article New Moon in Leo: Let Yourself Be Seen
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New Moon in Leo: Let Yourself Be Seen

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August 15, 2023

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On August 15, 01:37 PM —

On August 16, 05:37 AM ET, we experience a New Moon at 23º16’ of the sign of Leo, an invitation to open our hearts and let our true selves be seen. This lunation encourages us to commit to fully participating in life by embracing and expressing our authentic voice.

 This lunation will be more relevant for those of us who were born with planets or angles around the 23º of Fixed signs. Those of us more strongly impacted by the Leo New Moon will have opportunities to strengthen their commitment to being true to themselves and making progress in their creative development. During the upcoming lunar cycle, they will be invited to follow their passions with courage and confidence and lay the groundwork for fresh visions and ideas.

We invite you to watch our hour long video on our YouTube channel together with Nina where she walks us through the powerful energies of this New Moon in Leo.

New Moon in Leo: Invitation to Participate in Life and Be Seen


Every New Moon marks a new beginning and brings an energy of renewal and renovation into our lives, inviting us to welcome fresh starts, plant new seeds, and set clear intentions for the weeks ahead. On a New Moon, the Sun and the Moon are perfectly aligned from our perspective on Earth and they form a 0º angle, technically referred to as a conjunction.

This month, the Moon and the Sun meet in the solar domicile, the Fixed Fire sign of Leo, beginning a lunar cycle centered around creativity, self-expression, and self-reclamation. This lunation is an invitation to focus on our journey of self-actualization and take action on our heart’s desires. 

The Leo New Moon brings the spotlight on our journey toward authentic self-expression and urges us to connect with our unique talents and strengths and share them with the world. This event is an invitation to step into the limelight, not out of ego-driven needs for validation, attention, and recognition, but rather as a way to wholeheartedly participate in life, leave our mark, and allow our authentic expression to inspire others as well.


New Moon conjunct retrograde Venus: Relationships Take Center Stage


The Sun and the Moon are conjunct retrograde Venus and True Black Moon Lilith and they all square Uranus in Taurus. This powerful configuration brings the spotlight on the process of redefinition, renewal, and restructuring of our relationships, finances, needs, and values – a process that has already been ongoing due to Venus’ retrograde in the sign of the Lion, which started on July 22.

Venus has recently crossed the Sun, beginning what is considered to be the New Moon phase of her cycle, and in a few days will be visible in the morning sky. The recent Sun-Venus inferior conjunction marked another fresh start: new insights about our relational patterns, our relationship with money, and our true values are likely to arise throughout the upcoming days and weeks. However, Venus is currently still invisible from our perspective on Earth, inviting further self-reflection, self-observation, and self-assessment.

The proximity of Venus, the Sun, and the New Moon invites us to meditate on the role that relationships have in our life as a source of emotional security, safety, and comfort. It is an opportunity to observe how our connections and the role we play in them contribute to shaping our sense of identity and purpose. The Sun, Moon, and retrograde Venus conjunction also offers us a chance to think about to what extent our level of self-worth and self-esteem is dependent on receiving validation, recognition, and attention from others.


New Moon & Venus conjunct Black Moon Lilith


The Leo New Moon is happening in a tight conjunction with True Black Moon Lilith, the point of the Moon’s orbit farther away from the Earth. Astrologically, Black Moon Lilith is connected with the dark feminine, with the primal feminine, and with raw feminine sexuality. She represents an energy that has been suppressed for a long time and relegated into the shadows, hence has been distorted and demonized. 

Throughout the last centuries, we forgot the connection between sex and the sacred, we forgot the connection between sexual energy and creative energy, and we disconnected from both our animal nature and our spiritual nature. We confused sexual freedom with sexual empowerment, we split spirit and flesh, and we lost touch with both our hearts and the wisdom of our bodies. Our connection with Lilith has been cut off, and we have been conditioned to fear, judge, and disown her energy.

We also encounter Lilith-related wounds and conditioning when we worry about coming across as too much, when we doubt our gut feelings, when we favor the mind at the expense of the body, when we hide our power, and when we suppress our sexuality due to fear of judgment, embarrassment, punishment, or isolation. 

Black Moon Lilith in Leo asks to be seen and celebrated without shame and invites us to release any shame that is still holding us back from fully embracing and expressing our authentic selves.

This Leo New Moon conjunct Lilith is an invitation to remember, an invitation to feel, an invitation to celebrate the power of our bodies, an invitation to connect with the raw, primordial Feminine and allow Her energy to be fully expressed through us.

New Moon in Leo

Sun, Moon, & Venus square Uranus & trine Chiron


The Venus square Uranus aspect has been felt for a while now. With the additional activation of Uranus, now tightly squaring also the Sun and the Leo New Moon, we are in for a period of heightened unpredictability and change. This alignment amplifies the potential for sudden shifts, surprising events, and abrupt transformations. These aspects indicate an increase in our restlessness, in our craving for novelty and excitement, and in our desire to individuate and break free from conformity and inauthenticity. 

As a result, many of us may feel compelled to liberate ourselves from comfort zones that no longer feel aligned with our values, our aspirations, our truth, and with the direction that our personal and spiritual growth has taken. This lunation inaugurates a time of dynamic changes, potentially filled with new realizations and breakthroughs that could completely reshape our paths.

Moreover, the Sun, the Moon, and retrograde Venus are also in a trine aspect to retrograde Chiron in Aries. The trine aspect implies a smooth and supportive flow between these celestial bodies: these alignments suggest potential experiences of healing and growth, as Chiron represents both the wound and the medicine. This Leo New Moon will offer us chances to address old wounds and work towards personal healing and empowerment, especially in matters related to self-expression, relationships, finances, and self-worth.


Retrograde Venus in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus


Retrograde Venus in Leo is also approaching a square to Jupiter in Taurus, the second one of a cycle of three. During the upcoming days, this aspect will offer us opportunities to observe our relationship to generosity, indulgence, wealth, and pleasure. In particular, if we gravitate toward overindulgence, overgiving, or excess of any kind, we will be invited to establish adjustments and to ask ourselves whether our generosity may come with unconscious expectations or hidden strings attached.

The Venus-Jupiter square also encourages us to evaluate whether the way we pursue enjoyment, pleasure, and material abundance is truly aligned with our deepest desires for authentic love, connection to purpose, and spiritual wealth.


New Moon in Leo: Open Your Heart and Let Your True Self Be Seen


The Leo New Moon encourages us to open our hearts and let our true selves be seen, inviting us to reclaim our playfulness and our authenticity, reconnect with our passion, and allow our desires and our joy to lead us toward a life filled with purpose.

During the upcoming lunar cycle, we will have opportunities to notice where we hold ourselves back from trusting our instincts, from following our intuition, and from expressing our voices authentically. We will have chances to keep breaking free from the conditioning we have internalized, particularly relative to self-expression, sexuality, and creativity.

This lunation begins a month centered around self-discovery and creative exploration, offering us an invitation to embrace our radiance and share our light with the world. The Leo New Moon represents an invitation to recover our connection with the sacred creative flame and align our actions and choices with our heart’s true desires.

As the Sun, Moon, Venus, and True Black Moon Lilith align in Leo, squaring Uranus, we embark on a journey of self-liberation and we have an opportunity to reconnect with the joy of being fully and unapologetically expressed. This lunar cycle motivates us to craft a life that is aligned with our true essence, with our true values, with our true voice, and encourages us to dare to follow what moves us and invest in what makes us feel alive.


Crystal Pick for New Moon in Leo: Peridot


Peridot is a beautiful stone to help you set your intentions during this powerful New Moon in Leo. The August birthstone, its energy feels bright like a summer’s day and wise like an old oak tree. It’s welcoming, friendly, cheerful, and filled with light, to amplify all those same traits within you.

Peridot is an excellent choice for helping you manifest your goals around health, wealth, and happiness. Its clarifying, cleansing essence clears out what’s heavy and dense so you can tune into the subtle whispers of your heart and take inspired, creative action towards them

This sparkling green stone can help you rise into your authentic self, claim your worthiness and grow with bright confidence into the full potential of who you are!


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Leave a comment below with what resonated with you the most and tap on the heart if you liked this article.. Happy New Moon in Leo!


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