article Super Full Moon in Aquarius: Collective Awakening
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Super Full Moon in Aquarius: Collective Awakening

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July 30, 2023

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On July 30, 11:37 AM —

On Aug 1, 2023, 2:31 PM ET, we experience a Full Super Moon at 9º15’ Aquarius. This event marks a time of personal and collective awakening and offers us an invitation to explore how we can be of service to our community in a way that generates joy and fulfillment, in a way that honors the creative impulse that moves us.

This is a Super Full Moon, as it is happening around the area of the Moon’s orbit that is closer to the Earth. For this reason, the Full Moon appears bigger and brighter and her energy is said to be more powerful.

The Aquarius Super Full Moon will be most impactful for those of us who were born with planets and angles around the 9º of Fixed signs. The individual more strongly impacted by this lunation could experience significant breakthroughs and shifts in awareness that allow them to tap into their personal genius and birth new visions.

We invite you to watch our hour long video on our YouTube channel together with Nina where she walks us through the powerful energies of this Full Moon in Aquarius.

Full Moons: Shifts in Awareness


Full Moons mark the peak point of the lunar cycle, offering us an invitation to celebrate our efforts and release what no longer serves us. From now on, for the next two weeks, the Moon will gradually receive less and less light to the point of disappearing from the night sky: the momentum will slow down until the next New Moon takes place.

When the Moon is Full, she is completely illuminated by the light of the Sun, which facilitates revelations and clarity about our inner world and emotional dynamics. As the lunar cycle culminates, we reap what we sow and we see the fruits of our work.

At this time of the month, the energy rises and so does the emotional intensity: Full Moons mark turning points and shifts in our awareness. The Moon is forming a 180º angle with the Sun, technically known as an opposition. We are now experiencing the natural tension between the two opposing and complementary signs activated by the Sun-Moon alignment, in this case, Leo and Aquarius. 


Full Super Moon in Aquarius: Moving toward the Future


The Leo-Aquarius polarity is about creative expression, individuation, and materializing creative visions into the collective field. While Leo’s purpose is to fully live and to fully inhabit the present moment, Aquarius’ purpose is to implement progress and promote the advancement of humanity through futuristic ideas and innovative visions. 

Aquarius is inherently future-oriented and, for this reason, tends to be a widely misunderstood energy. This lunation could offer us chances to observe our relationship with the insecurity that arises when there are no role models that we can refer to because our vision is too new, too unusual, too futuristic, and we have little to no references to guide us. 

Around this time, there are higher chances of experiencing breakthroughs and receiving groundbreaking ideas, downloads, and insights. The Aquarius Full Moon marks a time of personal and collective awakenings and reminds us of the faith and courage it takes to hold a truly innovative vision, a vision that nobody else understands just yet. 


Relationship between Self and Groups


A theme of this lunation is the exploration of our relationship with groups and how groups have the potential to support our creative expansion. The Aquarius Full Moon, however, also reminds us of the importance of being part of a community without losing ourselves and our individuality in it.

While Leo is about recovering our connection with the Self and honoring its full expression, Aquarius is about integrating the Self in groups and communities, creating together, and bringing a shared vision to life. 

During Leo season, the Full Moon in Aquarius directs our attention to the value of collaboration, team effort, and community as a supportive influence for our creative development and personal actualization. This lunation is an invitation to explore how we can be of service to our community in a way that generates joy and fulfillment, in a way that honors the creative impulse that moves us.

Simultaneously, the Aquarius Full Moon reminds us that, while being able to be part of a community is key to human evolution, progress, and well-being, mindlessly conforming to group thinking kills creativity and prevents innovation. Around this time, we will have an opportunity to observe our relationship with standing out from the crowd, with being different, with not fitting in.

Recovering our Connection with the Creative Source


This lunation reminds us that we aren’t the source of our creativity. Creativity is impersonal: we all have the ability to tap into the source of creative energy, it is not about us, and it has never been.

The Aquarius Full Moon highlights the value of objectivity and detachment, of embracing a bird’s eye view of our life and our creations, and invites us to not allow our ego to get too identified with what we create.

This lunation could invite us to look at the places where we are excessively attached to an outcome, where we have been taking something too personally, or where we are too tied up with a certain identity or role.


Full Moon square Jupiter: Releasing Old Beliefs


The Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius both square Jupiter in Taurus. The Sun, Moon, and Jupiter square invites us to observe our relationship with excess, exaggeration, and lack of moderation, bringing our attention to the risks of overdoing, over-giving, and overindulging.

This configuration can also represent an invitation to let go of our attachment to existing beliefs and systems of value that are keeping us stuck and stagnant. It is an opportunity to question existing perspectives and worldviews, particularly those that may prevent us from moving toward the future and from creating what is asking to be born through us.

The Sun, Moon, and Jupiter square invites us to be aware of the difference between self-confidence and arrogance, between true generosity and transactional giving, between personal expansion and grandiose ego trips.


Saturn in Pisces opposite Mercury in Virgo


Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius and his condition offers us more information about the energy of this Full Moon. Saturn is retrograde in Pisces and forming a perfect opposition with Mercury in Virgo. The Mercury-Saturn opposition brings our attention to self-censoring and self-silencing tendencies, as well as to our relationship to perfectionism, judgment, and criticism.

This alignment invites us to be mindful of excessive criticism and judgment of both ourselves and others and reminds us how overthinking can block progress and prevent change from happening altogether. The Mercury-Saturn opposition is an invitation to notice where we feel tempted to hold back from sharing our truth, get caught in believing that our ideas have no value and that we haven’t got anything relevant or meaningful to share.

On the collective level, debates about censorship, freedom of speech, and regulations surrounding the internet and social media are likely to be in the spotlight. This aspect is an opportunity to notice how those limitations and restrictions we perceive or experience on the outside mirror something that is already going on within us.

Uranus square Venus & trine Pluto


Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, is in Taurus, squaring retrograde Venus in Leo and forming a trine to retrograde Pluto in Capricorn. The Venus-Uranus square has been ongoing for the last couple of weeks, as Venus has been moving very slowly due to her recent shift of motion.

This aspect has been bringing our attention to the journey of balancing our need for freedom and our need for connection, and designing unique relationship paradigms that meet our true needs and desires. It has been offering us an invitation to let go of values, ways of relating, and ways of perceiving relationships that represent a byproduct of the programming we internalized. It is time to find unique relationship solutions that truly work for us, that feel authentic, supportive, and nourishing, even if they don’t fit with mainstream values or traditional expectations.

The Uranus-Pluto trine is a long-term influence that accelerates and facilitates the collective shift in values and consciousness we have already been experiencing, marked by the fast transformation, evolution, and innovation of the foundations of the social structure as well as of our individual realities.


Full Super Moon in Aquarius: Being True to Who We Are


The Full Moon in Aquarius brings the spotlight on the role of collaborations, cooperation, and community for our personal growth and creative development, as well as on the challenges we may experience in the process of integrating into communities and groups.

The activation of the Leo-Aquarius axis invites us to work with the tension between individual desires and group desires, between personal needs and the needs of the community, between betraying ourselves to fit into a group and being too tied up with the identity of the loner or the misfit, being excessively attached to the experience of non-belonging.

During this lunation, we may become aware of feelings of alienation and of the struggle to find our place within a community that truly aligns with our values. It is an opportunity to pause and reflect on the ways we can find our soul family and foster authentic connections with others who truly appreciate and support our individuality and uniqueness. The first step is committing to being unapologetically true to who we are.


Crystal Pick for Super Full Moon in Aquarius: Stichtite


A beautiful stone for this Super Full Moon in Aquarius is the sparkly purple stichtite, a uniquely magical crystal that harnesses the unique energy of the Aquarius/Leo axis. It opens and activates the third eye and crown chakras and links them with the portal of the heart chakra, bridging the intuitive and expansive vision of Aquarius with the personal, heart-centered energy of Leo.

Stitchtite will help you tap into your own inner wisdom and intuitive knowing, helping you see beyond the illusions and toxic patterns that may be keeping you stuck. It’s calming for the nervous system, which can become activated during intense Aquarian energy, helping alleviate emotional distress, tension, and unresolved issues you may be carrying with you.

The heightened awareness stichtite brings encourages you to stay true to yourself, to your own feelings and inner knowing, increasing your sense of self-love, self-discipline, and self-confidence, in true Leo-season style!


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