article Mars in Taurus 2024: Building Foundations
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Mars in Taurus 2024: Building Foundations

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June 9, 2024

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On June 9, 10:17 AM —

On June 9, 12:35 AM EST, Mars leaves Aries and enters Taurus, where he is going to remain until July 20. This transit is an opportunity for us to be deliberate in how we invest our energy and focus on building foundations for what we desire to manifest and create.

Mars’ ingress into Taurus is especially relevant for those born with planets or angles in Fixed signs Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius, and especially for the individuals with natal Mars in Taurus, who are experiencing their Mars return. The people personally impacted by Mars’ shift of signs are being challenged to take action aimed at consolidating their visions and materializing their long-term desires. They will have chances to deepen their connection with their physicality and their ability to feel grounded in their bodies and honor their true needs.

Mars from Aries to Taurus: Building Foundations


In Astrology, transits of Mars indicate where action is taking place. The ancient ruler of both Aries and Scorpio, Mars’ energy is sharp, courageous, and forward-moving. Mars’ energy cuts the umbilical cord and separates us from our mother, allowing us to move through life as separate, unique, and independent beings. This planet has to do with how we initiate, how we go after what we desire, how we assert ourselves, and how we respond or react to challenges and confrontations. 

Mars’ recent transit through Aries energized us, motivated us to take immediate action on our impulses and desires, and inspired us to walk our own path. The Red Planet’s journey through his Fire domicile catalyzed a surge of vitality and courage, inspiring us to take the reins of our lives into our own hands and cultivate our leadership skills. Mars’ transit through Aries encouraged us to make bold choices and take risks that can help us create more fulfilling lives. 

Mars’ ingress into Taurus represents an opportunity to focus on building solid foundations that allow us to consolidate what we began while Mars was in Aries. This transit motivates us to channel our energy toward our long-term desires and inspires us to focus on creating structures and systems that allow the manifestation of what we envision. Mars in Taurus supports our ability to be consistent and focused even when results aren’t immediate.


Mars enters Taurus: Deepening our Self-Reliance


Mars’s ingress into Taurus invites us to connect with our resilience, our endurance, and our ability to sustain effort for a prolonged period of time.

This transit helps us access the commitment and dedication needed to work on something long enough to bring our visions into form. During this time, our energy is directed toward creating conditions of increased self-reliance and self-sufficiency.

While Mars is in the sign of the Bull, we have an opportunity to ground more deeply into our bodies and develop a stronger connection with our senses, our sensuality, and our physical desires. This transit is an opportunity to explore how to relate with our energy, our life force, and our vital impulse in sustainable and nourishing ways.


Mars square Pluto and conjunct Uranus


On June 11, Mars in Taurus perfects a square to Pluto in Aquarius. Mars-Pluto squares mark evolutionary thresholds: these alignments correspond to times of increased pressure to transform, grow, and release our attachment to old protection mechanisms and automatic patterns of reaction. This square between Mars in Taurus and Pluto in Aquarius reflects an increase in the intensity of our desires and gives us access to increased determination, willpower, and drive. 

Power struggles, confrontations, and a need to be in control are likely too, and the intensity of this energy needs to be handled with caution and awareness. These days, we have an opportunity to refine our ability to recognize the difference between those desires that arise from our ego and from the need for self-gratification and those desires that arise from our Soul and represent deeper evolutionary impulses.

The Mars-Uranus conjunction goes exact on July 15. This is another intense alignment that indicates a general trend to explode in unpredictable and disruptive ways. Mars-Uranus conjunction reflects an increase in our desire to rebel, break down obsolete structures, and radically revolutionize our lives. However, since both Mars and Uranus are highly impulsive planets, there is a need to be mindful of not being a rebel without a cause and not destroying everything on our path without having a clue about what we desire to create.

Mars sextile Saturn and Neptune in Pisces


Respectively on July 5 and July 20, Mars is going to sextile Saturn and Neptune in Pisces. Sextiles are harmonic aspects that support networking and communication and facilitate a productive integration of the energies of the planets involved.

The Mars-Saturn sextile offers us an invitation to channel our energy into those activities, pursuits, and visions that are most meaningful to us. This aspect supports our ability to invest time, energy, and effort into what we desire to build and manifest long-term. Rather than seeking immediate or sensual gratification, the Mars-Saturn sextile reminds us to operate from a place of clear connection to purpose and commitment to what is truly important.

The Mars-Neptune sextile offers us a reminder to make sure we are acting in alignment with our highest values and not only according to our personal interests. This is another aspect that motivates us to take action to manifest our dreams into reality and translate our visions into form. The Mars-Neptune sextile invites a compassionate, mindful, and gentle approach to self-assertion and reminds us that everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about.


Mars enters Taurus: Embodiment, Survival, and Endurance


Mars in Taurus transit reminds us of the value of embodiment, of developing a solid connection with our physical body, our senses, and our sexuality, and of learning to relate to our impulses, desires, and instincts from a conscious place, rather than allowing them to control us.

The Taurus archetype is connected to our survival instinct and to the impulse to preserve life, ourselves, and the human species. Mars’ transit through the sign of the Bull is an opportunity to pay attention to whether some of our actions and desires may be driven by fear, by living in survival mode, and by feeling we have to fight in order to survive. 

This transit offers us an invitation to take action from a grounded, conscious place, aligned with our internal rhythms and with the true needs of our bodies. While, from an external vantage point, it may look like we have just slowed down compared to when Mars was in Aries, the invitation for us is to tune in and practice using our energy and resources in a way that allows for more endurance, resilience, and efficiency down the line.


Crystal Pick for Mars enters Taurus: Chrysoprase


This vibrant green crystal is associated with both Taurus and Gemini, as one of the birthstones for May, making it a perfect choice to harness the energy of this Mars in Taurus transit while the Sun is still in Gemini. It brings playfulness and growth to the surface, helping you act on what makes your heart feel the most bright and happy, and on what brings you an inner sense of fulfillment and joy. 

Mars in Taurus can stay rooted and fixed, like a strong bull not wanting to budge, and chrysoprase helps lift and lighten this energy so you can bust through any stuckness or resistance that may be activated during this transit. It’s also a great balancer for the fiery energies of Mars if you find yourself becoming frustrated, agitated, or aggressive during this transit, to help you lighten up and refresh your perspective.

You can use it to help you stay calm, open up to change, and align with the innate rhythms and wisdom of nature. Chrysoprase will connect you to that Taurean sense of pleasure and abundance while also helping you stay light, free, and flexible in true Gemini fashion, so you can marry these different energies to find more harmony within yourself, and in the physical world around you.

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