and our Higher Selves, while Virgo emphasizes the importance of caring for our bodies in a conscious way. While Virgo emphasizes practicality, efficiency, and organization, Pisces advocates for going with the flow and trusting the universe.

During the elusive and dreamy Pisces season, the Virgo Full Moon brings us down to earth, back to our bodies, back to the simplicity of daily life. The activation of the Virgo-Pisces polarity represents an invitation to approach our daily tasks and obligations with a mindful attitude. It is a reminder to be aware of how we deal with what happens in our lives, and keep in mind that everything we experience in our mundane life can be approached as part of our spiritual practice.


Virgo Full Moon: The Body as a Portal


During the Piscean age, now coming to an end, the diffusion of dogmatic religious beliefs and strict moral codes led to a split of Spirit and flesh. The body, pleasure, and sexuality have been viewed as sinful, wrong, and opposed to our spiritual path. However, as we move out of this historical period and become aware of its distortions, our role is to heal our relationship with our bodies and Nature and remember their inherent connection to Spirit. This process is connected to our relationship with the Virgo-Pisces polarity.

The Virgo Full Moon reminds us that our bodies are portals to higher states of consciousness. To ascend, we must descend first, we must fully embrace and commit to the human experience. We can’t bypass our physiology, we can’t bypass what the body is telling us. The physical body is not impure, it is not flawed, it is not imperfect, it is not something we need to transcend or detach from in order to be able to access higher and timeless wisdom.

Getting to know our bodies, respecting our bodies, understanding how our bodies work, giving our bodies appropriate nutrition, and optimizing our physiology and health by making conscious daily choices is not something separate from spiritual work, it is an integral part of it. The Virgo Full Moon reminds us that working on our body and on fully inhabiting our body is our path of spiritual growth.

Embracing Holistic Views of Healing and Health


Our healing journey and health matters that we have been dealing with could come into the spotlight around this time, asking for our attention and care. The light of the Virgo Full Moon will help us see what we need to address and focus on in terms of health and healing. Around this time, we could notice the connection between our mental and emotional health and physical health symptoms or discomfort. We could acknowledge where we have been struggling and make decisions accordingly.

We may revisit our priorities and our choices in terms of what we consume, not only in terms of diets and foods, but also in terms of information, energies, environments we spend time in, and people we surround ourselves with. The Virgo Full Moon invites discernment. While Pisces season reminds us of our unity with all that exists, the Virgo Moon encourages us to acknowledge that being selective about what we take in and allow into our space is necessary for our wellbeing and health. It reminds us that being selective doesn’t mean not being compassionate.


Full Moon trine Uranus, opposite Neptune, and square Mars


The Full Moon in Virgo forms a harmonious trine aspect with Uranus in Taurus, indicating an exciting time for growth. The Moon-Uranus trine inspires us to see change as an opportunity and facilitates the release of habits and lifestyles that no longer serve us. Sudden insights, breakthroughs, and new understandings are likely to occur, and we may find unconventional solutions to something we have been struggling with, seeing it in a completely different light.

Neptune is in Pisces, in a wide conjunction with the Sun and opposite the Moon. The involvement of Neptune increases the tension between our practical, logical side and our emotional, intuitive side, which is already reflected by the Sun-Moon opposition in Virgo and Pisces. Our sensitivity will be heightened around this time: for this reason, it is recommended to invest time and energy in practices that help us remain grounded and centered in our energy.

The Sun and Moon’s square to Mars in Gemini indicates a high degree of reactivity and emotionality, as well as friction between our tendency to speak on impulse and feel an urge to immediately solve problems and the need to take time to reflect, ground, and breathe before reacting. Mars is also approaching an exact square to Neptune, adding some confusion and uncertainty regarding what we desire and the direction we want to take.

Full Moon in Virgo: Body, Spirit, Service, and Health


As the Full Moon takes place, Mercury, the planetary ruler of Virgo, is also in Pisces. The presence of Mercury in Pisces, together with the Sun and Neptune, reinforces the importance of integrating our intuition into our decision-making processes. It is an invitation to learn to discern between the voice of our intuition and our fears and self-doubt and to trust our intuition even if the messages delivered don’t make sense to our logical minds.

These days, we may experience sudden insights, breakthroughs, and new understandings regarding what needs to be transformed in our daily lives and daily choices. The Virgo Full Moon invites us to remember the connection between our physical, mental, and emotional well-being and to remember that our bodies are not an obstacle to our spiritual path. Instead, being grounded in our bodies and taking care of our health is an integral part of our spiritual growth.

This time could also be centered around pondering and reflecting on how we aim to be of service to others, keeping in mind that to do so in a healthy and sustainable way, we must serve ourselves first, meet our needs, and be fully nourished, both physically and spiritually.

As we move out of the Piscean age, it is crucial that we heal our relationship with our bodies and with Nature and remember their inherent role in our spiritual path. This Full Moon can mark a turning point in this process, facilitating clarity and awareness about where transformation is required.

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