article Uranus direct in Taurus: Dynamism and Momentum
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Uranus direct in Taurus: Dynamism and Momentum

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January 26, 2024

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On January 26, 11:44 AM —

On January 27, 02:35 AM EST, Uranus stations direct at 19º05’ in Taurus after being in retrograde motion since August 28, 2023. This shift, happening shortly after Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius, increases the dynamism, the momentum, the need for change, the underlying restlessness, and the desire to radically revolutionize our lives. 

Uranus’ shift of motion is going to be felt strongly, especially by those of us born with planets or angles between 19º and 23º of Fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. The individuals personally impacted by this event are likely to experience surprises, sudden changes of plans, and opportunities that will allow them to become more independent, emancipated, and free from stagnation and stuckness.

Understanding the Purpose of Uranus’ transit through Taurus


Uranus began his long-term transit through the sign of the Bull in 2018 and is going to remain there until 2026. As we are dealing with a transpersonal planet, Uranus’ transits are connected with matters that go beyond the personal, the immediate, and the subjective: he moves slowly, spending 7 to 8 years in each sign, and marks generational themes and collective transitions.

The modern ruler of Aquarius, also known as the Great Awakener, has to do with the impulse to rebel and break free from the known, the old, the past, and the familiar to venture into the unknown, the future, the experimental, and the unfamiliar. Uranus and Aquarius are connected with objectivity, detachment, and the ability to see reality from a higher vantage point. They are connected with the quantum field, the Hive Mind, and sudden flashes of genius.

Over the past few years, our way of perceiving abundance, generating income, and relating to wealth has been dramatically changing as a direct reflection of Uranus’ journey through the sign of the Bull, the archetype associated with the preservation of life and with the consolidation of foundations that grant security and stability, that allow life to flourish and blossom.

Jupiter Uranus conjunction

A Collective Shift in Values is Happening


Uranus’ journey through Taurus has been bringing to the forefront the need to drastically revolutionize the financial systems, food and energy production and distribution, as well as our relationship to nature and the Earth. This transit is catalyzing a massive collective shift in values, in our relationship to the physical body and our survival needs.

For the last few years, Uranus’ transit through Taurus has been reminding us that security is illusory and that the only constant in life is and will always be change. This is not an easy lesson for a Fixed Earth sign such as Taurus, naturally inclined to preserve the known, consolidate what already exists, and gravitate toward security and predictability.


Taking Action to Create a More Authentic Life


While Uranus was retrograde, we had an opportunity to reflect on our relationship to survival, on how we may be trading freedom for security, and on how we may sacrifice our individuality and authenticity in exchange for an illusion of stability and predictability.

During the past five months, we were invited to observe the areas of our lives that require renovation, we had chances to notice where we need more freedom and space, and we could recognize in what ways we still need to unravel the conditioning and programming we have internalized in the past. Uranus’ retrograde journey challenged us to upgrade our definition of security and redefine stability, choosing our inner reality as a reference point rather than the external one.

Uranus is now stationing direct, meaning that he appears to be at a standstill as he slowly resumes forward motion.  When Uranus is stationary, either retrograde or direct, we always experience an increased restlessness and unpredictability, a surge in unexpected events and shifts of plans, and a general acceleration of the pace of our personal and collective evolution.

Uranus resuming forward motion represents an invitation to take action to create a more authentic life, one that reflects the inner changes that took place during the past few months, while the planet was retrograde. Around this time, there are higher probabilities of witnessing significant disruptions and changes in financial marketing, the global economy, and food and energy production and distribution. Many of us are feeling drawn to act on the impulse to take a different path, dissociate from mainstream society’s expectations, and explore new rhythms and ways of living.

Uranus direct in Taurus: Embrace Change


As Uranus resumes his direct motion in Taurus, opportunities to take action according to what we learned while Uranus was retrograde will be available. Uranus is now entering the post-shadow phase of his retrograde, a time to integrate and digest the inner shifts that happened during the last few months and to take action in order to move in the direction of authenticity.

The post-shadow phase is going to end on May 13, once Uranus reaches 23º04’ of Taurus. Synchronistically, on that day, Uranus and the Sun meet in a cazimi, a perfect conjunction, happening at 23º06’ Taurus. The Sun-Uranus upcoming conjunction, corresponding to the culmination of the recent Uranus retrograde cycle, will shed light on the themes we worked on during the retrograde and the post-shadow phase, increasing our awareness of what shifted within us and in the collective, and bringing the spotlight on our individuation process. Realizations, insights, and downloads will be available at this time.

Uranus stationing direct offers us an invitation to align our external reality with the inner changes that have been taking place internally, and in particular with how our values and needs have changed since August 28.

Around this time, a surge in our discontent and feelings of restlessness will inspire many individuals to make radical changes. This shift will awaken many of us, shake up many lives, and disrupt several of our plans to remind us that we can’t control life, that we can’t impose our will on life, and that, after all, change isn’t so scary, especially when we don’t resist it.


Crystal Pick for Uranus Direct in Taurus: Malachite


This amazing green stone of radical transformation harnesses the renewal and growth energy of Taurus and the surprising and swift changing energy of Uranus, making it a perfect crystal companion for this transit.

Malachite helps you uproot the garden of your heart, to remove what’s dead, broken down or unwanted, so you can plant new seeds of creation in your life and watch them grow and thrive. It’s an amazing manifestation stone to bring big shifts and changes into your life through dismantling and repairing the past, to help you step into your most abundant, aligned, and appreciative self.

When you’re ready to grow in new and unexpected ways in your life to reach your full potential, malachite is an amazing crystal to help you tap into the courage and inner power you need to break the emotional chains that’ve been holding you back and step into your most vibrant, exciting and pleasurable life with confidence!


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