article Jupiter retrograde in Taurus: Radical Self-Honesty
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Jupiter retrograde in Taurus: Radical Self-Honesty

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September 4, 2023

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On September 4, 02:47 PM —

On September 4, 10:11 AM ET, Jupiter stations retrograde at 15º34 Taurus, offering us an invitation to embrace radical self-honesty, question our existing beliefs, and observe how our worldviews and perspectives have been shaping our values. Jupiter is going to station direct on December 30, 2023, after traveling all the way back to 5º34’ Taurus.

Jupiter’s shift of motion is most relevant for those of us born with planets or angles between 5º and 15º of Fixed signs. This transit will offer them a chance to deepen their ability to be honest, with both themselves and others, and to release their attachment to beliefs and ideologies that are no longer supporting their growth and expansion.

Jupiter in Taurus: Learning from Nature & Tuning into Abundance


Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System and, in Astrology, is associated with expansion, abundance, growth, honesty, and luck. Named after the mythological King of the Gods, Jupiter correlates with our quest for truth and meaning, with our desire to experience everything that life can offer and see reality from a higher perspective. 

The traditional ruler of both Sagittarius and Pisces, Jupiter is associated with experiential learning, with the process of forming a belief system, with philosophy, cosmology, and religion. Jupiter’s calling is to embrace our most spontaneous selves, to commit to living our life authentically, and to fill it with something that holds meaning for us.

Taurus, the second sign of the Zodiac, is about building foundations and creating security by consolidating what was started thanks to Aries’ impulses. This Fixed Earth sign is driven by survival instinct and by the need to preserve life, allowing it to continue and blossom. 

Through Taurus, we deepen our embodiment, our relationship with ourselves, with our senses and our physicality. This sign has to do with our value system, our self-worth, our relationship with money, our receptivity, and our ability to be self-sufficient.

Jupiter’s transit through Taurus has been bringing a magnifying glass on the journey of being human, having a body, having physical needs, cravings, and impulses. This transit invites us to find abundance in simplicity, and deepen our ability to learn from Nature and the natural world, as well as from the relationship with our physical, primal bodies.


Jupiter retrograde: Embracing Radical Self-Honesty


When planets are retrograde, they appear to be moving backward from our perspective on Earth. Retrogrades consist of an optical illusion linked to a change in the planet’s speed and its relationship to the Earth’s orbit.

All retrogrades are an invitation to slow down, turn inwards, and question habitual ways of living, thinking, behaving, and perceiving. They are an invitation to stop living life on autopilot and spend more time in reflection and contemplation, to make choices consciously rather than automatically, and to redefine, restructure, renew, and reset existing habits. Jupiter is in apparent backward motion for approximately four months a year. When Jupiter is retrograde, it promotes a process of revision of our beliefs and a reassessment of what is authentic to us right now.

Jupiter retrograde inspires us to question what authenticity means to us, and whether we are being fully transparent and honest. Because any retrograde is always an invitation to shift our focus inwards, Jupiter retrograde in Taurus offers us a chance to reflect on whether we are being fully honest with ourselves.

This transit reminds us that, without self-honesty, it is not possible to be honest with another either. Jupiter retrograde inspires reflection about what our truth is in the present moment and whether we are honoring it or not.

Jupiter retrograde in Taurus

Jupiter square Venus, trine Mercury, and trine Sun


Jupiter stations retrograde while conjunct with the Moon in Taurus, square Venus in Leo, and trine retrograde Mercury and the Sun in Virgo. Just a few hours earlier, Venus stationed direct in Leo. Jupiter and Venus have been squaring each other for two weeks already, as both planets have been moving slower than usual.

The Venus-Jupiter square has been offering us opportunities to observe any temptation to be excessively self-indulgent or seek pleasurable experiences as a way to avoid difficult feelings and disconnect from the reality of what is happening. This aspect also brought our attention to our capacity to speak our truth in relationships and to hear other people’s truth, even when it’s not comfortable.

The Sun-Jupiter trine promotes an optimistic and growth-oriented awareness: this aspect increases our vitality and confidence, our willingness to see the glass half-full, and our desire to take risks and expand beyond our comfort zone.

The Mercury-Jupiter trine supports our learning efforts, facilitating the integration of logic and intuition, and our capacity to engage in both deductive and inductive processes. Because both planets are retrograde and in Earth signs, they point to a restructuring of our perceptions, thought processes, learning, and teaching styles, possibly leading to practical, tangible changes in our daily reality.


Jupiter retrograde in Taurus: Beliefs, Values, and Attachment


During the upcoming weeks and months, relevant changes in our perspectives and beliefs are likely. This transit offers us an invitation to question our attachment to existing ideologies, especially those that affect our relationship with our physical bodies, our senses, and our sensuality. 

Jupiter’s shift of motion represents an invitation to reflect on what we believe is valuable and what value we attribute to our beliefs, particularly to those surrounding wealth, resources, and abundance, as these themes are connected to the sign of Taurus.

This transit will offer us opportunities to look at our relationship with pleasure, as well as with excess and exaggeration. Because Jupiter expands whatever it touches, a shadow of Taurus that can be magnified by his transit is the desire to accumulate, the need to hold on to possessions and resources, and the inability to let go of what we have, which prevents energy from flowing and change from happening.

Jupiter’s retrograde period in Taurus invites us to notice where we may be overindulging and over-accumulating. It is an invitation to practice not losing our center in an ongoing chase for something more exciting and bigger, one that prevents us from appreciating the beauty of what is already available.


Crystal Pick for Jupiter retrograde in Taurus: Lapis Lazuli


As Jupiter’s retrograde spin in Taurus seeks to shift our belief systems and worldview, lapis lazuli can help expand your perception and widen your understanding, allowing room for new possibilities and perspectives to enter.

This Jupiter-ruled stone taps you into your inner wisdom, opening your receptivity to psychic perceptions and Universal truths. It’s a beautiful stone to lead you to your true soul’s purpose in life, enhancing your confidence and ability to walk authentically in your unique power and magic.

As you’re looking within to discover more about yourself, your values, and your worth, lapis lazuli gives you inner eyes to see and speak the truth of who you are, helping you step into self-actualization as the confident creator of your own life.

Try our guided lapis lazuli meditation for a cosmic journey to help you tap into your intuitive awareness and awaken your divine potential!

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