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Aquarius Horoscope will help you understand:

  • What can Aquarius expect in May
  • Aquarius relationships with inner self
  • Aquarius relationships with others
  • Aquarius love & romantic life in May
  • Aquarius career & purpose in May
  • How May Full Moon will influence Aquarius
  • How May New Moon will influence Aquarius
  • The Most Impactful Planet For Aquarius in May
  • Tarot Card Reading For Aquarius in May

Audio Book for Aquarius in May

  • Aquarius in May 61 minutes Audio Book together with your 124 pages E-Book & Printable Journal

Practical Guide, Exercises & Journal for Aquarius in May

  • Aquarius healing tips in May
  • How Aquarius can use May’s energies in the best possible way
  • Inner Exploration Journal for Aquarius in May

New: Important May Dates

  • Additional important May dates for Aquarius
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Sneak peek at Aquarius May Horoscope

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  • Life supports me in every manner, and I have overcome many challenges since March with the help of your affirmations, zodiac readings, suggestions etc. But I listened to you. If you say watch the time-lapse video for rose blooming, I did it. When you tell make reflections on what you have been going through during Eclipse season; instead of going out, I write journals. Please don’t fool us with algorithms 🙂 I trust you! You saved my life during my divorce period. Grateful to Moonomens Team and whoever put their beautiful souls into this. I love you. I wish abundance to all of us!

  • The best page I saw in Instagram and readings are 100%accurate.all the time things happen in my daily life are in daily readings.

  • I love all that you do. But you should be able to purchase a monthly horoscope whenever you like and not be committed to every month-a subscription. Please change this. Some months, I am busier than others and don’t always have time to read everything. Thank you! Brenda

  • I purchased my 2024 horoscope after reading the blurb on the website. It really spoke to me and I wanted to dig deeper. It is so comprehensive I have yet to get through it all, but I have already come back to the first part over and over. It’s something I will reference all year to help me navigate the moon cycles, retrogrades, etc. I am so happy I “stumbled” upon the Moon Omens page. I use it frequently, reading the articles, watching the videos and I’ve even purchased books.

  • I cried, I laughed, then I cried some more. I have never in my life read something so powerful when pertaining to me. thank you to the Moonomens Team for creating something with such insight & preciseness to help all Aquarians get through was is sure to be an impactful month.


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