article Blue Full Moon in Pisces: Surrender and Release
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Blue Full Moon in Pisces: Surrender and Release

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August 28, 2023

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On August 28, 01:37 PM —

On August 30, 9:35 PM ET, we experience a Blue Full Moon at 7º24’ of the sign of Pisces, an invitation to surrender to the flow of Life and release our attachment to fantasies that prevent us from maturing. This is the second Full Moon of the month of August. When two Full Moons happen in a calendar month, a rare occurrence, the second one is also referred to as a Blue Moon. 

This lunation will be more relevant for those of us who were born with planets and angles in the early degrees of Mutable signs. The individuals more impacted by the Pisces Full Moon will have opportunities to release something that is weighing them down, surrender to what Life is asking from them, and let go of illusions that are holding them back from growing.

We invite you to watch our hour long video on our YouTube channel together with Nina where she walks us through the powerful energies of this Blue Full Moon in Pisces.

Full Moon in Pisces: Deepening Spiritual and Somatic Awareness


The Full Moon represents the culmination and maturation point of the lunar cycle: at this time of the month, we reap what we sow and we see the results of our efforts. The Moon is exactly opposite the Sun from our perspective on Earth, and she receives the maximum amount of sunlight at this time: Full Moons facilitate clarity and mark shifts in awareness.

Every Full Moon activates two opposing and complementary signs, highlighting the tension between their expression, and inviting us to seek more balance in how we relate to these energies. This lunation brings the spotlight on the Virgo-Pisces polarity, offering us an opportunity to find more harmony between excessive planning and excessive improvisation, between excessive effort and excessive passivity, between excessively focusing on the details and physicality and getting stuck in the dream realm, losing touch with the ground and the body.

Both Virgo and Pisces are spiritually oriented signs. Virgo is associated with a spiritual awareness that involves deepening our connection to the physical body, a devotional attitude toward work and service, and the integration of mindfulness in our daily lives. Pisces instead is attuned to subtle planes and the unseen realms and aims to transcend the limitations of the 3D plane and the body to experience something beyond the separate self and come back to a state of oneness. This Full Moon offers us an opportunity to reflect on our relationship with spirituality, with service, and with our physical body, and invites us to observe how we could deepen and expand both our spiritual and our somatic awareness.


Navigating an Increased Energetic and Emotional Sensitivity


When the Moon is in Pisces, our emotional and energetic sensitivity is magnified and our psychic boundaries are loosened. Our intuition is stronger, and we may find it more challenging than usual to distinguish between our emotions and those of others, between our feelings and the sensations we are picking up from the environment. We may automatically match the frequency of our surroundings and take on the emotions of those around us, without realizing we are doing it. 

During Virgo season, a time of the year focused on organizing our lives, optimizing our physical health, and refining our routines, the Pisces Full Moon comes as a reminder to honor our spiritual nature and nurture our spiritual health. While Virgo season inspires us to be more organized, efficient, and discerning relative to how we invest our energy and attention, the Pisces Full Moon offers us an invitation to allow ourselves to surrender to the flow and let life take us to unexpected places.

The Sun-Moon opposition in Virgo and Pisces offers us an opportunity to find more harmony between being proactive in improving our reality and recognizing the perfection of everything as it already is, accepting that the feeling of being in control is ultimately an illusion.

Blue Full Moon in Pisces

Full Moon conjunct Saturn in Pisces: Releasing Illusions


A Full Moon in Pisces represents a reminder to give space to our emotions and feelings and allow our intuition to guide us. However, this particular Full Moon is conjunct with retrograde Saturn: this alignment can indicate challenges in trusting our intuition and allowing our emotions to flow freely.

The conjunction of Saturn and the Moon suggests that it may be necessary to address the temptation to suppress, deny, or hide how we are truly feeling in order to avoid vulnerability and prevent hurt. We have all been conditioned, to some extent, to bury our feelings and hide our sensitive nature to protect ourselves. This lunation is an invitation to reclaim our right to be vulnerable, to feel sad, to feel hurt, to feel confused, and to welcome and express the complete spectrum of our emotions without shame.

The Moon-Saturn conjunction also points to the value of navigating what happens in our daily lives as an integral part of our spiritual practice. This configuration brings us down to earth, offering us an opportunity to release our attachment to fantasies and illusions that prevent us from growing and taking responsibility for our lives. The Pisces Full Moon may help us realize whether we are stuck in a victim mentality, trapped in addictive cycles, or expecting someone to come to save or rescue us. This lunation could inspire us to break free from disempowering loops and recognize that we can choose to take the reins of our lives.


Mars opposite Neptune: Disorientation and Confusion


Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces and his condition offers us more information about the energy of the current Full Moon. Neptune is in the late degrees of Pisces, opposing Mars in the early degrees of Libra.

The Mars-Neptune opposition has been active for a couple of weeks already and the planets are now separating from each other. This aspect can indicate feelings of confusion, disorientation, and insecurity relative to where we are going, how to act, and what path to take. The Mars-Neptune opposition reflects an inclination toward being easily seduced by fantasy and invites us to address any discrepancy between our actions and our ideals.

Around this time, we may find it hard to assert ourselves and our boundaries confidently and experience challenges with initiating and making decisions. However, as Mars and Neptune keep separating from each other, we are likely to experience more clarity and confidence when it comes to standing up for ourselves and taking action on our desires.


Venus square Jupiter: Exploring our Relationship to Pleasure and Indulgence


As the Full Moon in Pisces takes place, retrograde Venus in Leo is tightly squaring Jupiter in Taurus. Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces, and analyzing his condition is also helpful in gaining more insight into the current lunation.

Venus and Jupiter have been squaring each other for a few days already. Both planets are now moving slower than usual, as Venus is about to station direct while Jupiter is about to station retrograde. Their alignment is offering us an invitation to observe our relationship to indulgence, wealth, and pleasure. We may ask ourselves, if we tend to gravitate towards excess, overspending, overindulging, or overeating, whether there is anything we are trying to avoid, bypass, or soothe.

The Venus-Jupiter square is also an opportunity to reflect on the harmony between giving and receiving in our relationships. These days, we may ponder whether some of our giving could be transactional or rooted in unspoken, unconscious expectations of reciprocity.

Blue Full Moon in Pisces

Blue Full Moon in Pisces: Unity of the Physical and the Spiritual


The activation of the Virgo-Pisces axis offers us an invitation to refine our balance between structure and flow, chaos and order, discipline and surrender. This Full Moon reminds us to be aware of the inherent sacredness of everything, to approach our daily lives as a part of our spiritual practice, and to build bridges between the physical and the spiritual realms, recognizing their inherent unity.

Around this time, our dreams could be especially vivid and rich in symbolism, and accessing meditative and flow states will be easier, as Pisces rules the Pineal Gland, which will be particularly active on this Full Moon. Associated with the Third Eye, the Pineal Gland is the seat of intuition and its activation allows us to access deeper insights and awareness.

Ultimately, this Pisces Full Moon invites us to allow what’s happening in our lives to teach us what we need to learn, to let our healing journey unfold as it is meant to, and to trust Life even when it doesn’t make sense to our logical minds.


Crystal Pick for Blue Full Moon in Pisces: Kyanite


A beautiful crystal to merge Virgo-like discernment with Piscean-style expression during this potent Blue Full Moon in Pisces, kyanite cleanses and balances your entire energy field, enhancing intuitive awareness, clear thinking, and the rational processing of emotions.

As deep feelings come up to be witnessed and purged, kyanite can help you release them with awareness, gaining wisdom and understanding around your blocks and self-destructive patterns so you can move into more integrity with your higher self, into more authentic self-expression. 

A stone for spiritual warriors, this shimmering smoky-blue crystal increases psychic perception, amplifying the voice of your intuition to help you connect with that Piscean ocean of Oneness, compassion, and sensitivity, raising your awareness into the truth of your connection with all things.

Try out our guided Kyanite meditation for an incredible cleansing journey to clear out all the noise and tap into the answers that are waiting within you.


Full Moon in Pisces Journal & Guided Meditation is available as part of our Full Experience membership. Join Full Experience, receive everything we create monthly and support our work ♥

Leave a comment below with what resonated with you the most and tap on the heart if you liked this article.. Happy Full Moon in Pisces!


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  • Everyday I feel more connected to my higher self through meditation. Thank you for sharing the insiteful information

  • Thank you for this wonderful reading. The dichotomies of how Pisces and Virgo energies are manifesting helped me make sense of now. You have helped me accept my desire for isolation lately.🙏🏼

  • It turned out a relation of 1985 is the messenger. in checking it out in their chart i saw it (mercury) conjunct north node so there i finally had it. My reflections becoming truer now. i knew back then they were communication relations as my pluto in third then.
    I suppose that is how saturn reflects – old relations. Virgo ruling mercury in this case also old neighbours.( ruler of third house too). To see it placed beside their north node as we know the new direction and i m in there unknowingly at the time as decisions were made. Important life death decisions too. As their life develops for good or evil duality level. it’s kind of like a first. It’s a good part of a lifetime. geez


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