article New Moon in Capricorn: the First New Moon of 2024
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New Moon in Capricorn: the First New Moon of 2024

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January 9, 2024

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On January 9, 02:17 PM —

On January 11, 06:57 AM EST, we experience a New Moon at 20º44’ of Capricorn, the first New Moon of 2024. This event offers us an opportunity to get clear about our visions, intentions, and aspirations for the year that just started. The Capricorn New Moon marks a powerful time to begin building and creating something we aspire to keep developing for the years to come.

The New Moon in Capricorn is relevant for everyone, but particularly so for those of us born with natal placement around the 20º of Cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. The individuals personally impacted by this lunation will be called to embody a new level of responsibility, build a life aligned with their truth, and get clear about how they aspire to make a meaningful contribution and impact the collective.

We invite you to watch our hour long video on our YouTube channel together with Nina where she walks us through the powerful energies of this New Moon in Capricorn.

New Moon in Capricorn: Making a Meaningful Contribution


New Moons mark the start of the lunar cycle. At this time of the month, the Moon is still invisible from our perspective, as she was for the past three days. This is inviting introspection and inner contemplation as we set our intentions and plant seeds for the weeks to come. 

New Moons take place when the Moon joins the Sun on the same degree of the same Zodiac sign: the luminaries are conjunct, which means they form a 0º angle from our perspective on Earth. This month, the Sun and the Moon meet in Capricorn, offering us an invitation to renew our commitment to being in integrity, build a life aligned with our highest truth, and work toward inner mastery.

Capricorn is a Yin, Earth, and Cardinal sign. The last Earth sign of the Zodiac, Capricorn has to do with mastery of the manifestation process, of the boundaries of space-time reality, and of our inner self. It is at this stage in the Zodiac progression that we recognize ourselves as an integral part of a larger social organism and we accept the responsibilities that come with it, we accept to participate responsibly.

It is at this point of our evolutionary journey that we receive the call to apply and put into practice what we have learned so far in a way that has an impact on the collective. This is why Capricorn is traditionally associated with our career, public image, and social role: yet, there is a whole journey behind this archetype, which should not be seen as solely concerned with mundane achievements, status, and authority.


Building a Life Aligned with Our Truth


In the Zodiac wheel, Capricorn follows Sagittarius, a sign connected with a period of philosophical exploration of life, self-discovery, and reconnection with our authentic self and the Natural Laws. After recovering contact with our truth and our authentic nature in the Sagittarius phase of evolution, Capricorn challenges us to proactively build a life aligned with our ideals and values, a life of integrity, a life that allows us to be true to who we are.

However, to be able to do this, we must come to terms with how our past experiences and the conditioning we internalized due to societal, religious, cultural, and familial programming are still impacting our choices, our way of thinking, our beliefs, and our way of moving through life. We must recondition and reprogram ourselves according to what is true, and stop allowing others’ fears and expectations to control us. We must release toxic guilt, shame, and self-punishment that result from being indoctrinated according to man-made rules and artificial standards of conduct.

Capricorn is associated with responsibility, which is our ability to respond, and is in turn connected to our awareness of what we have the capacity to handle: our relationship to responsibility will be in the spotlight during the upcoming lunar cycle. 

Mastering Capricorn energy means learning to be realistic about what capacity we have, how much pressure we can deal with, and how much of our time and energy we can invest into something without burning ourselves out. A strong connection to ourselves, our truth, our inner world, our physical needs, and our emotions is necessary in order to develop this awareness, and this is why Capricorn is not only about mastery of the material world, it is first and foremost about mastery of Self.


New Moon conjunct Pluto and square the Lunar Nodes


The Capricorn New Moon, the first one of 2024, begins a lunar cycle centered around deepening our commitment to inner mastery, to mastery of the world of form and the domain of emotions. Transforming habitual ways of relating to our emotions will be especially emphasized, as the Sun and the Moon at 20º Capricorn are widely conjunct with Pluto at 29º of the sign.

This triple conjunction of Sun, Moon, and Pluto adds a layer of intensity to our emotional experiences. Collectively, it emphasizes the need for urgent structural transformations and reminds us of the role of change, upheavals, and destruction as catalysts for evolution, growth, and renewal.

The activation of Pluto offers an invitation to each of us to explore our subconscious desires, fears, and needs, and recognize what has to change within ourselves in order to have different experiences. This configuration inspires us to work on alchemizing wounds that keep us trapped in cycles of suffering and repetition. As Pluto is soon leaving Capricorn, it is also an opportunity to reflect on and honor the transformation that has already taken place since Pluto entered the sign in 2008.

The Sun and the Moon in Capricorn are also squaring the Lunar Nodes in Aries and Libra. The alignment to the Lunar Nodes highlights the karmic quality of this New Moon, which is likely to bring turning points and breakthroughs for many of us. Planets squaring the Nodes emphasize the need to address skipped developmental steps, and when both the Sun and the Moon square the Nodes, family themes tend to be front and center.

Around this time, we have opportunities to become aware of and work on the places we got stuck or frozen as a result of past experiences that generated challenges around domains such as self-expression, self-confidence, visibility, emotional expression, self-nurturance, and self-love.

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Sun and Moon trine Uranus, sextile Neptune, & square Chiron


The Sun and the Moon in Capricorn are also squaring Chiron in Aries, forming a trine to retrograde Uranus in Taurus, and a sextile to Neptune in Pisces. 

The Sun and Moon’s square to Chiron offer us opportunities to tend to wounds surrounding self-assertion and trust in ourselves and in our desires. Chiron in Aries is connected to a feeling of not having the right to exist and wounds that affect our ability to trust our primal instincts. Around this time, we have chances to see how these wounds hold us back from creating the reality we aspire to build.

The trines between the Sun, the Moon, and retrograde Uranus inspire us to be unconventional and experimental and to dare follow our Soul’s call, even when it doesn’t conform to others’ expectations. The Sun, Moon, and Neptune sextile supports our connection with the intangible, with the subtle, with the spiritual dimension of life, invites us to see our sensitivity as an asset, and reminds us of the power of harnessing the flow.


Saturn sextile Jupiter and Mars


Saturn is the planetary ruler of the Capricorn New Moon, and studying his condition gives us more information about the energy of this lunation. Both Saturn and Capricorn remind us of the value of delayed gratification, of making sacrifices in the present moment in order to build the reality we aspire to experience.

Saturn is in Pisces and is sextile to both Mars in Capricorn and Jupiter in Taurus: this configuration supports our ability for consistent, prolonged effort, as well as our confidence in our vision, our capacity to be patient and have faith that our work will pay off.

While Saturn’s transit through Pisces highlights the challenges we meet when we try to bring our dreams down to reality, when we work on translating our visions into tangible form, the activation of both Mars and Jupiter, both transiting through Earth signs, facilitate a grounded and pragmatic approach to the manifestation process.


New Moon in Capricorn: Navigating Grief & Transitions


2024 has recently started and many of us have a habit of setting intentions, making vision boards, and writing New Year’s resolutions at this time. Many of us commit to new habits and goals, and many of us aspire to be more productive and invest more time and energy into their aspirations. While this New Moon offers powerful energy to do so and will motivate many of us to commit to building something new and meaningful, we should not forget Capricorn’s association with grief and the importance of slowing down and taking enough space to grieve, rest, and go inward.

During intense times of transition and chaos, such as the one we are experiencing now, it is crucial to make time to grieve the past, grieve what no longer is, grieve our old selves, and grieve for the collective. Workaholism can be an avoidance mechanism, one that can be particularly tempting when Capricorn energy is highlighted as it is now.

The Capricorn New Moon reminds us that in order to grieve, we need to rest, we need to slow down: rest is productive too. This lunation invites us to focus not only on what we aim to achieve and build in the external world, but also to make sure we tend to our inner house and create a container for ourselves where we can safely pause, introspect, and feel our emotions.


Crystal Pick for New Moon in Capricorn: Jade


The perfect stone for setting intentions on this New Moon in Capricorn around all you want to build in your life this year, jade is a master crystal for longevity, prosperity, and helping you reach your full potential in life. Use it to help you create wealth of all forms and to build true, lasting security in terms of your self-value as well as the long-term legacy you’re creating. 

In true Capricorn fashion, jade reminds us that we have been built by what came before us and it’s our duty to rest upon these foundations in order to further build ourselves up, cultivate a life in alignment with the truth of who we are, and one day become the shoulders our ancestors will stand upon to progress the evolution of consciousness further.

Jade’s energy is stable, loving, supportive, and strong with deep energetic roots into the Earth that hold the ancient wisdom of evolution and progress. It can help you tap into and trust your heart’s knowing and be responsible in acting in integrity with it so you can cultivate abundance, knowledge and all the growth your soul came to Earth to experience. 


Ready for your best year yet? Moon Omens 2024 Yearly Horoscopes are designed to help you tap into your full potential & be your most abundant best self.

Jupiter 2024

Leave a comment below with what resonated with you the most and tap on the heart if you liked this article.. Happy New Moon in Capricorn!


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  • Moon omens is amazing. I love the positive affirmations and Nina’s astrology is the next level. I would like to have my astral chart read by you if that’s something you offer. Please let me know.

    Happy New Moon!



  • Hello, videos and articles like yours are a Blessing! This new moon is having a profound effect on me. I found you looking up meanings. The past 4 years I have been guided to so much information and transformation. The synchronicities between what I’m thinking feeling and then finding information is very comforting. Thank you 💜

  • Very, very good, thank you, needed to hear ALL of it and it’s corresponding to many things and challenges in my life right now. Confirmation after confirmation


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