article Super Flower Moon – The Last Super Full Moon of 2020
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Super Flower Moon – The Last Super Full Moon of 2020

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May 5, 2020

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The final Super Full Moon of 2020: Super Flower Moon peaks on May 7 2020 at 6:45am EST.

The Full Flower Supermoon is shining down on Planet Earth. Her brilliance is illuminating the sky and giving us a chance to bloom into the world. Although it’s a time of breaking the bud and spreading our petals, this Supermoon in Scorpio is whispering for us not to forget the importance of strong roots.

super flower moon

As the Sun transits Taurus, from April 19th until May 20th, the physical senses come into focus. Taurus energy is an Earth sign that thrives when it’s practical, rooted and indulging in the pleasures of the human experience. Throughout Taurus Season (Tap here to read Taurus Season Article) we are asked to reclaim our happiness and bring joy down-to-Earth.


Super Flower Moon in Scorpio: Light and Dark


There’s always two sides to every story and for all the light there is ample dark. For happiness there is sorrow and for love there is fear. Even though the Sun has been shining a focus on the sensual side of life, we are also facing our limitations.

Being a ray of love in a world of fear is a powerful choice. It’s an act that has an impact and ripples out.  This Super Flower Moon is reminding us of the perseverance it takes to bloom.

super flower moon

Life on Earth is filled with paradoxes and dualities. A Supermoon is a time of opposites interacting and learning through contrast. We will feel this polarity as the Moon becomes Full in the sign of Scorpio, which is opposite of Taurus.

The Sun and the Moon on opposite sides does not have to play out like a tug of war. Instead they can be two strong pillars that support us. That being said, we have to appreciate both sides of the equation.


Super Flower Moon: Diamonds Created Under Pressure


We have to see that we are each multifaceted diamonds. Diamonds are created under pressure and during this Scorpio Supermoon the pressure is on. It’s through the process of pressurization that the flower blooms. This Super Flower Moon needs us to surrender.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”– Anais Nin

While we are asked to appreciate and honour the tangible side of life, during this Supermoon in Scorpio we need to be aware of what’s beyond our 5 senses. Supermoons are times of learning through our triggers and as the Moon shines in Scorpio emotions may bubble up from the depths.


Relationship to the Roots


Instead of fearing the depth, we can remember that strong roots are what allows a flower to bloom, or a tree to withstand the wind. Without going deep, the shallow surface of reality can feel flat. This Supermoon is an invitation to remember all that exists below the surface of life. Resisting this depth is what will leave us in fear. Love is inviting us to dive deep.

“I must be a mermaid. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.” – Anais Nin

What is our relationships to the roots? To what’s below the surface? To the unknown? As humans we’ve been taught to fear endings and deep waters. We are told to trust what is tangible and be skeptical of the unknown. Now is a time of enjoying the fullness of the flower, while remembering everything is temporary.


Super Flower Moon: Embracing Transformation


The only thing in life that doesn’t change, is change itself. Change is the only constant. Everything is made of an energy that is always moving and transforming. Nothing can stay the same. This might feel scary, but we are given a choice now to enhance our relationships to the unknown. Energy never dies, it only transforms. 

full moon

We are living, breathing examples of this. How many times have we changed and transformed? Thinking back to our bodies when we were babies, makes it easy to see that our growth is inevitable. The surface of the water is always moving, but deep below the water is still. This Super Flower Moon in Scorpio is inviting us to access that stillness.


Super Flower Moon: Diving Deep


The thing about the bottom of the ocean is that it’s dark down there. We don’t know how deep it is, and maybe we have to trust our oxygen tanks to keep us breathing. The pressure of the water is upon us and we don’t even know all the creatures that live down there.

But down in the depths is an undying stillness. Energy is eternal and because we are made of energy, so are we. 

This Supermoon is about connecting to that eternal side of ourselves. There may be triggers and changes occurring on the surface, but deep within us is a powerful knowing. It’s okay to feel scared. It’s normal to feel weary about the unknown. The dark can induce fear.


Reframing Darkness


But let’s reframe darkness. What if darkness is creation? What if we all come from the depths of the dark? A womb is a dark place. Our organs that keep us alive exist in the darkness of our bodies.

We need sleep to survive, and every-night we close our eyelids and submerge in velvety darkness.  A seed needs to be planted deep into the dark of the Earth where it can root and anchor, before sprouting out into the world.

We see that darkness is nothing to fear, and in-fact it’s often a safe space for us to land. The Universe exists within each one of us and instead of fearing our inner depths, Super Flower Moon is asking us to explore them. Are we open to this journey? Or are we closed and tight?


Opening Our Palms


Think about a clenched fist. A tightly grasped hand cannot receive. It cannot open up and it cannot receive anything in its palm. Now imagine clenching our fists around the fullness of a flower. We would crush its petals and destroy its beauty.

Super Flower Moon

Now imagine an open palm. Our palms open when we give or when we receive. We can gently hold the flower. This is a time when the Universe is throwing all sorts of options and opportunities our way. But if our fists are closed we can’t catch anything.


Super Flower Moon in Scorpio Trine Neptune in Pisces


These options are coming from unknown places and they can feel far off or even impossible. This Supermoon in Scorpio is trining Neptune. Neptune is the planet of divinity, miracles and magic. It’s also a very confusing or foggy energy. Neptune brings in waves of faith, followed by waves of doubt. It’s high highs and low lows.

This Supermoon is a moody one. We might feel all over the place. Neptune’s involvement during this Supermoon is ultimately asking to trust ourselves even with all the fog.


Super Flower Moon in Scorpio + Mercury in Taurus


Mercury is transiting Taurus during this Supermoon in Scorpio. Mercury is the planet of logic, intellect and rationality. Taurus is a grounded Earth sign. This means our minds are focused on the physical. Our minds are looking for answers from our 5 senses and the tangible realms. However, the shifts are not coming from the external realm.

This could leave us scratching our heads or experiencing some serious mind games. Our logical minds might not have the answers at this time. Instead of fighting that, we can once again surrender to the unknown.

The Full Flower Supermoon is shining in the sign of Scorpio. Although there are no other planets currently in Scorpio, it is pulling up experiences from the past and activating certain groups of people.


Super Flower Moon in Scorpio: Pluto in Scorpio Generation


From 1983 through 1995 Pluto was in Scorpio. This means anyone born during these years has natal Pluto in Scorpio. We are all more than just our Sun signs, in fact we have signs for all of the planets. Those born between these years have Scorpio Pluto signs.

This entire generation of people have a deep connection to the roots. These are people who cannot be easily fooled and innately know the truth. The Pluto in Scorpio generation are here to transform the planet. They are the trailblazers bringing in a new frequency to Earth. One that is rooted in truth. These individuals are not usually afraid of change, instead they fear the planet staying the same.

As the Full Flower Supermoon shines in Scorpio this generation is coming into themselves. It’s time for them to follow their intuitions and share who they are with the world. Now is not the time to hold back.


Those who are not born between 1983 and 1995 will still be feeling these shifts. There are so many facets to life on Earth. We are the entire Universe. There are many layers and cycles. We are all a kaleidoscope of energy and somewhere within each of us is an area ruled by Scorpio.

It’s time for planet Earth to get down to the roots. To prioritize its relationships to the unknown and move forward as a frequency of truth. We invite you to embrace the truth. Deep down you always know what’s right and what is true. The truth feels like love, and love feels like home. Come back home.

We hope you enjoyed this article and we wish beautiful Super Moon and month of May. Please help u by sharing this article with others and comment below with what resonated with you the most. We love you 🙂

We invite you to meditate & journal together with our Soul Family and get our Super Flower Moon Guided Meditation Audio & Printable Journal  Tap here 🙂


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