article Super New Moon in Taurus: Grounded Growth
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Super New Moon in Taurus: Grounded Growth

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May 4, 2024

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On May 4, 11:11 AM —

On May 7, 11:21 PM EST, we experience a Super New Moon at 18º01’ of Taurus, a reminder to prioritize self-love and to make sure we stay grounded as we grow and expand. This event begins a lunar month centered around rebuilding our lives from the ground up, reassessing our values, and strengthening our relationship with ourselves, our physical bodies, and the Earth.

The Taurus New Moon is an especially relevant event for those of us born with planets or angles in Fixed signs. The individuals personally impacted by the Super New Moon in Taurus are experiencing a very tangible new beginning and are invited to reflect on what they are ready to commit to. This New Moon motivates them to align with their true values and inspires them to prioritize and invest consistently in what matters most to them.

New Moons: Opportunities for a Fresh Start


New Moons are new beginnings: they bring periodic opportunities to renew our lives and start anew. These events mark the start of the lunar month and inaugurate two weeks of spontaneous action, movement, and experimentation.

On New Moons, the Sun and the Moon meet over the same degree of the same Zodiac sign and this month they join forces in Taurus, the second sign of the Zodiac wheel. A Fixed, Yin, Earth archetype, Taurus has to do with consolidating what we started, meeting our survival needs, and deepening our connection with our physical bodies and our senses. The activation of the sign of the Bull invites us to reflect on what is truly essential, what is worth investing time and energy into, what we prioritize and value, and why. 

This particular New Moon is especially relevant as it is the first New Moon that is not an Eclipse since Eclipse season began: this lunation officially closes the Eclipse portal and inaugurates a brand new chapter of our lives. This is also a Super New Moon, as it happens in the area of the Moon’s orbit that is closer to us, and for this reason, we will feel her energy more strongly than a regular New Moon.


Super New Moon in Taurus: Choosing Self-Love and Embodying Abundance


Taurus is connected to issues of self-worth and self-esteem and reminds us of how our relationship with ourselves and the frequency it generates determines our relationships with others. The Taurus New Moon is an invitation to begin a new chapter of our relationship with ourselves and with our bodies and to start valuing ourselves, our time, and our energy more. The upcoming lunar cycle is a powerful time to commit to prioritizing self-love above anything else and maybe ask ourselves, before making a decision, the question “What would a person who loves themselves choose in this situation?”. 

Taurus is also connected to the frequencies of abundance, prosperity, and wealth. The Taurus New Moon, together with Taurus’ ruler Venus also in the sign and close to the Sun and the Moon, reminds us that the Universe is naturally abundant. This lunation is a powerful time to meditate on our relationship to abundance and set the intentions of connecting with this frequency more often, making sure we are open and receptive to what is available to us rather than focused on what is lacking. It is also an opportunity to challenge the assumption that wealth solely equals money and recognize all the alternative kinds of wealth that are accessible to us.


New Moon conjunct Jupiter and Uranus: Revolutionizing our Lives


The Sun and the Moon in Taurus are conjunct with both Uranus and Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and authenticity, which leads us on a quest for meaning and purpose. The ruler of Sagittarius fuels our desire to learn from experience and explore life beyond our comfort zone. Uranus is the planet of deconditioning, rebellion, and liberation from the past. The ruler of Aquarius is connected to the future and inspires us to strive for innovation and progress. 

Both Jupiter and Uranus are concerned with our individuation: they inspire us to be true to who we are and, if we don’t know who we truly are, they motivate us to discover it. They encourage us to not be afraid of making unconventional choices and taking risks that can lead us closer to our authentic selves. 

While Taurus as an archetype tends to get stuck in ruts, stagnate, and follow inertia, during the upcoming lunar cycle that option won’t feel so appealing, as the energy of Jupiter and Uranus will shake things up and motivate us to make changes and break free from stagnation, conformity, and inauthenticity.

The alignment between the New Moon, Uranus, and Jupiter suggests that, shortly after Jupiter and Uranus began a new cycle, more changes in our inner and outer reality are on the way. During the upcoming days and weeks, we will have chances to align with our core values, question why we built our lives the way we have, and reflect on what we may be gaining from being in situations that feel unfulfilling and inauthentic. We will have opportunities to acknowledge where we are out of alignment with our personal truth and restructure our lives accordingly.

New Moon conjunct Venus: Receptivity, Embodiment, and Connection


Venus is the planetary ruler of Taurus and of this Super New Moon and her condition gives us more information about the energy of this lunation. In her Earth domicile of Taurus, Venus feels comfortable: here, she invites us to slow down, get in touch with our bodies, and deepen our ability to receive what Life offers us. As the New Moon takes place, she is 8 degrees behind the Sun and the Moon, technically conjunct both, emphasizing our need for harmony, pleasure, and connection.

It is important to mention that, currently, Venus is not visible from Earth and won’t be visible until July 10, when she is going to rise as an evening star and begin her waning phase. Venus is now approaching what can be considered to be the Full Moon phase of her cycle, which is marked by her upcoming conjunction with the Sun in Gemini, on June 4.

The current Venus cycle began on August 13, 2023, when retrograde Venus met the Sun at 20º of Leo. Around this time, we are about to reach a clearer awareness of the purpose of the process that began back then and of what needs to change in our relationship with all matters ruled by Venus such as romance, finances, our sensuality, our self-worth, self-love, values, and art.


New Moon sextile Saturn &  the Mercury-Chiron conjunction in Aries


The Sun and the Moon in Taurus are forming a sextile to Saturn in Pisces. Saturn is the planet of structure, responsibility, and commitment. The ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius has to do with our maturation process and with the journey of becoming our own authority. In Pisces, Saturn is inviting us to be mindful of our boundaries, be responsible for our sensitivity, and remain in integrity with what is True.

Saturn’s activation on the Taurus Super New Moon offers us supportive energy to consolidate and bring down to earth what we have been dreaming about and envisioning. The harmonic sextile between Saturn in Pisces and the Sun, and the Moon in Taurus facilitates consistent effort, invites us to focus on what truly matters, and reminds us to relate to our work from the perspective of service. 

As the Taurus New Moon takes place, Chiron and Mercury are conjunct in Aries: this is the last one of three conjunctions between the two celestial bodies and concludes a journey that started on March 20. The final alignment between Mercury and Chiron marks a turning point in our healing process, facilitating a shift in awareness relative to the meaning of what has been emerging during this time. This conjunction invites us to renovate our relationship with our mind and the way we speak with both ourselves and others.


Super New Moon in Taurus: Staying Grounded Amidst Change


Meanwhile, the Super New Moon in Taurus begins a lunar month revolving around restructuring the foundations of our lives in order to create a safe base for our expansion and a more authentic reality. This lunation is an invitation to cultivate our ability to stay grounded and open to receive what Life offers us. 

We are moving through a time of radical, fast, and unpredictable shifts that are taking place both on a small scale and a global scale. In this unique climate, the Taurus New Moon encourages us to deepen our awareness of what is going on in our bodies on a moment-to-moment basis and to commit to remaining connected to our body’s needs as we make decisions, move through life, and navigate change.


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Our Crystal Pick for New Moon in Taurus: Rhodonite


Rhodonite is a beautiful Taurean stone to help you mend old wounds of the heart and rebuild a foundation of love and compassion. As you open to sprouting the tender seeds of new hopes, dreams, and desires on this New Moon in Taurus, you can use rhodonite to allow you to move past the pain and inhibitions you may be carrying from the past and release their grip on your ability to move forward.

A master repairer for whatever feels broken or dismantled within you, and for wherever in life you need to create more emotional stability and inner security, rhodonite guides you into letting go, allowing, and forgiving. It can bring big comfort and release when your heart feels full or heavy, allowing you to stay open to new growth and realizations. Its beautiful combination of energies helps you stay strong while also staying soft, to protect your heart while keeping it open, and to let down your walls to experience a deeper level of self-acceptance and self-love. 

Wear or hold rhodonite as you tune into your deeper desires for this New Moon and it will help you call in more self-worth, inner security, and true understanding and compassion. Lay down with it placed over your heart and allow it to gently release and move out any heavy, dense, or stagnant energy, creating the space for love and forgiveness to weave their way in.


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