article New Moon in Gemini: Embrace New Mindsets
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New Moon in Gemini: Embrace New Mindsets

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June 18, 2023

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On June 18, 01:56 PM —

On June 18, 12:36 AM ET, a New Moon at 26º42’ of Gemini takes place, offering us an invitation to embrace a new mindset, recognize the places where we have been entangled in illusion, and see our reality with new eyes.

The New Moon in Gemini will be particularly relevant for those of us who were born with natal placements in the final degrees of Mutable signs. The individuals more strongly impacted by this lunation will be encouraged to work on establishing a new relationship with their thinking minds and will have opportunities to experience significant shifts in their mindset and their communication habits.

We invite you to watch our hour long video on our YouTube channel together with our brilliant Nina where she walks us through the powerful energies of this New Moon in Gemini.

New Moon in Gemini: Seeing Reality with New Eyes


New Moons mark the start of the lunar cycle. They bring new beginnings and renewal into our lives, inviting us to plant seeds and set intentions for the weeks ahead. During a New Moon, the Moon is still invisible in the night sky, inviting introspection and reflection before she becomes visible again and the energy keeps gradually rising during the two weeks leading up to the Full Moon. From our perspective on Earth, she is perfectly aligned with the Sun, forming a 0º angle that we refer to as a conjunction, and they occupy the same degree of the same Zodiac sign.

This month, the luminaries meet in Gemini. The third sign of the Zodiac, a Yang, Mutable, Air archetype, corresponds to a phase of evolution focused on learning, communicating, and exchanging information with our environment. Through this sign, we refine our logical reasoning skills and we explore inductive learning processes, associated with the left hemisphere of the brain.

The focus is on the role of our intellect, of the thinking mind, and the power of our thoughts and words. The New Moon in Gemini encourages us to see our reality with new eyes, to explore how changes in our perception impact our experiences, and to be mindful of how the thoughts we entertain and the words we speak contribute to shaping our reality.


Refining Communications and Renewing Our Mindset


The Gemini New Moon offers us an invitation to gain more awareness of our inner dialogue and of ways of thinking we are used to relying on that don’t serve our growth. The upcoming lunar cycle is an opportunity to experiment with different mindsets, new communication habits, and alternative ways of thinking, and observe how our external reality changes as a result of these inner changes. This New Moon encourages us to be more intentional about the words we choose, the thoughts we dwell on, and the way we choose to interpret our experiences.

The upcoming days and weeks represent a favorable moment to work on our relationship with our voice and refine our capacity to articulate our thoughts and feelings. The Gemini New Moon could inspire us to set the intention of being more aware of our verbal and non-verbal communication styles and commit to being more proactive, clear, and decisive in speaking up for ourselves, sharing what we think and feel, asking questions, or journaling about our inner processes.

During the upcoming lunar cycle, communication and learning will be central areas of focus, and this lunation represents a supportive time to begin new learning journeys or start activities that involve writing, vlogging, public speaking, or podcasting.


New Moon square Neptune: Free from Illusion


The Sun and the Moon at 26º Gemini are both in a tight square to Neptune, at 27º of Pisces. The involvement of Neptune indicates that, around this time, we may feel confused and overwhelmed by the abundance of sensory information and stimuli constantly surrounding us. 

When Neptune is so prominent, our psychic and emotional boundaries are loosened and it tends to be easier than usual to get lost in a sea of information. We may find it more challenging than normal to discern what information is useful and relevant and what isn’t, and to distinguish between our emotions and those we are picking up from other people, between our frequency and the frequency of the environment we are in. Around this time, it is crucial to be aware of how much we can handle, take on, and take in, intellectually, energetically, and emotionally, and set boundaries accordingly.

These days, we may experience a sense of confusion around our purpose, the purpose of what we are going through, and the purpose of what we have been learning so far. At this point, we may not be able to see just yet the deeper meaning of our experiences and this could generate insecurity. We may also feel a sense of brain fog and uncertainty relative to the validity of what we perceive and feel, and feel drawn to doubt our own perceptions.

Around this time, we may realize that something we thought to be true isn’t, and go through experiences of disenchantment, another common theme when Neptune is so prominent. Nonetheless, if this is the case, we will have opportunities to break free from illusion, recognizing where we have been trapped in a fantasy, unable to see reality for what it is, or believing in lies.

new moon in gemini

Mercury square Saturn, Mercury sextile Venus & Mars


Mercury is the planetary ruler of the Gemini New Moon. Its condition gives us more information about the energy of this lunation. Mercury is in Gemini too, squaring Saturn, stationary retrograde in Pisces, while sextiling both Venus and Mars in Leo.

While Mercury is strongly placed in its home sign, the square to Saturn indicates feelings of being restricted in our communication, feelings of being limited from expressing ourselves as we would like to. We may observe a tendency to get caught in rigid and pessimistic thinking loops that cause us to self-censor and hold back from sharing our ideas, feelings, and opinions. Nevertheless, this aspect offers us opportunities to strengthen our mental discipline, embrace a grounded and pragmatic mindset, focus on better organizing our time, and add more structure to our daily lives.

The Venus-Mercury sextile supports harmonious and graceful communication and invites a playful and lighthearted outlook on life, which helps counterbalance the Mercury-Saturn square. The Mars-Mercury sextile supports our courage to speak our truth and our capacity to practice asserting ourselves directly and clearly yet without being aggressive.


New Moon in Gemini: Embrace New Mindsets


The Gemini New Moon begins a month centered around embracing new mindsets, developing an empowering relationship with our thinking minds, honing our discernment skills, and improving our capacity to articulate our emotions, needs, and desires with transparency, sincerity, and clarity.

Gemini is symbolized by the Twins, and this New Moon represents a reminder of the beauty of our multifaceted, multilayered nature. While this lunation is an invitation to welcome contrast, nuance, and duality, both within and without, it is also an opportunity to observe any temptation to be incoherent, contradictory, or inconsistent in a way that is not responsible and has the potential to generate problems, perpetuate dysfunctions, or hurt others.

The square between Neptune and the New Moon suggests that, during the upcoming month, it can be useful to pay particular attention to those situations where we feel tempted to rely on lies, omissions, or half-truths in order to avoid uncomfortable consequences. This may provide us with useful insights about our fears, wounds, and feelings that we are trying to avoid, or something that we find hard to accept about ourselves.


Our Crystal Pick for New Moon in Gemini: Blue Apatite


To set your new moon in Gemini intentions and tap into your intuition, blue apatite is a beautiful crystal to call in a clear, brilliant mind and help you manifest your highest goals.

A throat chakra healer, blue apatite can help you express yourself and communicate clearly, alleviating stress, shyness and social anxiety, boosting self-confidence and a positive outlook. The Gemini energy of this new moon will activate and stimulate our mental faculties and blue apatite helps keep the truth in focus and eliminate the distractions and confusion that can rise to the surface at this time. 

Use this gorgeous blue stone to harness your creativity and tap into your inner vision. It will bring inspiration and motivation to express your highest virtues and stay on the path toward all the beauty you want to create over this next moon cycle!

New Moon in Gemini Journal & Guided Meditation is available as part of our Full Experience membership. Join Full Experience, receive everything we create monthly and support our work ♥

Leave a comment below with what resonated with you the most and tap on the heart if you liked this article.. Happy New Moon in Gemini!


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  • I love her videos . The mind clutter ! I’ve been so overwhelmed. Sensory overload was so bad I crashed , took a nap after work today slept for 6 hours . The weekend took a lot out of me .
    I like the info on the communication part how we speak our words. How sometimes we just need to be quiet. That is essential, knowing what we say can project our future in a manifesting way. And how strong it will be during this month and I’m still feeling the eclipse and I understand the change with the eclipse. I had a very abusive drunken roommate that I moved away from. I got a new place in old historical house in downtown Evansville. It is awesome. I’m doing a lot of remodeling but I’m still in the middle of moving, and it can be overstimulating . But with this needed information. I don’t know how to regulate myself and how to work for better days. Thank you so much !
    With love
    Janice Wyatt


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