article Saturn direct in Pisces: Translating Formless into Form
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Saturn direct in Pisces: Translating Formless into Form

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November 4, 2023

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On November 4, 10:51 AM —

On November 4, 03:03 AM ET, Saturn stations direct at 0º30’ of Pisces after being retrograde since June 17. Saturn’s shift of motion invites us to take action aligned with how our awareness shifted during the retrograde and encourages us to do the work to translate the formless into form and ground our dreams into reality.

This shift will be relevant for everyone, but particularly so for those of us with natal placements in the early degrees of Mutable sign and the individuals with significant Capricorn and Aquarius placements, as these signs are ruled by Saturn. Saturn’s shift of motion will encourage them to renew their commitment to their dreams and their desire to be of service in a certain way, challenging them to take tangible action in that direction.

Saturn in Pisces: Liminal Time of Transition


Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac, is the end and the beginning, the alpha and the omega. Within Pisces, there are no limits and no boundaries: all borders dissolve and we are one with the whole, in a timeless dimension. This sign is said to contain the totality of life and the expression of all the eleven previous archetypes. 

Pisces teaches us to stay in the space of uncertainty, in the space of not knowing, and allow new desires and impulses to unfold from there. This sign invites us to surrender to the flow and recognize that Life knows better than us.

When planets travel through Pisces, they are closing an entire evolutionary journey and navigating the liminal space of transition between the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. Saturn is no exception. 


Spiritual Maturation & Embodiment


However, while Pisces is very ethereal, ephemeral, and intangible, Saturn asks us very grounded, realistic questions. How are you using the time you have been given? What are you building? Are your current choices supporting your long-term vision? What do you practically need to do to make your dreams come true?The Lord of Time and Karma demands commitment, dedication, and consistent work: by testing our resilience and perseverance, this planet offers us opportunities to mature and learn the value of delayed gratification. 

Pisces is formless and impossible to understand in a linear, logical way, while Saturn is a very grounded, tangible planet, that teaches us to master the world of form, the 3D physical reality. When these two energies come together, the invitation for us is to establish a more embodied and down-to-earth relationship with our spiritual and artistic practices and to learn to see our mundane commitments and responsibilities as integral parts of our spiritual path, not as something separate from it.


Understanding Saturn Retrograde Period


While Saturn was retrograde, everything associated with order, structure, and regulations slowed down. We had a chance to reassess how we structured our lives, and redefine our commitments, responsibilities, and priorities. During this time, some of us might have felt a sense of general fatigue and heaviness and a feeling of not being able to build anything solid or make tangible progress.

Saturn retrograde in Pisces invited us to question, review, and restructure the way we relate to our responsibilities and commitments, but also to our boundaries, our spiritual practice, and our art. This transit invited us to find more harmony between discipline and flow and offered us an opportunity to observe how we can structure our lives while remaining attuned to our highest values, and without being excessively controlling or hard on ourselves.


Saturn direct in Pisces: Translating the Formless into Form


Saturn’s transits always highlight areas where greater responsibility is needed and invite us to sacrifice immediate gratification for delayed gratification. In Pisces, where Saturn is going to remain until February 2026, themes that we are being invited to approach with maturity and responsibility include our relationship with service and spirituality. We have chances to address tendencies toward victimization, savior complexes, and martyrdom, refine our ability to set and hold appropriate boundaries, and renew our relationship with fantasy and imagination.

In these upcoming months, we will have opportunities to become aware of any tendencies toward spiritual naivety and spiritual bypass, establish a more grounded connection with the subtle and intangible dimensions of life, and recognize the difference between surrender and passivity.

Overall, this transit invites us to ground our dreams in reality and stop wasting time in fantasy and daydreaming. This is a time to take action aligned with our highest values and commit to translating the formless into form, even when the reality of what needs to be done isn’t as glamorous or exciting as we imagined.

saturn in pisces

Saturn stations direct in Pisces: Aligning with a New Awareness


When planets station direct after a retrograde, we are encouraged to take action to align our lives with what changed within us and in our awareness during the retrograde period. Saturn is now entering the post-shadow phase, the time in which he travels for the third and last time between 0º and 7º of Pisces, the degrees where the retrograde happened.

As Saturn goes through the post-shadow phase of this cycle, which is a time of integration and adjustment, we will be able to move forward with more clarity and gain a deeper understanding of the subtle shifts that took place during the retrograde. The post-shadow phase ends in February 2024, when Saturn reaches again the 7º degree of Pisces, where the retrograde phase started back in June. Once this period is over, we will be able to see with more precision what the entire retrograde has been about.


Crystal Pick for Saturn Direct in Pisces: Shungite


This Saturnian stone is one of the most brilliant cleansing and purifying tools the earth has ever created and will keep you feeling grounded, focused, and empowered as structured Saturn stations direct in dreamy Pisces. 

Shungite has been proven to neutralize the harmful effects of EMFs and radiation, and it does the same thing with any dense, static, or interruptive energies we may encounter throughout daily life. Believed to be over 2 billion years old, this carbon-rich stone helps clear out toxins of every sort, from pathogens in the body to toxic thinking patterns to harmful emotions we may be carrying.

Saturn’s influence in the Pisces area of our chart can help us bring order to the chaos and ground our creative ideas into reality, and shungite is the perfect stone to help you channel that Piscean stream of consciousness and connection with Spirit into organized, clear, coherent energy you can use to bring your dreams to life! 


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