article Mars in Leo: Divine Play
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Mars in Leo: Divine Play

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Moon Omens

May 22, 2023

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On May 22, 09:15 PM —

On May 20, 11:32 AM ET, Mars left Cancer and entered Leo. This transit indicates a clear energetic shift, one that inspires us to tap into the transformative powers of divine play and move forward with confidence and courage. Mars is going to remain in Leo until July 10, supporting our vitality, our stamina, and our desire to self-express. 

This shift is most relevant for those of us who were born with planets and angles in Fixed signs. Those of us more strongly impacted by Mars’ ingress in Leo will be blessed with a significant boost of energy, vitality, and creativity. They will have chances to strengthen their self-confidence and experience renewed desire, enthusiasm, and motivation to go after what ignites their passion.

Mars from Cancer to Leo: Self-Discovery through Self-Expression


In Astrology, Mars is the planet associated with how we go after what we want, how we initiate, and how we instinctively act. A clear and sharp masculine archetype, Mars correlates with our physicality, courage, and drive, with how we assert ourselves, with how we attack and how we defend ourselves and our loved ones.

While Mars is in Cancer, our energy levels tend to fluctuate with the lunar cycles and are highly dependent on our moods. It can be difficult to express Martian energy in a clear, consistent, and direct way when Mars is in the soft, vulnerable, and moody sign of Cancer, ruled by the Moon and ruling over our emotional reality. Nevertheless, Mars in Cancer inspired us to connect with the emotional motivation behind our actions and to commit to acting in alignment with the desires of our hearts, rather than fleeting desires for external validation, approval, or status. This transit invited us to be emotionally honest with ourselves relative to the motives and intentions behind our decision to pursue something.

As Mars enters Leo, the energy shifts significantly. Mars in Leo is motivated by the spotlight: this combination of energies is competitive, confident, and charismatic. Self-expression and creative exploration will become central themes of the upcoming weeks, that have the potential to be a creatively rich and fertile time for all of us.


Mars enters Leo: the Power of Divine Play


Leo is the sign correlated with the conscious development of the Self and the unfolding of our full authentic expression. Through this archetype, we connect with our purpose and share our light with the world. Mars’ transit through Leo is an opportunity to tap into our personal power, remember the value of divine play, and discover how it is to dance like nobody’s watching.

Romance, passion, joy, and play will be highlighted areas during Mars’ journey through Leo: this transit supports our erotism and sex drives, inspires us to be playful, and reminds us to engage in what brings us joy. This combination of energies encourages us to be more daring and confident in expressing ourselves as erotic beings, whether we are currently single or in a relationship, but also to explore the connection between our creative energy and our sexual energy, as they are one and the same.


Mars in aspect to Pluto and Jupiter


Mars is entering Leo while in tight opposition to Pluto in Aquarius, square to Jupiter in Taurus, and square to the Lunar Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio.

The Mars-Pluto opposition marks a key moment in our evolutionary journey: oppositions always indicate the potential to experience clarity and revelations, in this case, relative to the nature of our desires, cravings, and obsessions. Around this time, we may have opportunities to work on unraveling the root of compulsive patterns that might lead to self-destruction, self-sabotage, or outward outbursts of anger.

The involvement of Jupiter in Taurus, squaring both Mars and Pluto, adds an element of impulsivity, exaggeration, and unwise risk-taking, magnifying the intensity of these energies. Jupiter squaring both Mars and Pluto suggests the need to be careful of whether we allow our ideologies to determine our actions, and invites us to let go of beliefs that are no longer true.

Scorpio is the only Fixed sign missing in the current configuration, and working on embodying its energy will help us move toward greater balance. The need to embody Scorpio energy highlights the need for introspection and inner work, and the need to seek true emotional and psychological transformation rather than settling for mere mental understanding.


Mars in aspect to the Lunar Nodes and Uranus


Both Mars and Pluto are also currently squaring the Nodes of the Moon: these alignments offer us an invitation to embody divine masculine energy, develop a constructive relationship with our anger, and work on healthy assertiveness.

On June 26, Mars squares Uranus in Taurus. This combination of energies is very reckless and rebellious: around this time, we may feel the sudden impulse to destroy something we have been creating that we no longer resonate with, take a completely different path, and revolutionize our lives in some way. It will be valuable to ask ourselves if we are disrupting our lives to simply distract ourselves from something we have been avoiding, or if this rebellion is bringing us closer to our true desires and our authentic, liberated self. Again, it is a time to be careful about how we express our anger and explore empowering ways of channeling this energy.

Mars in Leo: Dare to Be Yourself, Dare to Be Seen


During the upcoming weeks, our energy levels will be more consistent and stable. We are likely to experience a surge of vitality and a desire to share more of ourselves with the world. We will have chances to reconnect with our innate playfulness and practice freely expressing ourselves, freeing ourselves from self-consciousness and from the fear of others’ judgment.

Mars entering Leo marks the beginning of a phase of creative self-discovery, personal empowerment, and refinement of our leadership skills. Exploring our relationship with being seen, visibility, validation, and approval will be a central theme of Mars in Leo’s journey. This transit will offer us opportunities to heal our relationship with the spotlight, dare to be seen in our authenticity, and become our own source of approval and validation, rather than seeking these externally.

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