article Venus in Virgo: Approaching Love with Discernment
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Venus in Virgo: Approaching Love with Discernment

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October 7, 2023

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On October 8, 9:11 PM ET, Venus leaves Leo and enters Virgo after an extended stay in the sign of the Lion. Venus is going to stay in Virgo until November 8, inviting us to approach love with discernment and reminding us to appreciate the beauty in our daily lives. 

This shift is most relevant for those of us who were born with personal placements in Mutable signs. Venus’ transit through Virgo will inspire them to be more discerning in their relationship choices, to observe if their needs and values align with those they are in connection with, and to make conscious financial decisions.

Venus from Leo to Virgo: Seeing the Beauty of Everyday Life


In Astrology, Venus correlates to how we approach love, what we value, and what brings us joy and pleasure. This is the planet associated with our receptivity and our ability to manifest and hold wealth.

Venus’ journey through Leo offered us opportunities to work on our self-confidence, share our creative expression, and open our hearts to the world. This transit, which started in July, invited us to reclaim our radiance, to be romantic, to celebrate our uniqueness and beauty, and to keep in mind that our creativity flourishes when we dare to be true to who we are. 

As Venus enters Virgo, we experience a clear energetic shift. Traditionally, Venus is considered to be in her fall here, as she is exalted in the opposite, dreamy sign of Pisces. Virgo’s energy may be a bit too practical for the Goddess of Love to express in a traditional way, however, Venus in Virgo’s transit brings gifts and opportunities for growth that are only possible when planets transit in signs that are uncomfortable for them.

Venus in Virgo invites us to find beauty in our daily lives and to value practical acts of service and devotion more than grand romantic displays. This transit encourages us to appreciate the small, practical gestures that demonstrate care and commitment, and to cultivate relationships built over a foundation of reliability and integrity.


Venus in Virgo: the Trap of Perfectionism


Venus’s journey through Virgo indicates an inclination toward a critical assessment of ourselves and our relationships, and a desire to focus more closely on our healing and our self-improvement journeys. 

Venus in Virgo tends to mark an increase in our tendency to look at those places where both we and others can improve. This transit, on the one hand, supports our self-awareness journey, yet, on the other hand, by making us very aware of all the work left to do, it could discourage us. 

Navigating Venus in Virgo energy can be tricky, as we may fall into the trap of perfectionism and forget that ultimately, a lot of learning happens through trial and error. Making mistakes is human, and it is through mistakes that we learn the most. This transit ultimately serves as a gentle reminder that we are inherently worthy and we are exactly where we need to be.

venus in virgo

Venus opposite Saturn & Venus trine Uranus and Jupiter


During her journey through Virgo, Venus is going to align with Saturn and Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, and Pluto in Capricorn.

The Venus-Saturn opposition, exact on October 10, invites us to address fears and insecurities that may contribute to feelings of low self-worth, hindering our capacity to connect with others authentically and confidently. This is also a good time to evaluate whether our relationships align with our long-term visions, and if they are sustainable to continue in the long run. The Venus-Saturn opposition in Virgo and Pisces encourages reflection about our and others’ boundaries as well as a grounded look at potential incompatibilities.

On October 22, Venus trines Jupiter in Taurus. This aspect indicates an increase in our generosity, optimism, and receptivity, as well as in our desire to enjoy life and experience what it can offer. These days are a favorable time to focus on financial growth and invite more abundance in, to expand our social networks, to connect with our physical bodies, and to indulge in sensual pleasures.

The Venus-Uranus trine, exact on October 31, supports a liberal, unconventional, and open-minded approach to relationships. Around this time, we may feel drawn to seek more novelty, stimulation, and excitement in our romantic and social lives. Ultimately, this harmonic Venus-Uranus alignment encourages us to embrace our and others’ quirks, invites us to explore different ways of generating income, and reminds us to stop living our lives according to values that are not authentic to us.


Venus opposite Neptune and trine Pluto


Venus in Virgo is going to oppose Neptune in Pisces on November 3, reflecting an increase in our tendency to idealize other people and “be in love with love”. These days, we may be more prone to fall for potential, lose touch with the ground, and get lost in unattainable fantasies. Venus-Neptune energy can be productively channeled into creative and spiritual endeavors. This aspect ultimately invites us to cultivate a personal relationship with the transcendental rather than seek to transcend the mundane by escaping into fantasies, romantic or otherwise.

The Venus-Pluto trine, exact on November 6, reflects a desire to deepen our connections and go beyond superficial relating. This aspect will inspire us to refine our psychological understanding of relational dynamics as well as of patterns that keep manifesting in our relationship to work, money, and wealth.


Venus in Virgo: Approaching Love with Discernment


During the upcoming days and weeks, Venus in Virgo will invite us to see the beauty in the simplicity of everyday life and appreciate the simple details that often go unnoticed. During this transit, we are reminded to find value in acts of service and thoughtful gestures that we tend to take for granted.

This transit invites us to be at peace with the present moment and in approval of what we may judge as imperfect, ultimately reminding us that we are enough and that we are lovable as we are.

Simultaneously, Venus’ journey through Virgo encourages us to approach love with discernment, to be clear about what we need and value, and to respect ourselves, our boundaries, and our standards. The invitation of this transit is to show up in relationships from a grounded rather than idealistic place, to make conscious choices according to what we truly need, and to invest our energy into those connections that actually nourish us and support our growth.


Crystal Pick for Venus in Virgo: Green Tourmaline


Both cleansing and rejuvenating, green tourmaline is the perfect fit for the energy of Venus entering Virgo to help you ground into your body and nurture your heart. Strengthening and protective for your entire energy field, this gorgeous green crystal nurtures your vitality, stamina, and heart-led passion to drive you forward and lead you into a beautiful life.

Green tourmaline supports your self-improvement efforts while helping to cleanse the self-critical and judgmental beliefs and thoughts that can often go along with it. It brings inner courage through open-heartedness and invigoration through an aligned heart. Use it to help you stay in a positive, growth mindset as you do the inner work, take care of yourself, and make healthy changes to nourish your mind, body, and soul.

A beautiful detoxifier for the physical body as well as for dense emotions and unhelpful thoughts, green tourmaline is an incredible healing stone with a fresh, vital, vibrant energy. Connected to nature spirits, this is a crystal that can strengthen your psychic connection to nature to help you better communicate with it and hear the subtle whispers of its guiding messages. It shares a synergistic energy with plant medicines, herbs, and other healing plant remedies, and can be helpful used in combination with them.


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