article Mars enters Virgo: Maximizing Potential
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Mars enters Virgo: Maximizing Potential

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July 10, 2023

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On July 10, 07:40 AM ET, Mars leaves Leo and enters Virgo, offering us an invitation to invest more energy into maximizing our potential and optimizing our reality. The red planet is going to remain in the sign until August 27.

This shift is most relevant for those of us who were born with personal placements in Mutable signs. Mars’ transit through Virgo will boost their energy level, vitality, and libido, invite them to embrace their sexuality and encourage them to follow their passion with confidence.

Mars travels from Leo to Virgo: Precision and Attention to Detail


In Astrology, Mars is the planet correlated to how we initiate and go after what we want. Mars corresponds to our conscious desires, our egocentric will, our primal instinct, and our sexuality. The ruler of Aries and Scorpio is associated with our relationship with assertiveness, anger, and impulsivity, with our willingness and desire to take risks and embark on unfamiliar endeavors.

Mars’ journey through Leo encouraged us to be more daring and confident, reclaim our creativity, enjoy the spotlight, and explore the connection between creative energy and sexual energy. This transit boosted our desire for romance and play while supporting our vitality and our desire for creative self-discovery and inviting us to observe our relationship with self-expression and being seen.

Mars’ ingress into Virgo brings a more reserved, modest, and humble vibe. As Mars enters the sign, our energy, will, and determination will be directed toward problem-solving as well as optimization of our daily chores and tasks. Mars in Virgo supports our efficiency and ability to organize our days productively, encouraging us to strive to maximize potential and inviting more precision and attention to detail into our lives.


Mars enters Virgo: Optimizing Reality and Maximizing Potential


Virgo, the sixth sign of the Zodiac, is a Mutable, Yin, and Earth archetype. It is a sign connected to service, devotion, and self-improvement. Through Virgo, we familiarize ourselves with the obligations, tasks, and chores we deal with daily, and we learn to relate to the mundane reality as part of our spiritual practice.

While Mars is in the sign, more energy will be available to direct towards improvement, optimization, refinement, and efficiency. This is a favorable time to take action in terms of implementing new routines and habits and increasing our focus on our wellness journey.

Mars in Virgo inspires us to be proactive relative to choosing to approach our daily work, chores, and obligations from a perspective of service, rather than simply seeing them as a burden. This transit motivates us to make choices that allow us to create a daily reality that doesn’t feel oppressive or draining or damaging to our health but rather allows us to invest our energy in activities and pursuits that contribute to our wellbeing.

Mars in aspect to Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus


During his transit through Virgo, Mars is going to align with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

On July 20, Mars opposes Saturn in Pisces. The Mars-Saturn opposition emphasizes the tension between what we desire to do and what we have to do, inviting us to find common ground between investing time and energy in our passions and investing time and energy in our obligations. Feeling that our energy and vitality levels are lower around this time may be an opportunity to optimize how we are investing our life force and cut distractions. The frustration that can result from this alignment can be used as a catalyst to develop more persistence and determination, and it reminds us to be patient, it might take time to see the results we desire.

Mars perfects a trine to Jupiter in Taurus on August 1. This aspect supports our energy, vitality, and passion, and encourages us to take more risks and follow our desires with confidence. The Mars-Jupiter trine fosters a desire for expansion, exploration of life, and new experiences and can correspond to a surge of enthusiasm, optimism, and renewed motivation.

On August 16, Mars trines Uranus in Taurus, supporting our courage to act on our vision and move towards experimental and innovative directions. Unexpected opportunities could open up around this time. The Mars-Uranus trine encourages us to reclaim our uniqueness, embrace our quirks, and follow our passion without worrying about the opinion of others.


Mars in aspect to Neptune and Pluto


Mars opposes Neptune in Pisces on August 22. The Mars-Neptune opposition can correspond to a feeling of confusion and insecurity relative to how to act and what direction to move toward. This aspect invites us to be aware of the possibility of being easily seduced by fantasy and invites us to address any discrepancy and misalignment between our actions and our ideals.

On August 25, Mars in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn. The Mars-Pluto trine supports our capacity to channel our energy and life force into what we are passionate about, what moves us, and what truly matters to us. This alignment encourages us to act on our desires and do what we need to do in order to materialize our visions.


Mars in Virgo: Desires, Emotions, and the Body


Healthily expressing our anger is something to be mindful of during this transit. With Mars in Virgo, unexpressed emotions, repressed anger, and unacknowledged desires could somatize faster than usual, as this is a sign deeply connected to the body and especially to the digestive system. This transit is a good time to invest more effort in optimizing our health by working on our routines and schedules and letting go of habits and chores that aren’t supporting our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

The journey of Mars through Virgo could correspond to a tendency to analyze our desires to better understand the true intentions and motivations behind them. While the energy of Virgo is not inherently drawn to take risks and initiate impulsively, Mars transiting the sign will inspire us to refine our awareness of what we desire and of what actions we have to take in order to move toward that direction.

Mars in Virgo reminds us that we already possess the strength and power required to grow and learn from crises and challenges. This transit inspires us to see any hardship we may encounter during the upcoming weeks as an opportunity to explore new ways of solving problems, develop new abilities, and grow in self-awareness.

Crystal Pick for Mars in Virgo: Tiger Eye


The perfect complement to this Mars in Virgo energy is Tiger Eye, a Virgo-associated stone that helps you take Mars-style forward action toward your goals with a clear vision and determined strength.

Tiger eye enhances Virgo-style discernment and clear analytical observation to help you make conscious decisions aligned with your highest values. It’s a stone for taking action and getting things done in your daily life from a grounded, rational perspective. It’ll enhance your motivation and courage to move past your fears and challenges to help you make new choices to better your life.

If you want to harness the fire energy of Mars and the earth energy of Virgo, Tiger Eye brings them together to help you turn your ideas into reality and gain momentum moving toward your highest purpose. It’s the perfect stone to help you align with this transit’s energy and channel all the oomph it’s bringing into bettering your everyday life experience.


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  • Mars enters Virgo – I am an Aries sun with Virgo moon and ascendant, so I am not really surprised that this articles resonated so much with what I am going through now. Just in the last few days, I have realised that I need to clarify to myself what i want from my life, who I want to be, and how I can go about it. I wrote up just yesterday a framework for action. Now this is a really big step for me from a lifetime of ‘going with the flow’ and trusting that things will happen as they should instead of clarifying my desires, goals and priorities and acting on them. So thank you for this. It is not only very relevant but very very encouraging.


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