article Venus enters Cancer: Wisdom of the Heart
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Venus enters Cancer: Wisdom of the Heart

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Moon Omens

May 7, 2023

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On May 7, 07:25 PM —

On May 7, 10:25 AM ET, Venus leaves Gemini and enters Cancer, inviting us to trust the wisdom of our hearts. Venus is going to remain in the sign of the Crab until June 5, offering us an opportunity to deepen our emotional intimacy with ourselves and with those we love.

Venus’ ingress in Cancer is going to be particularly impactful for those of us who were born with personal placements in Cardinal signs. Those of us more strongly influenced by this transit may experience important shifts in their romantic relationships and financial life. They will be invited to soften, open their hearts, and cultivate their capacity to receive, to give love, and let love in.

Venus from Gemini to Cancer: Heart-Centered Connections


In Astrology, Venus is the planet of love, sensuality, beauty, and art. She is connected to our capacity to magnetize to us what we desire, as well as to our levels of receptivity. Venus is also correlated to our value system and self-worth, as well as with our relationship with wealth and abundance. Transit of Venus indicates changes in what we find attractive, in our relational needs, in our values, and in our relationship to finances and resources.

While Venus is in Gemini, we seek a variety of social experiences, we are curious about people, and we value learning from others, no matter how different from us they might be. We may be tempted to invest our money and resources in a variety of pursuits and learning experiences. Venus leaving Gemini and entering Cancer indicates an inclination to attribute more value to familiarity, comfort, and emotional intimacy. These days and weeks, we may feel more inclined to invest our money, time, and resources into experiences that allow us to feel more connected to both our loved ones and to ourselves.

While Venus is in the sign of the Crab, we seek heart-centered connections. We feel drawn to nourish and deepen our emotional connection with the people we trust, with those who feel like family to us, with those with whom we feel safe and protected. Our ability to nurture and care for others and our willingness to fully open our hearts to our close ones will be enhanced during this transit.


Venus enters Cancer: Relationships as Safe Spaces


Cancer is the first Water sign, the first one through which we come into contact with our emotions and recognize our vulnerability. The focus of this stage of growth is creating conditions of safety and security: instinctively, we often tend to try to do so by trying to control our external reality rather than working on our inner reality. 

Creating inner feelings of safety and security, independent of external conditions, is the core of the evolutionary process of Cancer. When Venus is in the sign, we are invited to reflect on the danger of relationships becoming our primary source of safety and security, which can lead to issues such as codependency and emotional manipulation. 

During these days and weeks, we will have chances to notice whether we tend to project onto other people the responsibility to create conditions that allow us to feel secure, or whether we subconsciously try to control them so that they behave in a way that feels safe to us. We will have chances to reflect on our values and emotional needs, on how we express them to others, on how we desire the people in our lives to meet our needs, on our expectations and assumptions, and on our attachment patterns.

venus enters cancer

Venus in Aspect to Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, and Neptune


During her journey through Cancer, Venus is going to align with Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, and Neptune. Venus forms a trine to Saturn in Pisces on May 13. The energy of this alignment could inspire many of us to consolidate relationships that have recently started, put our finances in order, clarify our commitments, and make decisions that require thinking for the long term.

Venus squares Chiron in Aries on May 24. The Venus-Chiron square will highlight relational wounds that are still in need of healing. If we feel triggered or hurt, we may spend some time feeling whether there is an earlier wound from our past that might be activated by recent events.

Venus forms a sextile to Uranus in Taurus on May 26. The Venus-Uranus sextile stimulates our desire for change and experimentation within relationships: if we have been feeling stuck or stagnant, the energy of this aspect will support our capacity to get out of any ruts we may be in and try something different. These days, there will be a higher likelihood of unexpected encounters and new opportunities.

On June 2, Venus in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces. This aspect represents a wonderful influence on our romantic, artistic, and spiritual life. The Venus-Neptune trine will support our creativity, our capacity to surrender to the flow, as well as our ability to empathize with others and be receptive to their love.


Venus enters Cancer: Wisdom of the Heart


During Venus’ transit through Cancer, we will have opportunities to work on ourselves, on our relationships, on becoming self-secure and securely attached, and practice sharing our feelings, needs, and desires from a vulnerable place.

Throughout the upcoming days and weeks, we will be invited to reflect on our past and our past relationships, and how they still impact our present and our current choices in relationships. Working on domestic matters and healing our relationship with our family of origin could be other important areas of focus during Venus’s transit in Cancer.

In particular, this is a favorable time to gain more awareness of the connection between our early-life family relationships and the patterns we experience in our adult-life relationships. Increasing our understanding of these dynamics could help us break free from repeating cycles and begin to make different choices rather than choosing relationships on autopilot, as a subconscious attempt to heal our past and get others to meet needs that weren’t met when we were children.

This transit ultimately invites us to open up to life and to others, and work on keeping our hearts open, even when it feels hard. Venus in Cancer reminds us that by healing our hearts, recovering our connection with our emotions, and embracing radical vulnerability, we have the opportunity to create relationships that are completely different from what we experienced in the past.

Leave a comment below with what resonated with you the most and tap on the heart if you enjoyed this article!


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