article Saturn retrograde in Pisces 2024: Redefining Priorities
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Saturn retrograde in Pisces 2024: Redefining Priorities

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June 27, 2024

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On June 27, 09:00 AM —

On June 29, 3:06 PM EST, Saturn stations retrograde at 19º25’ of Pisces beginning four and a half months centered on cultivating spiritual discipline, redefining our boundaries and priorities, and finding structure amidst uncertainty. Saturn is going to remain in an apparent backward motion until November 15, inviting us to pay attention to what needs to be restructured in our lives, encouraging us to ask ourselves why we do what we do, and inspiring us to reflect on our relationship to responsibility and service.

Saturn’s shift of motion is especially relevant for those of us born with planets or angles around the 19º of Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) as well as for the people with natal placements in Capricorn and Aquarius, which Saturn rules. The individuals personally impacted by Saturn’s shift of motion will be asked to pay attention to how the Universe is asking them to restructure their inner and outer lives and observe what needs to change in their relationship to responsibility, service, and commitment.

Saturn in Pisces: Finding Structure Amidst Uncertainty


In Astrology, Saturn rules Capricorn and, traditionally, also Aquarius. Saturn is associated with boundaries, structure, and the maturation process: Saturn’s transits bring karmic lessons and teach us about authority, responsibility, and commitment. We can say that Saturn represents the laws of 3D reality and its limitations as well as areas where we must get stronger, face challenges, and develop discipline. Also referred to as the Lord of Time and Karma, Saturn can be seen as the timekeeper of the Zodiac. Saturn invites us to grow up and take responsibility for ourselves, for our choices, for our actions, and for how we invest our time and energy.

Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac, contains the totality of the eleven previous archetypes, it is the place where we come from and the place we are going to come back to, the beginning and the end, a place beyond space and time, beyond the limitations of form, rationality, and the five senses. Planets in Pisces are floating through a formless, timeless realm, a place where nothing is linear or solid, a place where everything is slowly dissolving.

Saturn has been in Pisces since March 7, 2023, and is going to remain in the sign until May 24, 2025. When a planet that has to do with time, responsibility, and what is tangible travels through a timeless, intangible realm, where no boundaries are present, we can experience challenges integrating these energies. Nevertheless, Saturn’s journey through Pisces offers us opportunities to connect with a sense of structure in uncertain times and, especially while Saturn is retrograde, gain awareness of what needs to be dissolved in our lives in order to build something more meaningful.


Saturn stations retrograde: Redefining our Boundaries and Priorities


When planets station retrograde, they appear to be at a standstill and pause before beginning to move backward. Even though the planets are not actually changing the direction they are moving toward, it appears that they are doing so from our perspective on Earth, due to an optical illusion that can be compared to watching a train that isn’t moving from a moving train. If we are on a forward-moving train, the train that is not moving appears to move backward, and this is what happens with retrograde planets. 

From a symbolic perspective, retrogrades are invitations to pause, slow down, and observe what is going on in our lives rather than continuing to take action following the inertia. When a planet goes retrograde, we have opportunities to review, reflect, reconsider, reassess, and refine our relationship with the themes connected to the planet involved.

Saturn transits mark maturation cycles and when Saturn is retrograde the invitation for us is to spend more time in introspection and reflect on how Life is asking us to mature. This time is meant to inspire us to restructure and redefine our lives, our boundaries, our priorities, our commitments, and our responsibilities. While Saturn is retrograde in Pisces, we have an opportunity to question our existing spiritual beliefs as well as our relationship with spiritual practice and review our existing approach to manifesting our dreams and visions in the 3D reality.

Saturn retrograde in Pisces 2024

Saturn trine Venus and Mercury: Relational and Intellectual Maturation


Saturn is stationing retrograde while harmoniously aspecting both Venus and Mercury in Cancer. The trines between Saturn, Mercury, and Venus represent a supportive influence on our relational and intellectual maturation journeys, which are an integral part of our spiritual maturation process.

Throughout the entire Saturn retrograde period, we will have chances to evaluate what relationships to consolidate, what relationships are worth investing our energy into, and what relationships can help us grow. We will also be inspired to reflect on what studies we aspire to deepen, what topics inspire us and we are drawn to study with more discipline and commitment. 


Saturn retrograde in Pisces: Commitment as an Expression of Devotion


Saturn retrograde in Pisces is an invitation to take responsibility for how we invest our time, energy, and focus and address the root of any avoidance, escapist tendency, and addictive behaviors that may be taking energy from us, keeping us stuck, and preventing us from maturing and actualizing our full potential. Addiction, escapism, victim mentality, as well as spiritual bypassing are shadows of the Pisces archetype: Saturn retrograde in the sign is an invitation to get real with ourselves about our blind spots, address the root cause of dysfunctional behaviors, ask for help if we need it, and commit to breaking patterns that keep us stuck in a victim mindset.

Saturn’s retrograde journey through Pisces invites us to remember the value of commitment as an expression of devotion and challenges us to question whether we are in service to something greater than ourselves or rather we are just serving our own ego and personal interests. This may be a time to consider making necessary sacrifices in order to create more meaningful and truthful lives.

As Saturn stations retrograde at 19º Pisces, Neptune is also in Pisces and is going to station retrograde in a few days too. Neptune is currently placed at 29º of the sign of the Fish, exponentially increasing the feeling of liminality, confusion, and closure, and facilitating the dissolution of existing structures, the end of existing cycles. Saturn and Neptune’s almost simultaneous retrogrades represent an opportunity to pay attention to what is coming to an end in our lives, what is dissolving, and what we need to let go of to make space for what is True, to manifest into form what our Souls aspire to create.


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  • Thanks for this. Saturn in Pisces is a strange bedfellow for sure but as the Lord of Time I feel he is giving us a heads up of how we will perceive time in the near future – as something much more fluid

  • Brilliant as Always. You all are very Enlightened families to make a realistic decision on choice for everyone to see some way out of the Maze, I really enjoy the Avenue you take to explain the problem of a World we Inherited.
    Thanks again Everyone.


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