article Neptune in Pisces: Emergence of New Awareness
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Neptune in Pisces: Emergence of New Awareness

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December 6, 2023

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On December 6, 02:51 PM —

On December 6, 08:22 AM ET, Neptune stations direct at 24º of Pisces after being retrograde since June 30. This shift marks the emergence of a new awareness and offers us an invitation to begin to integrate and elaborate on everything we experienced during the past five months, while Neptune was in apparent backward motion.

This shift is especially relevant for the individuals born with natal planets or angles around the 24º of Mutable signs. Those of us more strongly impacted by Neptune stationing direct will have opportunities to make changes in their lives according to the shift in awareness that took place during the retrograde, moving forward with a stronger connection to their inner world and faith in their spiritual path.

Neptune in Pisces: Collective Times of Transition


Neptune is the planet linked with the impulse to transcend the human experience and connect with something greater than ourselves, with something beyond ourselves. Associated with spirituality, glamor, the arts, as well as psychic and emotional sensitivity, Neptune carries an ethereal and elusive energy, challenging to express in words, but unmistakable when experienced. 

Neptune is creative flow, intuitive inspiration, and spiritual bliss. When this energy is expressed unconsciously and the ability to deal with high levels of sensitivity is not developed, we can see distorted expressions of Neptune such as addiction, escapism, victim mentality, and living in fantasy or illusion. 

Pisces, the twelfth sign of the Zodiac, corresponds to the dissolution of the individual sense of self or ego that has been formed through the previous eleven signs. It is associated with non-duality and oneness, with the absence of boundaries, and with the interconnectedness of everyone and everything. The end and the beginning, the alpha and the omega, Pisces carries an energy of closure and transition that invites non-attachment to outcomes and deep faith in Life’s plans for us.

Neptune has been in Pisces, his domicile in modern astrology, since 2011, and is going to remain in the sign until 2026. This transit is teaching us to stay in the space of not knowing, inhabit the present moment, surrender to Life’s timing, and relate to our sensitivity in a conscious way, rather than feeling victimized by it.

Both Pisces and Neptune are associated with dreams and altered states of consciousness. Pay attention to your dreams these days, as they will be especially vivid and rich in symbolism and messages.

Neptune stations direct: Follow the Flow


Neptune is a transpersonal planet: its transits give us information about collective unconscious dynamics and cycles of collective spiritual evolution. Neptune is retrograde for about five months per year: during this time, we are invited to turn inward, spend more time in inner contemplation, and focus more on being and less on doing.

Neptune’s retrograde period offered us an invitation to allow existing attachments and identities to dissolve, resist the temptation to take action to immediately replace them, and learn instead to be in the space of emptiness, of liminality, of not having anything figured out. 

When planets station, either retrograde or direct, they appear to be at a standstill from our perspective. Their energy is more powerful as they are closer to the Earth at this time: Neptune’s prominence corresponds to an increase in our psychic and emotional sensitivity and in our ability to perceive subtle shifts in energy and frequency, both in other people and in our environment. 

Neptune’s shift of motion is an invitation to begin to move forward, while being mindful we are doing so without using force, but rather following the flow, the momentum. This shift allows us to access deeper contact with our intuition, more profound empathy, and heightened awareness of our interconnectedness with everything and everyone. At this time, the invitation for us is to trust the direction where Life is taking us, let go of rigid self-concepts and definitions, and allow Life to move us and through us by releasing our attachments to specific outcomes, goals, and ambitions.

Neptune direct in Pisces: Emergence of a New Awareness


When Neptune’s transits impact us personally, they often feel confusing and unclear, as they are associated with an energy beyond our logical understanding, beyond the boundaries of our consciousness, and beyond our ego’s wishes. The purpose and meaning of our experiences during a Neptune transit tend to only become apparent after the transit is over and some time has passed. 

As Neptune stations direct in his home sign, a new level of awareness could emerge. We now have opportunities to observe what Neptune’s retrograde phase has been about and search for the higher meaning of any experiences of disillusionment and disenchantment that occurred in the past few months. If you find yourself feeling lethargic and vulnerable around this time, see it as an invitation to slow down and make time to feel your emotions, feel what’s moving inside.

Neptune’s prominence in the heavens always reminds us of prioritizing being over doing and feeling over producing. In a world that places substantial emphasis on external and tangible achievements, this shift encourages us to lean instead toward internal reflection and focus on establishing a deeper connection with the subtle and the intangible.

Crystal Pick for Neptune direct in Pisces: Spirit Quartz

Spirit quartz is a gorgeous variety of quartz encrusted with hundreds of tiny terminated crystals that amplify light out in every direction. A perfect pair for this beautiful energy of Neptune stationing direct in Pisces, it’s a crystal for spiritual evolution. 

Wherever you felt confused or cloudy while Neptune was retrograde, spirit quartz can bring in a glittering ray of light and clarity to help you reconnect with your higher self, see the truth about your dreams, and expand into greater gentleness and compassion under these Piscean energies.

As a new awareness dawns in the collective unconscious during this transit, spirit quartz can help you tap into that higher vibrational energy that’s beaming through to us now. Use it to help you expand your intuition and imagination, clear dense, heavy energies from your field, and keep your mind and emotions clear of external influences and full of high vibratory light.

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