article Venus in Aries 2024: Personal and Relational Self-Discovery
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Venus in Aries 2024: Personal and Relational Self-Discovery

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March 31, 2024

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On March 31, 09:25 AM —

On April 5, 12:00 AM EST, Venus leaves Pisces and enters Aries, where the Sun, Mercury, Chiron, and the North Node are already transiting. The Goddess of Love is going to remain in the sign of the Ram until April 29, inviting us on a journey of personal and relational self-discovery, inspiring us to explore who we are both within and without relationships.

This transit is particularly relevant for those of us born with personal placements in Cardinal signs and especially for the individuals with natal Venus in Aries, who will experience their Venus return, a time of renewal of their love lives, social circles, value systems, and relationship with money. Those personally impacted by Venus’ ingress in Aries will have chances to embrace their individuality, honor their desire for independence, and find a way to meet both their need for freedom and their need for connection.

Venus from Pisces to Aries: Reinventing Ourselves and Our Relationships


In Astrology, Venus is the planet connected with how we love and how we wish to be loved, with what we value, with how we value ourselves, with our relationship with money, pleasure, and sensuality. Transits of Venus show collective trends in our orientation to all things Venusian, informing us of potential shifts in our relationships, values, sensual desires, and financial habits.

Venus’s journey through Pisces emphasized our longing for the ideal romance, our desire to manifest our romantic dreams and spiritual visions, as well as our ability to relate with others from a place of reverence and devotion. This transit reminded us of the role of relationships as catalysts for Soul growth, highlighting the risks of getting lost in fantasy and an endless search for the ideal, while encouraging us to explore our connection with something greater than ourselves. 

Venus’ start of a new cycle through the Zodiac wheel brings renewal and renovation to our romantic and financial lives. After Venus’ journey through Pisces increased our capacity for compassion and empathy, Venus’ ingress in Aries brings the focus back toward ourselves, our needs, and our desires, offering us an opportunity to reinvent both ourselves and our relationships. This transit inspires us to discover who we are as unique individuals, rather than being content with being defined by our role in our social, familial, and romantic connections. 


Venus in Aries: Questioning Mainstream Relating Models


Because Venus rules the opposite sign of Libra, she is said to be in detriment when she travels through Aries. These energies can be challenging to blend: Venus wants to be nice and Aries has no filter, Venus desires connection and Aries demands freedom, Venus wants peace and Aries is ruled by Mars, the God of War. When planets are in detriment, we have a chance to embrace paradoxes and find unique solutions that work for us.

Planets transiting signs that feel uncomfortable for them always bring interesting challenges and learning opportunities: they inspire us to do things differently and question mainstream standards, norms, and expectations. Venus in Aries is no exception: this transit challenges us to explore different ways of being in relationship with others, different value systems, and different ways of perceiving wealth and abundance, inspiring us to discover paths and possibilities that are not taught or modeled to us.

While Venus is in Aries, we have opportunities to observe any fears that may emerge surrounding a perceived loss of individuality, freedom, and independence as a result of investing more energy into our relationships. We have a chance to practice creating connections that allow us to have the space we need, learn to better identify and express our needs and desires, and observe what happens in our relationships when we don’t compromise on our authenticity.

Venus in Aspect to Pluto and the Lunar Nodes


Shortly after entering Aries, on April 6, Venus forms a sextile with Pluto in Aquarius. This harmonic alignment inspires us to deepen those relationships that matter to us and supports our willingness to allow our connections with others to transform us. The Venus-Pluto sextile indicates an increase in our desire for passion and intensity but also an awareness of when intensity is healthy and when it is not. A clearer understanding of power dynamics within relationships will be available around this time.

During her journey through Aries, Venus is going to cross the North Node of the Moon on April 17, and simultaneously oppose the Lunar South Node. Venus is the planetary ruler of the South Node, now in Libra, hence this alignment is especially relevant. 

The Venus-North Node conjunction suggests that, in order to move forward in our Soul evolution journey at this time, we may need to repeat a familiar relational pattern to gain greater awareness of what causes it and completely break free from it. Going through this process with a clear understanding of what is happening rather than repeating familiar choices compulsively has the potential to teach us something that will help us fully close a cycle and liberate ourselves from it.


Venus conjunct Chiron in Aries: Turning Point in Our Healing Journey


Venus is going to cross Chiron in Aries on April 21. Around this time, we may experience a turning point in our healing journey as well as in the process set in motion by the previous alignment between Venus and the Lunar Nodes.

The Venus-Chiron conjunction brings the spotlight on wounds connected with our relational life, self-love, self-worth, feeling lovable, and receptivity, as well as wounds that prevent us from manifesting abundance and allowing ourselves to enjoy life and feel pleasure. 

Especially throughout the few days before the exact conjunction, these wounds may open again and bleed stronger than they usually do: we may revisit experiences of abandonment, rejection, or betrayal and have chances to let go of old pain. Breakthroughs in our healing journey and a new level of awareness about where we are at will be accessible.

Venus in Aries 2024

Venus in Aries: Following the Beat of Our Own Drum


During the upcoming weeks, we may feel drawn to be more impulsive and spontaneous in our spending habits and choose to live in the moment rather than worry about the future. Venus’ ingress into the sign of the Ram marks an increase in our willingness to invest in ourselves, in our desires, and in our personal actualization journey. This transit reflects an increase in our tendency to value independence, individuality, and freedom. Venus in Aries inspires us to follow the beat of our own drum, reconnect with our spontaneity and instinct, and observe what happens in our connections with others when we deepen our connection with and dare to express our authentic selves.

Venus’s journey through Aries offers us an opportunity to explore our relationship with conflict and refine our ability to show up with awareness in any conflict that may occur. This transit reminds us how disagreements or confrontations represent invitations to deepen our capacity for intimacy and learn more about ourselves and others.


Crystal Pick for Venus in Aries 2024: Green Aventurine


This sparkly green crystal is perfect to harness the energy of this transit, as it brings together the growth, abundance and balance of Venus with the optimism, enthusiasm and zest for life of Aries. It’s a beautiful stone to help you break out of old habits and patterns and step into a new lease on life.

Green aventurine brings great luck in manifesting money, winning in games of chance, or getting the good news you’ve been hoping for. It’s calming and activating at the same time and can help you release the anger, frustration and irritation that can arise through Aries energy, and instead tap into its leadership qualities and openness to get out of your comfort zone and experience life.

It’s a stone known throughout history to bring positivity and prosperity to the forefront of your life, so you can run straight through any obstacles and right towards your goals with confidence and joy in your heart. Use it during this transit to help you break out of old fears and reactions, and boldly step into more self-worth, self-love and self-actualization.


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