article Mercury in Libra: the Value of Listening
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Mercury in Libra: the Value of Listening

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October 4, 2023

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On October 4, 12:06 PM —

On October 4, 8:09 PM ET, Mercury leaves Virgo and enters Libra, reminding us of the value of true listening and inviting us to infuse our communication with more grace, charm, and elegance. Mercury is going to stay in Libra until October 22.

Mercury’s ingress in Libra will be most relevant for those of us who were born with planets or angles in Cardinal signs. Those individuals personally impacted by Mercury’s change of sign could experience a shift in their understanding of reality, have new realizations about their communication habits, and gain a deeper awareness of the thinking processes of the people around them.

Mercury from Virgo to Libra: Deepening our Understanding of Others


In Astrology, Mercury is the planet associated with our learning style, thinking habits, and communication patterns. The ruler of Gemini and Virgo, Mercury correlates with the rational brain and logic, the function of discernment, and our style of problem-solving. When Mercury changes signs, it invites a shift in how we perceive reality and in how we think, speak, and express ourselves.

Mercury’s extended stay and retrograde journey in Virgo encouraged self-reflection, self-analysis, and efficiency in finding practical solutions to everyday issues. This transit offered us an opportunity to be more mindful about what we surround ourselves with and more discerning relative to the thoughts we entertain, the information we consume, the food we choose, and the environments we spend time in.

As the new month starts, Mercury’s shift of sign offers us supportive energy for any activity involving teamwork, negotiation, diplomacy, cooperation, and collaboration. Mercury in Libra is a chance to polish our communication skills and build stronger connections with others by deepening our understanding and respect for them, their feelings, and their opinions.


Mercury Enters Libra: The Value of Listening


As Mercury moves through Libra, we will be presented with numerous chances to contemplate how we communicate and articulate our thoughts, feelings, and needs both to other people and in our own minds. This period brings our focus on finding common ground and coming up with solutions that add value to everyone.

The sign of the Scales correlates to the journey of finding harmony between our needs, values, and desires and those of others. Libra teaches us that balance is dynamic, reminds us of the importance of active listening, and invites us to see others as our mirrors.

With Mercury in Libra, we are encouraged to pay more attention to what others are thinking and feeling, not as a way to become what they need us to be, but as a way to truly understand them without the filter of our own biases and assumptions.

Mercury in Libra 2023

Mercury in aspect to Chiron, Pluto, and the Lunar Nodes


During its journey through Libra, Mercury is going to oppose retrograde Chiron in Aries and square Pluto in Capricorn. The Mercury-Chiron opposition goes exact as the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra takes place, on October 14. This aspect indicates heightened sensitivity surrounding wounds or feelings of vulnerability regarding our capacity to clearly articulate our thoughts, and feeling correctly understood by others.

Because oppositions bring things to maturation, we can expect revelations and turning points during the upcoming days and weeks, also due to the start of the Eclipse season. The Mercury-Chiron alignment brings opportunities to confront and heal wounds and fears around communication that are still affecting our experience of relationships.

On October 19, Mercury crosses the South Node of the Moon in Libra. Around this time, we may find ourselves revisiting past communications, and new information about our past could come to light. It is a good time to reflect on how we have been handling communication in previous relationships and notice what thinking patterns we tend to repeat.

On October 20, Mercury in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. The Mercury-Pluto square challenges us to dive beneath the surface and confront any underlying issues that may be present, yet unspoken or unacknowledged, in our relationships. This aspect can correspond to a desire to gain a deeper understanding to achieve genuine and lasting transformation but also to a need to understand in order to be in control or in a position to manipulate an outcome. Around this time, be mindful of power struggles and be wary of a tendency to fall into obsessive thinking.


Mercury Enters Libra: Harmony between Assertiveness and Diplomacy


Mercury in Libra brings our attention to the journey of refining our communication habits while finding healthy agreements and win-win solutions with people who hold different perspectives. While Mercury is in the sign of the Scales, it invites us to recognize the role of our relationships as a learning arena: this transit emphasizes the focus on this area of life, already enhanced by the Eclipse season.

These days and weeks, we will have chances to develop a clearer understanding of the way both ourselves and other people think and perceive reality. By delving into how others perceive and think, we can develop more effective communication strategies. This transit enables us to deepen our self-awareness and gain insight into our own thought processes by making an effort to truly understand and listen to the perspectives and ideas of others.

Something to be mindful of can be a stronger tendency towards indecision or a reluctance to be direct, and sweep things under the rug in order to avoid conflicts. Finding harmony between assertiveness and diplomacy is key around this time, as we have to ensure that our own needs are met while also respecting those of others.


Crystal Pick for Mercury in Libra: Blue Calcite


Blue calcite is a beautiful choice to align with the energy of Mercury entering Libra, as it calms and cools your communication, infusing it with love, grace, and openness. Connected to the energies of both Mercury and Libra’s ruler Venus, this crystal soothes and relaxes your mind, body, and spirit allowing you to settle into more inner balance.

As a connecting bridge between the mind and throat, blue calcite helps put your thoughts and feelings into words that are gentle, true, and can be more well received and heard by others. By the same coin, it’s just as helpful for increasing your power to listen with your heart, with an open mind and a level of patient understanding that allows for both parties to feel heard.

If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, if your nerves are heightened or your mind just won’t quit spinning, blue calcite acts like a balm to hush the negative inner critic and racing mind, to calm your anxiety and nervous system and help you find a place of comfort and rest within yourself.

If you would like to dive deep into what this transit means for your sign together with all other astrological configurations for the month of October, we highly recommend our October horoscope.

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