article New Moon in Aquarius: Reinventing Ourselves
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New Moon in Aquarius: Reinventing Ourselves

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February 6, 2024

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On February 6, 02:44 PM —

On February 9, 5:58 PM EST, we experience a New Moon at 20º40’ Aquarius. This event begins a lunar month centered around revolutionizing our lives, reinventing ourselves by removing layers of conditioning, and breaking free from stagnation, conformity, and repression.

The Aquarius New Moon will be especially impactful for those of us born with planets and angles around the 20º of Fixed signs. The individuals more strongly impacted by this lunation will experience significant breakthroughs in their lives. A powerful desire for self-reinvention and change has the potential to lead them to take new risks, explore new paths, and birth new visions.

We invite you to watch our hour long video on our YouTube channel together with Nina where she walks us through the powerful energies of this New Moon in Aquarius.

New Moon in Aquarius: Embracing our Genius


Every month, the Sun and the Moon cross paths in a different Zodiac sign: their encounter in the heavens is the start of a new lunar cycle. On a New Moon, the Sun and the Moon look perfectly aligned from our perspective on Earth: they form a 0º angle, also referred to as a conjunction, and occupy the same degree of the same Zodiac sign. 

For the past two weeks, since the Full Moon in Leo took place, the Moon has been gradually disappearing from the night sky and is currently still invisible from our perspective. This is an invitation for us to go inwards as we decide what seeds to plant and what intentions to set for the weeks ahead. About a day after meeting the Sun, the Moon slowly begins to be visible again and grows for fifteen days until the next Full Moon: the New Moon inaugurates a phase of spontaneous action, forward movement, and experimentation.

This month, the Sun and the Moon are meeting in Aquarius, beginning a lunar cycle focused on embracing our genius, bringing our visions into form, and aligning our lives with our uniqueness, with our individuality, with our deconditioned Self.


Breaking Free from the Past & Reinventing Ourselves


In the Zodiac, Aquarius follows Capricorn and corresponds to the journey of understanding what we have been conditioned to desire and how we have been programmed to behave, see reality, and approach life. 

The Aquarius archetype has to do with breaking free from the past, unraveling the results of the conditioning we internalized, and liberating from its impact. This journey is known as deconditioning and is a central part of our individuation process. 

While deconditioning has to do with recognizing and unlearning conditioned responses, the individuation process has to do with discovering and developing our unique identity while integrating conscious and unconscious aspects of our psyche.

The Aquarius New Moon begins a new chapter in our deconditioning journey and inaugurates a lunar month centered around deepening our understanding of how our past and our traumas are still impacting us in the present. This lunation invites us to observe what behaviors, fears, and insecurities of ours are a result of the conditioning and programming we internalized and inspires us to get to know ourselves, to get to know who we are as unique, sovereign, and free individuals. 

The Aquarius New Moon motivates us to embark on a process of self-reinvention catalyzed by the removal of layers of conditioning and inauthenticity, not by adding more layers or masks upon an existing persona.

New Moon square Uranus: Living Life On Our Terms


The Sun and the New Moon tightly square Aquarius’ modern ruler, Uranus, currently transiting in Taurus. When the energy of Aquarius and Uranus is prominent, the levels of unpredictability increase, and so do our restlessness, our desire for freedom, and our need for change and renewal. The activation of Uranus through a square angle, which is a highly motivating aspect, corresponds to a substantial increase in our desire to break free from inauthenticity and inertia and make radical changes in our lives. 

This configuration suggests a low tolerance for any real or perceived restrictions and a growing desire to do things in our own way. The Aquarius New Moon challenges us to live our lives on our terms. This lunation inspires us to free ourselves from the shackles of the past and connect with the courage to live authentically, in a way that honors our uniqueness. Embracing the level of responsibility that comes with this is essential: if we choose to do so, we must take responsibility for our decisions, accept their consequences, and learn to navigate the unpredictability that comes with leaving the beaten path to create our own.


New Moon sextile Chiron: Going Deeper in Our Healing Journey


The Sun and the Moon in Aquarius are also forming a sextile aspect to Chiron and the North Node, currently conjunct in Aries. This configuration suggests that, during the lunar cycle that is starting, opportunities to go deeper in our healing journey will be available and abundant. 

Aquarius is the sign connected to trauma, dysregulation, and dissociation, and the connection between this New Moon and Chiron, the archetypal Wounded Healer, suggests that going deeper in our journey of healing the nervous system and coming home to our bodies will be a significant theme of the upcoming month.

We will have chances to confront wounds connected to the feeling of not having the right to exist and take up space, challenges asserting ourselves, issues with identifying and expressing our emotions and needs, and wounds that impact our self-esteem and self-confidence, our ability to believe in ourselves and the value of our expression. During the upcoming lunar cycle, we will be reminded that to move in the direction of our Soul’s purpose we must dare face what we haven’t yet healed. 

Jupiter Uranus conjunction

Venus trine Uranus & Jupiter square Mercury


Uranus, the planetary ruler of the Aquarius New Moon, is also forming a trine aspect to Venus in Capricorn. This harmonic alignment invites renewal and renovation in our relationship with other people, our relationship with ourselves, and our relationship with money. The Venus-Uranus trine inspires us to be flexible, adaptable, and experimental in creating connections that support both independence and interdependence and encourage our self-actualization journey. 

This aspect will inspire many of us to explore alternative forms of income and different ways of making ends meet, discovering occupations and opportunities aligned with our values, with our uniqueness, and that stimulate our creativity and inventiveness.

Meanwhile, Mercury in Aquarius and Jupiter in Taurus are squaring each other, an alignment that suggests the necessity to question existing beliefs, assumptions, and ideals. These days, we may come across new information that clashes with long-held worldviews. This configuration highlights our mental resistance and intellectual rigidity and challenges us to stay curious.


Pluto conjunct Mars, Venus, and Mercury: Evolutionary Threshold


Within a brief timeframe, all personal planets, including the luminaries, are entering Aquarius and crossing Pluto at 0º of the sign. As the Aquarius New Moon takes place, Venus and Mars are in the late degrees of Capricorn, approaching a conjunction with Pluto, while Mercury is in the early degrees of Aquarius, separating from a conjunction with Pluto.

This potent configuration highlights the invitation to radically transform our way of relating to other people, to ourselves, to our finances, to our sexuality, and to our desires, as well as to our existing communication and thinking habits. The activation of Pluto motivates us to alchemize past pain, access the objective awareness of what is and of the patterns at play in our lives, and liberate ourselves from ways of being and relationships that are not authentic. 

This configuration suggests that we are at an evolutionary threshold and we are being asked to let go of our security blankets, of behaviors that keep us from being vulnerable, of disempowering habits, and of everything that enables us, contributes to us remaining in a comfort zone, and doesn’t allow us to grow.

New Moon in Aquarius

New Moon in Aquarius: Revolutionizing our Lives & Reinventing Ourselves


The Aquarius New Moon is bringing a breath of fresh air into our lives and is going to inspire many of us to reinvent ourselves and invest in ourselves, our visions, and our uniqueness. This lunation may bring events that shake our lives up yet, nevertheless, contribute to helping us move away from stagnation and motivate us to embrace a creative and experimental mindset.

Around this time and in the upcoming weeks, the increasing emphasis on the Aquarius archetype will offer us chances to work on our ability to embrace uncertainty, welcome chaos, and navigate unexpected changes with faith and confidence in our ability to handle what Life brings us. To be able to do this, we will need to confront unprocessed traumas and learn to support our bodies and our nervous system as they adapt to new conditions: these are crucial components of our healing and personal transformation process.

This lunation begins a lunar cycle colored by electric and innovative energy, restlessness, and an underlying, pervasive urge to change. Shortly after Pluto’s ingress in Aquarius, the Universe highlights the invitation to be experimental, to stop trying to preserve the past, to be creative in dealing with problems, to question what we think we know about ourselves, about life, about society, about reality itself.

The upcoming lunar month will be focused on recognizing how we hold ourselves back from full expression and rebelling against self-imposed limitations and constraints. The Aquarius New Moon invites us to dare to choose differently, dare to see reality from a new perspective, dare to see ourselves from a higher vantage point, and choose to believe in our power.


Crystal Pick for New Moon in Aquarius: Aquamarine


The perfect combination of Aquarian energy meeting the watery flow of the moon, aquamarine is a precious gem of the clearest wisdom to sharpen your mind and perception, heighten your intuition and intellect, and help you hear and heed your inner calling.

Like a mermaid’s song calling from the breeze, aquamarine provides direction through magical inspiration and by guiding your inner compass to help you flow with the frequencies of the Universe. Use it this new moon to set intentions guided by your highest knowing and help you get a clear vision of your true purpose, and how you can express your originality and brilliance in this world.

Aquamarine holds the intuitive, ingenious, brilliant-minded energy of Aquarius. It can help you break free from programming and indoctrination and gives you the courage to be yourself. It’s also a perfect crystal to guide you to the right teachers and learning you need to expand your mind and step into your integrity, aligning with who you came to this beautiful Earth to be so you can share your unique gifts with us all!


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