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Dear Pisces,

You follow your heart during this October. You follow what you love, that faith that you have so strongly, and you are learning a lot. You are learning things that totally transform your life, that totally transform your personality and your way of doing things. You carry the energy of a deep mystic, and you also carry an enormous understanding that you are not always able to share with others because this understanding comes from a deep place within you. You are very social, and you can be surrounded by very different people, different types, different styles, and different perceptions, and you are able to understand all these different styles and expressions and perceptions. You are giving of yourself selflessly, and you are giving of yourself emotionally. Everything is done with deep emotion in your life, and you carry great invisible strength. Your emotional capacity is huge, and you have a tendency to go deep, to research the subconscious levels of your being, and to innerstand things that are otherworldly, mystical, mysterious, spiritual, and intuitive. Your intuition and deep understanding of things that are not obvious and evident are going to guide you now. You are reminded of your treasures that you carry. Bring them out, and use them powerfully.


October has some pretty wonderful & magical things in store for you. We have dedicated a lot of time to bring you this wonderful October Horoscope E-Book (114 pages, all about you!) + Audiobook in which we are going to be guiding you through the energies of October & how they will affect your life. This horoscope is like no other. We really went all in with this one! It is very detailed, very deep and personalized. The guidance and information you will receive will help you understand your inner and outer worlds better, and why some things are happening the way they are.


In your October horoscope you will find very precise guidance through the energy of this month, what you can expect and practical sections that will help you navigate in life during October beyond. Get ready for real magic, transformation & blessings to enter your life!


Become better, attract better! We love you!

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